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Getting ready for Noel in Saint John!!!

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I might add the pipeline is going to pass on the other side of the house.

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Saint John Police Officers are cracking down hard on Panhandlers!!!

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But if you sell Pizza slices or play an musical instrument?

You're safe!!!

The issue of the poor is getting bad in Saint John!!!

Selling pizza slices on the streets in Saint John to survive!!!

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Heading for a nervous breakdown in Saint John???

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King's Square is still nice in November!!!

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Boy? That little black one was mean!!! I would rather tackle a Pittbull first!!!


Which one pollutes Saint John the most???

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I still say this will kill ya in Saint John!!!!


Is it fair for the media to cover Gregory Allan Despres's Mom???

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Maybe it's just part of the game???


A letter to the CEO of NBPOWER David Hay!!!

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Hi Charles,

Am having a hard time getting your site to open .....I am on the wonderful dialup service out in Rowley, NB. Aliant can't seem to come up with the funds for the last 12 years to improve our phone and internet services!! I was wondering if you could blog my next item, a letter to D. Hay at NB Power!! thanks....

Dear Mr. David Hay,

Thanks for telling the poor and the seniors and the fixed income people of this province, (who I might add pay your salary,) that our power rates are too low...Maybe if you earned what we did, and came down from your "Ivory Tower" you might see why we can't afford to pay anymore in hydro raises.....Try living on a measley CPP or Old Age security or a Social assistance cheque and see what you can save to put food on your table for the month after paying the horrible rates NB Power is charging us...I would also like to ask you a question Mr. Hay, do you know what the $ 20.00 a month serice fee is for, as the people who work in the srvice center give everyone a different answer, from the paper and ink for the bill to be made up, to maintenance of our meters which they don't do unless we call and compalin it isn'[t working properly!! Also one more question Mr. Hay, what do you do for NB Power to earn your $150,000. or more a year!!!


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If you wish to read some pass stories to to search this blog and write- Six months protest!!!! The protest was held in 2003!

At the beginning, I used to call the preacher - Paul Bunyan but that nickname quickly faded away after a few days.


Colleen came to visit me late in the evening.

While chatting with her,she noticed that Marc
and Paul quickly disappeared.

She asked-Where’s Jesus?


Well, that name stayed with him until today.

How can a huge man disappear out of thin air?

I searched around the area and located the stranger. I told Colleen that he was on his knees beside my tent praying like an Arab.

She was surprised and continued on her way.

I decided not to bother the guy because he was praying to his God!

I sat down in my chair and wrote all the
actions that happened to me during the last few days.

I had my updates from the computer in a file and also a diary so I could remember all the little details for a good book in months ahead.

Jesus stood up and told me that he asked God to look over me in my tent and everything will be fine.

I could use all the help that I can get so you cannot asks for a better protector than God himself.

I don’t use the word Lord or Jesus in fun but it sure fits Paul.

I hate people making fun of Bernard Lord and used his last name in jokes.

In this case, he was sure acting like the real thing. I found out one little problem about Paul.

He’s a drifter from California and he enjoys his smokes.

I don’t mind helping someone out but I had very few cigarettes for myself. He and Marc kept me company during the evening and I didn’t mind at all.

We all lay back and listen to the music from my new radio and collected names till the
early hours.

I didn’t want any bad people around my
tent because they could cause a big problem.

It wouldn’t take long for the staff to call the police.

Dan the Sergeant At Arms went to a convention in Ontario.

I guess that all the Sergeant At Arms from
all the Province in this country met
together and I’m certain that my protest will be
discussed among them.

Dan didn’t have to keep a close eye on me because I would send him my updates on a
daily basic.

Dan Bussieres

This protester was different because I
told him of my every move < almost everything > so therefore he had nothing to worry about.

He was gone for a one week period and if he wanted to know about me? All he had to do was to locate a computer.

You got to love the information highway!

On August 15th, it was Acadian day and it was the first time that I had the chance to celebrate my culture in the Capital.

A few years ago, there was a major conflict between the Anglo Society and the Acadians.

By now, I am very good friend with my bigot buddy Matthew Glenn.

Someone came to me early in the morning and said - there was a idiot protesting in front of City Hall.

I might add that he pointed out that he wasn’t talking about me but the other idiot!

Hey? I’ve been called worst.


Sure enough, there was Matthew with his blow horn in front of City Hall condemning the Acadian Flag.


You see these bigot wishes their flag to be flown also but I’m against this action because they have the Union Jack and we have our Acadian Flag.

We call it the Acadian Flag and he would angrily call it - A Banner!

