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Isn't it strange how the trees are all leaning on one side?

Another site was the telephone poll going right through the cemetery.

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Every seen a poll like this going right in the middle?

I wonder if there was an uproar by the public once they decided to dig up the grave for a telephone poll?

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A long time volenteer from the soup kitchen.

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She's a sweetheart!!!! She has been volenteering at the Soup Kitchen for years.


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They have a Keith Ashfield. < nice guy > He's the Minister of Forestry and guess what? He's the only one there!!! No opposition to his views and THE PUBLIC ARE NOT ALLOWED TO CALL IN!!!

Rogers Television and the Irvings are truly hand in hand!!!!


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While walking downtown today? I notice that the P.C. Party corrected their mistake! Have a look!!!!

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The ADHD patch.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, ADHD is one of the most common chronic conditions of childhood and affects between 4 percent and 12 percent of all school-age children.

About three-times more boys than girls are diagnosed with ADHD. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, or ADHD, is a dysfunction in certain parts of the brain. Researchers believe ADHD originates in the impulse control areas of the brain’s frontal lobes. It’s these areas that seem to be responsible for regulating the rest of the brain. Children with ADHD may experience significant functional problems such as school difficulties, academic underachievement, troublesome relationships with family members and peers, and behavioral problems.

Medications including Ritalin, Adderall, Dexedrine, and Cylert are used to treat the disorder.

A new patch system delivers methylphenidate -- the main ingredient in some of the ADHD drugs -- throughout the day. It is the first drug that does not have to be taken orally.

More Information

A patch for ADHD

A patch is being developed to replace oral medication for ADHD.

New research reveals the patch works at least as well as standard ADHD drugs Sharon B. Wigal, director of clinical trials at the Child Development Center at the University of California, Irvine, led one of the studies.

Study investigators gave the patch to 80 kids with ADHD between ages 6 and 12. Half the kids received an inert placebo patch and later switched to a real patch. The other half started with a real patch and later switched to a placebo. When getting the real patch, the children's ADHD was significantly better than when they got the fake patch. Their behavior and attention, tested throughout the day, improved. They also did better on age-adjusted math tests. Children in the study are continuing to use the patch for a full year.

In another study out of University Hospitals of Cleveland, Dr. Robert L. Findling, director of child and adolescent psychiatry, and colleagues, compared the patch with placebo as well as with methylphenidate pills. The patch and methylphenidate pills improved 6- to 12-year-old kids' ADHD better than placebo. ADHD scores actually improved more with the patch than with the pills, although the difference was not considered significant.

The patch may allow clinicians to formulate doses to individual patients and offers parents more control over how long they want the stimulant medication to last.

Even though Wigal's study involved removing the patch after nine hours, parents may opt to remove it earlier or later once they administer it themselves, as the patch continues to work after the 12-hour point and possibly up to as long as 16 hours. Researchers say it looks as though the patch must be removed for three hours before its effects wear off.

The patch does have side effects -- comparable to what is seen with other stimulant drugs. These include effects on sleep and skin reactions.


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Yes, a person never knows when it's time to go home. My sympathy to the families.


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Yes, J.D. Irving is all set to destroy the beautiful Acadian Village of Memramcook.


The people in that area knew for years that J.D. Irving was in the area but he was in the woods between Memramcook East and Aboujagane.

He was out of sight and out of mind.

During these last few years, he has upgraded the dirt roads to a point that it’s in better shape that the roads around Memramcook.

He needed to do this so his big trailers could move at a faster rate.


These days, J.D. Irving has decided that the Valley of Memramcook must be destroyed by the mean of a rock quarry!


We know for a fact that J.D. Irving has no use for the Acadian Population.

His racist company - Gulf Operators will be in charge of this and of course they will sent their racist supervisors to make life miserable for the Acadian population.


These Acadians don’t truly understand the meaning of a rock quarry built by the Irvings?

They had a rock quarry in Gayton for years and got used to it but this new Irving plan will be a total different story.

One wooden bridge in this province which is located in Gayton. There's not too many left


This rock quarry will be located right near by.

The Irvings have tried to built a new rock quarry in the beautiful fishing village of Beaver Harbour.

They held an open meeting with the public and I will say that almost 300 people showed up in a crowded community building.

Then Minister Sheldon Lee was shock by the turn out?


He asked me- Charlie???? Where are these people coming from? They cannot be all from this area???

I told the then MLA that people are very upset.

I was the first to speak and I must admit that I got the audience going.

The people blasted the Irvings and it was a very ugly atmosphere.

Of course, this wasn’t in the Irving newspapers.

Charles 04_07_05 021

As a matter of fact, I wrote a letter but it never got printed.

That meeting held in Charlotte County was so ugly and bad that a group of young fishermen stood outside of the building and discuss the word - VIOLENCE!!!

Believe me..they were big boys and as the old saying goes - Don’t fool around with people from the Back Bay area.

These people had hate in their eyes and they meant business.

At the end, then Minister Kim Jardine told New Brunswickers that the Irvings will not be allowed to built a rock quarry in that area.


Can you believe it? The people have won!!!!!

J.D. Irving has a rock quarry in the on Black River. That rock quarry also ruined the people way of life.

It’s located on the Bay of Fundy and it in a matter of years, it will also be destroyed.

J.D. Irving has moved to Bald Mountain in West Saint John and the people’s home basement of full of cracks.

When it comes to money? J.D. Irving don’t care.

So now we come down to the beautiful Valley Memramcook?

It’s a known fact that J.D. Irving will allowed the racist supervisor from Gulf Operators to set their eyes on the Acadians.

His name is Brian Grant and has hatred towards the Acadians.

Hey? If this wasn’t a true fact? Would I be mentioning names? Of course not!

I told J.D. Irving himself of this racist supervisor but he didn’t do anything about it therefore supporting these racists actions towards the minorities.

Yes, Le Conseil de BeauBassin must not give the Irvings what they want and that is to destroy this Acadian Community.

We Acadians are not allowed to write letters to the editor.

The Moncton Irving Transcript did not cover this story in details because J.D. Irving wish to brainwash the Acadians.

The Acadians in that area must fight and if it has to come to violence?

Then so be it!!!

They must take the Irvings like the British who deported the Acadians in 1755!

They must unite and fight like they did in Charlotte Country or the time the citizens got together and fought the closing of the dump in Lorneville.

Yes, March 15th will decide if Memramcook will be destroyed forever?

The Acadians must fight this evil Irving who has their lobbyists in Fredericton ready to sign papers to destroy Memramcook.

Myself? I will confront Trevor Holder head on with this issue!

Charles 04_07_05 057

He’s the Minister of the Environment.

Of course, it wouldn’t matter because it’s the Irving bureaucrats who runs the show in the Capital but I will let Trevor Holder know that if he allos this to happen?

In my views? In my eyes, he’ll be known as a bigot for the rest of his life!!!

Once those papers are signed and delivered?

Memramcook we will dead!!!!

Their way of life will be destroyed forever!

Will the members of the Beaubassin council act like they’re the British in 1755?

March 15th will decide.

God Bless the citizens in that area in Memramcook because it’s going to be a very noisy area once the Irvings are done!

I wish I could write a letter to the editor on this issue but the Irving have gave orders to the Moncton Irving Transcript not to print my letters.

So much for freedom of speech in new Brunswick!

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By this picture? Maybe it's only Irving's Management who are against the Acadian Population? who truly knows?

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