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IMPORTANT!!! This is not the area of the Welfare office in Frederiton. This is the Federal section. The system is still the same with their open cubicles policy! This picture was bought to my attention so therefore I acted on it!!! The guy took the picture but I wasn't around. I just wish to let the readers know about this issue!


You Know who this is??? This picture reminded me of my protest! The Premier saw me coming and quickly ran inside the Legislature!!!!...LOL On top of the stairsway is Chisholm Pothier. < Communication Aid to the Premier > There's two guys around the Premier - Chisholm and Tim Porter. Chisholm would let me chat with Bernard but Tim porter would always tell the Premier- Come on? Lets go!!!


I really wish people would stop bashing the Irvings!

I used to work for them too & found all of them very easy to get along with & willing to work alongside you to get the job done. They spend long hours "out in the field" checking, loooking, suggesting etc. I know they control a loin this province, but where would this province be without them or the McCains? They both help people we have never heard of & you don't hear about it because they don't go about beating their own drum.
I worked there for ten years & have nothing but admiration for them.
Also many years ago, my father-in-law was in need of money. He approached K.C. Irving about buying some of his land (he didn't have much-3 acres). Mr. Irving bought 2 pieces, which could never have been used for anything, just to help him out. Ten years ago, they came to me and offered to sell it back (they knew I was interested). I got it for a very good price I think. My father-in-law was happy have the land back before he died.
These are business people after all, & they aren't in business to lose it all either. I have never known them to do a dirty deed to anyone. I don't understand why people are so against them. Can someone explain that to me please??
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I opened a new email account because I have so many people on my list. For you people who received an email from

Just send me a note and I’ll remove ya. I had a list from someone who sent me by mistakes all the names on his email list.

Just like a seagull? I goggled all the names. Many were not amuse but there’s no problem.

There’s no need to get excited? Just send me a note and you’re out of here! Hey? This Blog is beginning to make inroads.

Read this email that I just received this morning-

Hi Charles,

By the way, can you speak French ? If so, it would be interesting to have your Web page translated in both official languages of New Brunswick. I would also like to know more about you.

Heeeyyy???? Translate this blog site for all the angry Acadiens et Acadiennes for the northern part of the Province?

I believe this would be a great idea. What do you think??? I know for a true and certain fact that Ritalin is a huge major problem in the North Shore.

Anyway to spread the message!!!!!

This blog is getting a little out of control and it sure place Charles in a very AWKWARD position.

Last week, I heard many stories about T.J. Burke of the way he gave his speech!
Many MLA’S told me that he laughed at the politicians across the floor after he made a very good speech for a family who were evicted from their apartment.

I never saw it but someone showed me some pictures. Afterwards, a poor person told me that she seen the speech on television and she did mentioned the laughing part.

Another issue was Kelly Lambrock story of bringing down the Government. Yesterday a few politicians couldn’t understand the reason the media didn’t really look into this story?

I guess he promised to side with the Government while a Minister was absent because someone in her family is ill!

I remember a few days ago, I was asking the MLA’S for pictures but Kelly refuse.
Hey? Why take time for a picture with me if you can bring down the Government?????…lol…Lets not forget that he's one of a few who gave me an interview over the net. I like the guy and his style!

What I’m getting at is this?

I’m a blogger < many would call me other names???? > …lol… who’s fighting really hard to have the Government to do a study on the issue of Ritalin.

Mind you? I love a good story. These stories were told to me this week and in today’s papers? The Irving Reporters are writing about this issue.

Lets say that every instance I would hear a story and turn around ran to the public computer to write on a certain issue?

Wouldn’t I be making enemies from both side of the House???? Many people trust me with the views on issues. Hey? Off the record is definitely off the record!

I have enough enemies already and I’m just afraid that the Government will totally ignore the issue of Ritalin because I’m the guy who’s pushing the issue!

I said it in the past and I will say it again! This has nothing to do with me! It’s for the over 10,000 kids around this Province who are force to take this drug!

The poor 5 month pregnant woman is still sleeping outside and no one from Family Services have bothered to make an appearance.

Why is that now?

Is it because Charles wrote about it? Why do we bother to have Family Services in this Province?

How long would it take for someone from that Department to go out and chat with the girl?

I just don’t understand their reasoning? They tell me that there’s two sides to every story?

What’s the Government side? Should the unborn be protected? You tell me?

Ok…Excuse the grammar of this update because I’m late and my time is up at the Library! Have a good weekend. Bye bye!!!


Dear Mr Leblanc,

Sorry for the delay in my reply. Further to a conversation we had
this morning, I have enclosed the following answers to your questions,

The name of this P.C. MLA is Kirk MacDonald. Enjoy his answers!!!!!

1- Where are you from?

Beautiful downtown Stanley, deep in the hills of York County,in the heart of Mactaquac.

2- How long have you been an MLA?

I was nominated on Aug 21, 1998 and first elected on June 7, 1999. Soon I will have 6 years in, as MLA for the best riding in New Brunswick.

3- How old are ya????

I will turn 30, on Aug 7th 2005.

4- What are the most important issues in your riding?

Agriculture, Forestry, and Transportation are the areas that
Mactaquac residents ask me about most often.

5-Do you believe there's a problem with Ritalin in this Province? If the answer is yes? How do we confront this issue?

You have to stand for something or you will fall for anything.
Charles, I think you are approaching this matter in the right way. Keep
working with the ministers and standing up for what you believe in!

5a)In the past, I saw you making good long winded speech in the Legislature. Could it be possible that you have ADHD! You know? The centre of attention?

Today you mentioned that I may have ADHD. This is news to me but I plan to have it checked out!

6)Do you believe there's a major problem with prescription drug on the streets?

Yes, I think it is a growing problem.

7-How would you handle the issue of Vlt's?

I don't care for VLT's and have never played one. While Government has done much to regulate gaming more can be done and I will continue to work with my fellow MLA's to further improve this situation.

8)Why don't Bernard Lord go out and face the protesters in front of the Legislature? Do you believe that Shawn Graham would be different?

If Shawn Graham lives a hundred years, he will never be 1/2 the leader that Bernard Lord is!

9)Do you think there will be a Provincial Election this year?


10)What's your views on the Monopoly the Irvings have in the Newspapers business in this Province? Should New Brunswickers be concern?

As a Conservative, I bevieve in free enterprise. However, I also feel that competition is vital if our economy is to grow.

11)Are you going to re-offer?

Yes, if the good people of Mactaquac will have me.

12)Do you believe that the bureaucrats are running this province so therefore no political party can change the system. One reason would be that we only
have a population of 674,000 people? What do you think?

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