Tuesday, October 04, 2005


I got three people vehicles the other day but Kelly Lambrock picture didn't come out!



With each year passing by. A person will notice some changes. Such as this one. This was the last area the snow melted. People were walking around in t-shirt while the snow was still present.

Charles 04_07_05 099

This snow site will be history because in its place is a parking lot!!!



During my protest, this was the cheapest place to buy a can of Tobacco. The owners change hands and I must say that their attitude towards the customers wasn't the best so therefore this must be the reason the place shut down.



I have a google alert and every instance Bernard Lord is mention in the news? I receive an alert. Look what came into my email today?


The City of Brotherly Hate

by Nedd Kareiva

We typically associate it with China, North Korea, Vietnam, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Iran and Cuba. We rarely, if ever, see it to this magnitude in America. In fact, it is likely an unprecedented event in American history. However, if it holds up in the courts, it may set in motion a domino of events to come with serious negative implications ahead. It would mean perhaps the deepest desecration of the Constitution ever. What is it?

Give up? I'm talking about 1st Amendment persecution.

Back in October, 11 individuals from Repent America, a web site devoted to restoration of morality in America, picketed a homosexually sponsored event titled Outfest. According to reports from World Net Daily, the American Family Association and Men's News Daily, all the protesters were peaceful and obeyed all orders from law enforcement to stay on public property while some were holding signs and preaching from the Bible. A video shown on the web site of the AFA verified the members of Repent America were non-violent and not prone to violence, even when members of the Pink Angels from Outfest surrounded and harassed them.

Nonetheless, Philadelphia police arrested them and charged them, among other "crimes", criminal conspiracy, riot and ethnic (how is being gay ethnic?) intimidation. 7 of the 11 had charges dismissed, 4 of them had charges retained. A municipal court judge found the 4 guilty with the prosecuting attorney calling Bible passages "fighting words". A federal appeals court declined to hear the case and an expedited appeal is being made to the U.S. Supreme Court. A combined total of up to 47 years in prison is at stake in what may be the first clear evidence of persecution of Biblical proportions.

Ironically, the municipal judge in this case previously ruled in a separate case that no protest may occur within 100 feet of a homosexually run event. Yet despite one police officer's view that the protesters were in compliance with the law, the 11 were charged with, among other items, violating the judge's order in that other case - as if such information was common knowledge.

And I thought pro-lifers had it bad with 10-20 foot buffer zones imposed around abortion clinics in some parts of the country.

Whatever happened to that thing in the 1st Amendment regarding freedom of speech? And where are the so-called protectors of the 1st Amendment, the ACLU? Oh, I forgot, they don't defend those who oppose the homosexual agenda, only those who support it. The North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) and same sex marriage candidates and supporters get preferred treatment over the Boy Scouts and traditional marriage defenders. So it only makes sense with Anthony Romero, an avowed practicing homosexual, at the helm of the ACLU and James Esseks, their director of their Gay & Lesbian Rights Project who recently stated that parents in Boyd County, Kentucky have no say so with regards to the homosexual agenda in public schools.

Certain members of the gay community like to piggyback off of Dr. Martin Luther King with claims of their civil rights being denied. So what about the Philadelphia 4? And unlike Dr. King who rightly protested at the Woolworth lunch counters in the 60s, the Philly 4 were on public property when they were arrested. I think Dr. King would be spinning in his grave if he could have seen the homosexual movement claim a civil right to their sexual preferences while the Philly 4 get hauled to the big house for peacefully protesting immoral behavior on public property.

Opposing the homosexual agenda has become a risky proposition in this day and age in the world. This year has already seen a pastor in Sweden serve a month in jail for preaching against homosexuality in his pulpit (so much for an historically neutral country) and the Canadian Parliament pass a law that would punish those openly speaking against the homosexual agenda two to five years in prison. And an activist for www.samesexmarriage.ca has promised on its web site to report any "violations" this Christmas season to Canada's Human Rights Commission. And believe me, they will. Just ask Hugh Owens who was forced to pay three homosexuals who were "offended" as a result of an ad he took out in a paper opposing homosexuality and Scott Brockie who was fined for refusing to do a printing job for a homosexual organization.

Despite overwhelming segments of the American electorate opposing same sex marriage this past election which resulted in states passing their marriage amendments, the march towards forcing the homosexual agenda has not evaporated. In fact, it is staring churches of America in the face. The Becket Fund, a public interest law firm for religious liberty, told Pennsylvania churches earlier this year they may face litigation if they speak out against the homosexual agenda in their pulpit as a result of hate crimes legislation passed and signed into law two years ago. Becket reported some religious leaders were taking out liability insurance to cover them and their sermons. Perhaps there was a prophetic element from what was said back then to where it is now. The Philly 4 are charged with hate crimes towards homosexuals as a result of this legislation.

