Saturday, March 05, 2005


My God? The white Collar Irving Employee sent me this note

You can speak on your blog if you want...
go to that site and read up... maybe even give it a try ... the login
and password are the same as the blog site.

Can you imagine that one???? Now I can blah blah blah on the internet!!!! It’s bad enough I can write my views but now you can listen to my BS!!!...LOL….
The whole world is going to go crazy!!!
I heard that they may be violence in the North Shore?
These Acadians are fighting for their local hospital and I believe this issue could get out of hand! Close to 2,000 people standing outside in the very windy cold weather? What’s going to happen in the spring? That’s the scary question?
To my fellow Acadians?

I say- Stay up there and fight on the streets!
Don’t bother wasting your money and time coming to the Capital because it would be a big waste of time!
Hey??? Someone sent me a poem < I think it is? I definitely don’t have the patience to write poems but it’s one for Bernard Lord- Read this one-

( A parting from office brief )

OverBoard With Mr.Lord!!

Overboard went Mr.Lord Into the river of shame.
And as he went down,he said with a frown
I have nobody else to blame

As the people they spoke My ministers I woke
Saying deal with these problems at hand
Putting them on the spot so I wouldn't get caught
For my plans that they don't understand

For I fooled all the voters on elections that day
Into thinking I’m the man for the job
They had no idea the price they would pay
Nor did I in creating a mob

I thought I could fool them into thinking I might
Be the premier of choice that would put up their fight
But instead I destroyed everything that I touch
Now the voters are saying they suspected as much

So they yell and they scream that they don't have to live
With a man such as me a ( Con-ser-va-tive)
And if truth should be told then I probably would
Agree with the people that I misunderstood

Reflecting back now with no choice I digress
My legacy, job and my life in a mess
And the rumor I’m hearing I suppose that it's true
Back in with the red and out the blue...

Be it Liberals or Tories, the people will choose
And with your new powers you must never abuse
For it turns out the people hold power of blame
So take care not to join me in this river of shame!

So what do you think? Leave a comment!!!!
Again this morning at the Farmer’s market, I was asked the reason that no one has heard from me on the television talk shows?
I told them what happen and it’s nice to hear that some people are concern.
Did you vote on the poll on the left hand side yet? Please do!
Ok…the head macho of the R.C.M.P. came out with this statement the day after the four cops were shot dead!
He’s concern that people acts this way???
My God? He’s concern????
What the hell have I been saying during last few months? People are being push push and push!
So far, the only avenue is too have an election and the people will kicked the politicians out of office just like they did to Hatfield!
But after saying this? Will it matter who’s in office?
Maybe these new politicians will face the protesters out front of the Legislature?
But really? It’s the bureaucrats who gives the orders!
Going back to the word- CONCERN???
Yes? We should be concern because we have bureaucrats who treat New Brunswickers like dirt!
Just last Friday an individual told me that he doesn’t like going at the Family Service office in Fredericton because of the open cubicles!
What can you do???? He said?
You see? That’s where the problem lies right there!
What can you do? If this trend continues someone is going to be push across that thin line and crack up!
It’s just a matter of time!
These days, you have people from the staff of the Premier’s office that certain callers < like myself > are not allowed to voice their concerns to the Premier in a public forum!
They go around the Province and tell the public that they only have three minutes to speak!
They held a convention and tell their members they only have 2 minutes! That’s absurd!!!!
Where’s out freedom of speech? That’s the question?
On March 30th ,the House opens and I bet the Liberals are going to bury the Lord Government!
I’m not certain but I have been told that a study on Ritalin will not happen but it’s not official yet!
The Premier is going through a public relation nightmare and it’s getting worst by the day!
Every instance he opens his mouth? He’s in trouble!
I know for me? It’s personal because the staff had no right to stop me from calling the Premier on a talk show! I will continue to speak out against this sort of tactics!
I mean it’s an honour that the Staff at the Premier’s office realizes that New Brunswickers are maybe listening to moi???…
Ok…that’s enough on this issue! I wonder what’s going to happen next week?
There always seem to be something happening in my life?
Thank God for this because it gives me an excuse to take my frustrations out!
Hey? Stress is an awful thing! It slowly follows you and little do you know it? It attacks fast and furious! The next thing you know - You are a dead person!
Speaking of the dead? I had two individuals telling me that I could end up in a body bag if I continue the same route I’m going?
A body Bag? Hey? This is New Brunswick but I will proudly die for what I believe in! If dying I must be? Then so be it!
Because the way my life has been going? I am supposed to have died a long time ago!
Too many coincidences in my life! When it’s time for me to go? He’ll be calling me!
I am just going to continue to do what I’m doing! The kids in this Province must be protected at any cost and the battle will continue against mis-justice until the end of times!
Please excuse the grammar because I just write the darn thing and send it along the information highway! Don’t forget to try out my little poll on the left hand side…bye bye


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