Sunday, January 15, 2006




Hey, here is a title I like for this--"SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT"


Here is something to seriously consider,

If someone in your family or someone that you personally know, Gets caught up in the ever growing addiction of"Video Lottery Terminals (VLTs)

You now know beyond a shadow of a doubt what type of help or support you will be getting from Both Parties on this issue as was basically performed at the "House Of (Your) Representatives In the City Of Fredericton In This Province of New Brunswick on January 11th 2006. during a remembrance of those who have died for the benefit of this Province from the profits of Video Lottery Terminals.


If your interested in my view of this then by all means read on………….

Charlie, I would just like to thank you very much for your observation of the MLA’s from BOTH parties.


I agree with you 100%. I pondered that thought on the way home last night for the whole drive on the bus.

People within many of these Elected Officials ridings have lost their lives because they reached a crossroad in their life over VLT addiction through community exploitation.

Simply because this was so powerful it out weighed the Human natural will to live and to suffer from this addiction with the absolute chaos of what they now considered their reality.

With their only option being to end their sentence they have been given because it was just too severe to survive and with nowhere to go in their communities to get away from this new found horror that has overcome and consumed them.


With no representation and recognition from these members to those communities,these families must now come to the understanding that these very people (MLAs) who are supposed to be protecting those families best interests for their safety and security did not even come out in their own front yard (Legislature) to pay their Respects for your loved ones?!

These People will continue to have no representation and shall remain nameless Victims of Society.

These very families that their MLA’s are sworn into office to serve and protect in their best interests.

Those some of those very members who every time you ask them separately how they feel about this issue will tell you “not only that Responsible Regulations are long overdue like the rest of us already know, but have gone further to say that their personal feelings are, Video Lottery Terminals should be totally scrapped "period".

A few who have said this very publicly more than once are as follows:

Mr. Roly MacIntyre Lib/S.J.


Mr. Stuart Jameson Lib/S.J.


Dr. Edward Doherty Lib/S.J.


Mr. Abel Leblanc Lib/S.J.


Mr. Mike Murphy Lib/Mctn.


Mr. Donald Arsenault Lib/Dalhousie


Among others whose names escape me at this time in the Liberal Party.

There are also a few Conservatives who have said Responsible Regulation is the proper way to go such as:

Mr. Tanker Malley Con/Miramichi


Mr. Claude Williams Con/Kent South


Mr. Jody Carr Con/Oromocto


Mrs. Margret Anne Blaney-Con-Saint John Kings


And again a few others whose names escape me at this time in the Conservative Party.

So in light of this, for not one member to come forth with a sign of respect basically tells me that these members feel confident enough in their position that there is no need to acknowledge these peoples loss of a loved one due to a Government run exploitation program and are under the belief they will suffer no recourse in the next election due to their inaction and public response to this issue.

They will seem to want to continue to totally ignore these Families concerns as soon as they go back to the Legislature with no representation or respect what so ever.

My reality of this situation is now such that---

If I have a death in my family because of an addiction to VLT’s and I have the full knowledge there is a growingly strong opposition to this disease across this entire country for what it really is, as well as the effects it is having here in New Brunswick and that there are changes taking place because of the public and political full awareness of this runaway disease and the death toll it is taking within society.

I will quickly find out that my representative had turned his or her back for the money over the best interests of my community and a member of my Family without a second glance, And totally dismiss my family’s grief as something that just happens or at most a, “ Gee I’m sorry it happened to you ”, attitude


And finish off with, “ I’ve got other things to do and more important issues with precedence over a death in your Family ”

I think that would be almost enough to push me too, over the edge to come to the realization that our Representatives are that far removed socially from their people where security was to be in place for such a crisis.

To think that an Elected Official that has been sworn into office to act in our best interests and to represent dignity and respect with good ideals would just shrug you off at your time of need is beyond one’s comprehension.

I would be outraged at the member of my District if him or her ever just decided to be as arrogant as to passively decide my loved one was not an important enough life or Vote including my entire family's vote for that matter And an attitude of oh well this won’t be noticed by the public over all, So I’ll still come out smelling pretty good, maybe even GREAT if I take a quick second to say from a distance that I care.

This is an unbelievable turn of events for this province to openly see the complete lack of respect and or dignity we are currently receiving from our representatives, which has now been witnessed by viewers from all over the Maritimes while these changes are being implemented in their provinces as those governments could see no other recourse but to take immediate action to fix this problem.

This is a very shameful time in New Brunswick’s history indeed, when our elected officials decide to turn their backs on us for the sake of a "corrupt cash cow" that is literally stripping our municipalities of Millions of Dollars each and every year along with lives lost and show absolutely no remorse or empathy toward repairing this disparity through Responsibly Regulating Video Lottery Terminals and save the lives of our loved ones.

Picture 014

I can Honestly and Openly say I am truly ashamed of my Government and my Province for it’s inaction and its ice-hearted response to a solution for this disastrous VLT program as it is with no regard for life.

And to not even acknowledge a moment of respect for those who have paid this province with their life.

I am going to get started immediately to take this issue to the next level.

This will take some time but it will definitely open the eyes of our politicians to the reality of this disease and changes are needed now before one more life is lost to a Video Lottery Terminals.

Implementation of Responsible Regulations must take place now.

And finally to those of you who have been totally and directly disgraced and disrespected by your members of Government, Please remember this, Next year is an Election year and lest we forget the human loss and insurmountable pain you must feel from this non-action, you do have the power to stand tall and make a difference in this disgraceful government performance.

So change your vote and make a difference in your community in the next election.

Demand the respect you so deserve.

May God bless you and your Family on your loss and comfort you through your changes.

Respectfully Yours
Timothy Smith Saint John N.B.

Charles here....I'm going to post all photos I took during Tim's day of protest!!!

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