We in America live in what could be arguably termed as dangerous times. People are being branded as hateful, bigoted and even criminal for exercising their 1st Amendment rights against completely changeable and unnatural sexual behavior. Churches are facing the prospects of "violating" the law by preaching on this issue by lawsuits which could result in fines and/or revocation of their tax exempt status. It's not far beyond belief that ministers in churches in the near future may even be sued for not performing same sex marriages.

Bernard Lord, Premier of New Brunswick, one of three remaining provinces where same sex marriage is not yet acknowledged, was quoted earlier this month in www.macleans.ca as saying "we will bring in legislation in this province to protect those who perform marriages against any lawsuits if they refuse to marry individuals of the same sex." Gay communities in Canada and the U.S. have repeatedly stated they would never force churches to marry them and that all they want are civil ceremonies. However, judging by Premier Lord's comments, the volatile situation in Pennsylvania and continual ACLU suits to force same sex marriage upon the states, many religious leaders aren't so sure. After all, liberalism works in increments.

Joseph Farah, president of World Net Daily, wrote in a commentary earlier this month that if the Philadelphia 4 are convicted, Christians should come to the city of brotherly hate to launch a Jericho march, similar to what happened in the book of Joshua in the Old Testament. I totally agree and would go one step further. Boycott Philadelphia's Bureau of Tourism and every Philadelphia business that supports such persecution and the homosexual agenda. Like any other city, the City of Brotherly Hate knows money. Stopping the flow of money does what no legal or political action does - it sends a clear message to public officials to stop the persecution of those who peacefully and legally exercise their 1st Amendment freedoms.

Christian children and teachers who are denied the right to read the Bible or pray during break times in public schools or who are prevented from celebrating the Christ of Christmas may think the attacks on them are persecution. Christians in both the public and private sector who are impugned or ridiculed for living by their Christian faith may believe such is persecution. David Limbaugh, brother of Rush Limbaugh, is the author of Persecution and documents such events. But while I love David and appreciate all he does to expose the agenda of those opposng Christianity in public life, as offensive as all the previous examples go, I do not believe as he does that the above examples stoop to the level of persecution as I firmly believe the arrest, potential conviction and serving of jail time of the Philly 4 do. What the Philly 4 face here in America is similar to what goes on in the likes of China or Cuba.

Now it's time for those of the Judeo-Christian heritage, conservatives and anyone who values their first Amendment rights, regardless of political views, to take action. If this dam is not plugged quickly, the floodgates will open and it will be open season on anyone with a politically incorrect view or action. America does not need any more cities of brotherly hate.

The opinions expressed in this column represent those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions, views, or philosophy of TheRealityCheck.org, Inc.


I have just been told that CBC might be back to work by next Tuesday!


So? Are you happy? Did you miss their voices? Are you glad that CBC will once again be on the air? Personally, I adjusted to the life without CBC and I am certain that I’m not the only. < had no choice >
I believe it’s going to be a very difficult job getting back the viewers? What do you think?

Some I did miss like this guy. I might add that I also miss Robert Jones investigated reporting!!!


But I sure didn't miss this so call journalist-



I just showed up from the Court house and it was quite an experience.

At the very last minute, I decided to wear my Acadian sweater just like this picture.


Once at the Justice Building, I walked down the stairway and you should have seen the look at the police officers faces once they saw me coming down with an Acadian sweater? …lol…

I noticed Matthew Glenn with three of his friends sitting on a bench.


I approached them and said - Hey Bigots? Isn’t this equal to 20 cups of coffee????...lol…

Matthew was glad to see me but the Acadian guy who laid these crazy charge wasn’t present.

Matthew pleaded not guilty and his trial is stated for Febraurary 9th < I believe > but there was a lot of action in that court room.

Most of the people present were there because they couldn’t pay their fines.

We’re talking about huge fines between $800.00 to $2,000,00.

They all had till the month of February to pay the fine.

The female judge seems nice about it but I believe in the month of February? There’s going to be a lot of people in jail.


I know - If you do the crime you must pay the fine.

It’s really hard not only for the people on welfare but also the working poor.

People just don’t have the extra cash!!!!

On a different note. I noticed this 20 year old sitting in the prisoner box with shackle on her ankles.

I guess the young girl broke a trespassing order at the King’s place mall.

She didn’t show up for her court date and I might add this was her first offence.

She showed up in court.

While she was in the hallways, a sheriff approached her and asked her to step into a room.

Once there, he place shackle on her ankles.

It’s not like they had to hunt the girl down but that’s the law I guess.

It’s a very thin line between the social outcast and the socially accepted!

I find it funny that the Union Jack isn’t flying outside of the Justice Building in the Capital but the Acadian flag is there.

Charles 04_07_05 110

It must drive those bigots crazy walking by this dreadful or discriminating site before walking into the hall of Justice.


I would love to know the true reason the Union Jack isn’t flying in front of the Justice Building?

I wish someone could answer my question?