Wednesday, July 20, 2005


I was going over my emails and I found these pictures. Remember this? The old saying is so true? If he or she has their health? They shouldn't complain!!!!





This was in the telegraph Journal! Trust me! I didn't know anything about it until someone sent it to my email!!!!



While walking by the Centennial Building. I noticed a barge of reporters walking on the sidewalk and T.J. Burke was in the middle.

tj byuke

I wonder what he was doing in there??

I guess that the Irvings have won again!

The Natives have lost their rights to cut woods in New Brunswick.

Also in the crowd was Yvon Poitras.


I told Yvon - I guess the Irvings won again!!!

He quickly answered - It’s more than the Irvings who won!!

Every instance that I meet Yvon? I think of the Irvings!

Yvon always make it clear that the forestry situation is much more than the Irvings!

I guess that the New Brunswick Family Community Services can continue their witch-hunt against the Natives in this Province because they’re not allowed to go in the woods and make a few extra bucks to survive.


Very sad day in New Brunswick indeed!!!


Once I got the papers and found out that there was testing down on the building a few years ago and there was indeed UFFI < FORMADEHYDE ? insulation in the walls?

I was very concern. Is this the reason all those people died in the house????


I began to find out that all the bureaucrats in the Capital are confuse on the issue of UFFI.

I was given a toll free number in Ottawa.

They told me this was a provincial issue.

A person must love living in the Capital because all the Generals are in one area.

The rest of the soldiers are spread all around the Province.

You have to dial a toll free number and wait and wait!

I walked into the building of the Health Department and I was told that it was an issue for the City of Fredericton.

I walked into City Hall and told the receptionist that I wanted to speak to the building inspector about some concern issues that I have in my building.

I left an my email address with the guy.

Later on, I received an email telling me that they don’t get involved with disputes between a tenant and landlord.

The guy at the front desk told the building inspector that he believe that I was upset and he felt that it was because of a dispute.

Trust me!!! I was furious! I walked in there and demanded a meeting with the building inspector!

Around 10 minutes later, I was sitting down with the head macho and he was stern but funny!

I told the guy < won’t mention no name > that six people has died in that building and could it be because of uffi???

He told me that it wasn't the City’s concern.

It was the Province.

I phoned the environment Department but no one can give me any answers.

Well? The landlord gave the power to the homeless guy and he felt very good about this new way of life.

Once again during a disagreement, he would quickly call the Police.

Maurice has a habit of phoning the Police.

He was involved in a big melee at the Soup Kitchen < after that he never return to the Soup Kitchen>

The funny part is that he walks around with a cane.

Once inside he would moved thing around, paint, labour work and other action around the house.

I guess that he walks with a cane for protection.

He's the guy you see collecting empty bottles with brown sunglasses.

After witnessing his attitude, I also believe that he walks around with a cane for protection!

I do believe many people wants his hide. I promise myself that I would never touch the guy because he’s not worth it!

But I made it clear to everyone that if he ever lay one hand on my body? The situation could turn ugly! I don’t fool around.

He wanted the Police to arrest the people who he claim
seeing smoking drugs near the Soup Kitchen.


There’s one thing that a person never does is ratting!!!

The power went over his head and now he believes that the police will move in every instance he demands!

He truly believed that the Police would believe his every words!!!

Maurice decided to set new rules such as no one would be allowed to sit on the front porch or in the back!

During a nice hot evening, no one will be allowed to sit outside!

He’s the only one allowed to sit in the back or front!

Mine you? He told other tenants to move along but he didn’t tell me yet because he knows that I would tell him where to go. Anyway? Going back to the Police.


The cops were very upset at Maurice that they were called around 5 times for stupid reasons.

Maurice has what we call- Selective hearing!

The cops made it clear that if they were called again?

He would be the one who lands in jail!

But we still didn’t have the right to complain!

How many more roomers or boarders going through the same problem around this Province?

I remember during the Anti-Poverty meeting.


I spoke about this issue and one woman stood up and shouted - What Charles is saying is true! We have no rights!

Many in audience, who were too shy to speak up told me the same statement afterwards.

I never found out the final word on the electrical in the building.

The wiring must be close to 100 years old but if there’s a fire that occurs in that building?

I’m on record that I phoned the electrical inspector.

Maurice < caretaker > decided to make rules for certain individuals.

He let it known that no visitors were allowed in the building even though the guy downstairs can have some visitors.

This shows discrimination towards the other tenants.

Maurice even looks into the windows to see who’s in there?

He acts like he's a warden!

He let it known that no one is allowed to use the ovens because it used too much electricity.

He once told a tenant that he couldn’t used the oven because he didn’t have enough fries on his tray!

I am not making up these stories!

On one occasion someone lost his key and it cost the guy $5.00 to replace the key. It only cost $2.15 plus tax. The extra change goes into his pocket.

Sh@t!!! Close to 1,000 words already! Stay tune for more stories about 114 Brunswick Street! Wait till you hear of the new tennant who rented a room downstair!

This is the only province in Canada that the poor don't have a place to turn to if they have a major problem!




Hi: it is 6 a.m. here, i have been working all day cleaning up the mess
from the storm.

Mostly just blown sand and some water, a few leaves. we are 50% open, basically only our personal are not finished. that will be done today.

We discovered that some water had leaked into a couple of rooms, and a few
mattresses were wet, but 90 degrees and lots of good sunshine has fixed that

We are replacing one mattress that was damaged, but it was old anyway and would have to be replaced in a couple of months, with the other older mattresses.

I am getting a new bed, now all i need is time to use it!!

The general feeling here is that we lucked out for this storm.

Emily changed direction once it was on land, and exited the yucatan about 50 miles
east of us, so we missed a lot of the worst stuff. and most everyone has the
problem that we are relieved that we did not get hit badly while we also did
not want to profit from someone else´s misfortune.

To top it all off, i have a cooler full of munchie food that we have to eat!!

Pasta that we cooked before the storm to use when the power was off and not waste gas, hard-boiled eggs which are now going into salads and sandwiches, etc.

We prepared a picnic basket for 3 days worth, so now we are eating it.

We have had many phone calls from canada and the states, and many emails from
all over wishing us well and enquiring how we made out.

We are pleased that so many are concerned on our behalf.

There are many others on the carribean coast that have bigger problems, we hope
that things will work out for them, as well. we know that there are some tough
times coming over there, for we have enquiries for space from vacationers who
are flying into cancun international airport and not being able to go
to the place they had expected. so they are looking for something else, the
air tickets and vacation time can not be changed at this late date for

So we Will get new customers and they will not have the usual business in the
high season and we feel guilty that their misfortune is our good fortune. i just
can´t win!!

I thank everyone who wrote or called.