Thursday, August 03, 2006

Mrs Irving invites Charles for tea????

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You long time readers must remember the story I wrote about the Irvings taking over the Capital because this painted their roof green?

Well. I bumped into my friend Marg this afternoon. I met her during my protest in the summer of 2003.

She invited me over her home for tea.


I didn’t know this was her home. She had a good laugh when I told her that I blogged her home.

What really concern me was this picture?

These Quebecers can focus their camera anywhere around the City. I’m certain they were watching me and nice lade very carefully.

Nosy Quebecers!!!

Go take a hike!!!

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My letter will be printed in the morning....

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I was all ready for a huge backlash against the Irving paper but I guess I guess my letter will be printed in the morning. Here's the letter -

To the Editor,

Once is bad enough but twice? I must write a letter of objection to your paper. On July 26,2006 you printed a headline in the court section - Protesters enter not guilty plea.

I wish to make myself absolutely clear on this issue.

I wasn’t a protester. I was covering Atlantica for my blog.

I was in the area when the protesters ran through the doors at the Trade Convention Centre.

As any good journalist. I know a good scoop when I saw one. I was with the media taking pictures for my blog.

The police officers bypassed the protesters and the media. They zeroed in on this little blogger.

The question is why?

I might add that once in jail. The Saint John Police Force deleted all my pictures.

The media of CFBC and CBC covered my day in court in a very good manner. They called me a Blogger but your paper called me a protester.

The question is why?

The Irvings owns all the major newspapers in this province therefore bloggers will be the journalism style of the future.

This court trial will determine how bloggers should be treated in New Brunswick.

It is a first in this Province. This is a very important issue.

I just wish to make myself clear to your readers that I wasn’t a protester but a blogger.

Thank you!

Charles LeBlanc

I got a stupid question? Where does Israel gets their oil anyway?

Can someone be nice enough to answer that one?


It's nice to dream a little...

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New brunswickers getting ready to retake the New Brunswick Legislature from the Quebecers???

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This beautiful sight will be history in a few months???

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Getting ready for the huge E-Plex Centre. In my opinion, I believe it's a bad idea but what do I know???

Raising money for a good cause...

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Quebecers working on the New Brunswick Legislature???

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Why did he ordered a news black out of our dead soldiers arriving home?

Why don't he lowered the Canadian Flag????

Good news from Fredericton!!!!

I just learn that the bureaucrats are sending me a letter telling me that I cannot have the right to a lawyer.

Good news? Yes, it sure is.

Goes to show you that those bureaucrats in Fredericton want me in jail.

This is going to be very interesting!!!

Stay tune!!!!


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Sorry....I didn’t have time to write about this emotional issue sooner.

Hats off to the citizens of Grand Manan.

These Islanders decided last week that the drug problem was destroying their way of lives and they said enough is enough! They gathered together and burned down a home that was suspected of selling drugs to their youths.


Now? You must understand what’s really going on here.

I forewarned the politicians 6 years ago that dilaudid was becoming a major problem in the Saint John Area.

The Bernard Lord Government totally ignored this issue.

These poor souls who got addicted to Dilaudid were in big trouble.
These drugs are prescribed by the doctors so therefore they’re legal.

There was no methadone clinics and Bernard Lord refuse to give money towards this issue.

What do these people do?

They lower themselves to commit crimes to support their drug habit.

You used to have to travel to Moncton or Cambridge Narrows to get the methadone.

Now, we know these people don’t have a car so what are they suppose to do?

Lets go back to the area of Grand Manan for a minute.

The program CBC The Fifth Estate did a story on the area 5 years ago. They called the Dilaudid Hillbilly heroine.

Charlotte County has a major drug problem.

I told Rick Doucet that the Pharmacist refuses to give out methadone for the addicts in that county.


If the addicted individual wish to be on Methadone?

They have to travel to Saint John every single day! Many of them just decided to continue to do the drug.

Oxy-Contin is a major seller in that area.

Charlotte County has no place to get their methadone so the drug trade continue to make big bucks.

Can you imagine living on a Island such as Grand Manan?

The addcited soul will rob the Island blind to get their fix.


There’s no way in the world that these people will travel to Saint John every day to get their methadone.

I don’t blame to people of Grand Manan to take the law into their own hands because the Bernard Lord Government sure don’t care about the drug problem in this province.

It’s because of Bernard Lord that Prescription drug is totally out of control!

Picture 058

Good for the people of Grand Manan and if the Government continues to ignore them?

Do it again and make sure that your youths are not screwed for life because of Dilaudid!

Bernard Lord should be ashame of himself.

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Now, we can concentrate towards the New Brunswick Legislature.

I’m still trying to find out what was the complaints the staff received but the MLA’s won’t say one word.

The only thing that I can get is some students from some bureaucrats parents said they won’t return to work if I’m there? Who are these students?

There’s also guests who made complaints but the bottom line is the Quebec Security Dan Bussieres and the Common Clerk from the Legislature Loredana Catelli Sonier who made certain that I never set foot at the New Brunswick Legislature in the near future.


But? Am I going to let a bunch of Quebecers get away with this? Of course not!

Speaking of Quebecers? I saw a very disturbing site a few months ago at the New Brunswick Legislature.

I walked in and ever since the staff ordered the contractor to fire me? I never chatted or said a whisper to the staff.

They were the enemies and I knew it!

One day, I noticed Andre Ouellette standing behind the counter at the People’s House.


There’s only one problem with this picture. He wasn’t working there any longer.

So? The question is what gave this Quebecer the right to stand behind the counter?

I remember when the CBC workers were locked out.


They were told that they couldn’t go inside the Departmental building.

I noticed Jacques Poitras talking to his friends inside the building via the windows. I had a camera but I left the poor guy alone.


They were considered as former employees therefore they weren’t allowed in the building.

I walked out from the Library and Andre began shouting at me.

Once outside, I could still hear the former Commissionaire. What was he trying to pull?

I don’t know.

The question is this? Why are former employees from Quebec allowed to move in the Legislature freely while the CBC New Brunswickers weren’t trusted?

Rules are supposed to be for everyone!

I would trust a New Brunswicker any day before I trusted un maudit Quebecois!!!!


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