Some girl walked by and I asked her if she would like some free toilet paper and offered her the flag of the Anglo Society.

Trust me, Matthew didn’t like that line
at all and he was upset. I asked Glenn to lend me his blow horn so I could test out.

At first, He wasn’t to keen in lending me the loud device but he trusted me. Sure was loud and little did anyone know that I was going to
borrow it for my protest in the future.

I showed up at 6:00pm at City Hall for the rising of the Acadian flag and I wasn’t the only one present. Also there were 10 members of the Anglo Society on one side and 250
Acadians on the other.

The Police divided these two groups.

Many Acadians couldn’t understand the reason
these bigots were there.

It reminded me of the Blacks and the KKK.

As a person with ADHD, I was on both
sides and many Acadians were surprised that I would even chat with these bigots.

I am a proud Acadian and I believe that I proven this when I disrupted the C.O.R. Party Convention in Saint John years before.

This bigot Party announced that the Government should remove the Acadian Flag from the Legislature.

I crashed the C.O.R. meeting the next day and there must have been over 800 members present.

My protest ended up in every Newspaper across the country.

It was just like a black person disrupting a meeting of the KKK.

Both sides were shouting names at each other
while the police watched very closely. I remember that on one occasion, Matthew shouted through his blow horn among the huge cry from the Acadian side.

I walked closely towards the bigot and pretended that I couldn’t hear him. Sure would have been a good picture.

These bigots were loud and the Acadians
reacted to their messages.

Boy? What a racket! I must admit that those members of the Anglo Society were

I noticed Pere Emery Brien in the crowd and I
asked my favorite Priest if he wanted to meet the

Emery didn’t want to have nothing to do with
Matthew and I could understand the reason. The
Acadians came from a long way and there was no return to the old bigot way.

Pere Brien asked me if I heard the news?

He told me that the new Lieutenant Governor
is an Acadian.

At first, I couldn’t believe this and you should have seen the look on Matthew Glenn face
when I asked him if he knew that the new Lieutenant Governor was French?

He said- You’re kidding right?

His name is- Herménégilde Chiasson and I guess that he’s a nice guy.

Matthew always protested about
English rights in front of the Legislature and the
only instance that he would remind quiet is when the Lieutenant Governor would arrive at the scene.

Sure would be interesting to see what was going to happen when the represented of the Queen is a Acadian.

He told me that he doesn’t agree with this appointment at all!!!!

Myself, I am not a fan of the Queen so therefore
I don’t recognize this title anyway.

I was very surprised of the manner that Matthew was polite during the celebration of Acadian Day.

One of his sidekicks grabbed the blowhorn once Andy Scott was speaking and shouted names at Scott because he voted for the rights of same sex couples.

I really didn’t understand this approach so I guess they only want English, white and
straight people in the population.

I respected Matthew as a protester because when my favorite Priest said a prayer.


Matthew was silent and respected our religion.

Then the speeches came and I asked the bigot if he wanted me to translate for him because every minute he would asked me what were they saying?

Pretty difficult to protest when you don’t understand what the other group
is talking about?

I even had the permission from the Priest to swear against this bigot.

There was a little tension but at the end,
everything was ok. I even noticed a few Acadians
chatting with Matthew about the French issue.

I noticed T.J.Burke debating with the bigot and I hugged Matthew with one arm and said to T.J. - See? The native, the Acadian and the bigot all together debating without the use of violence. Isn’t great to live in New Brunswick???

Many Acadians asked me the reason that I
hugged the bigot and I told them that he was my friend and I respected his opinion. Of course? I didn’t agree with the guy and I still respected the manner that he fought for what he truly believes in.

A few hours earlier, someone approached me at my tent and he was very upset.

He told me that if he didn't have a child? He would cause violence in the Premier's office!

My god? People are more radical these

I’m hearing more and more stories like this every
day and as God as my witness I hope and pray that violence doesn't happen but someone is going to lose it one of these days and go on a rampage.

It's just a matter of time.

It happens often in the States and many will come at the Legislature to let off some steam.

August 15th, I am up 1,500 signatures and I'm
not really pushing my petition lately. I felt that I was in the arctic last night because there was a great mother Nature show in the night skies.

It was heat lighting and it was beautiful.

It was also safer for this protester.

On August 16th, I wasn’t going to let that episode with the Police scare me from
confronting the public with my petition.

I was at the Market early in the morning and did notice the Police Were watching me very closely and of course Mike the panhandler wasn’t to glad to see me.


He politely asked me to go across the streets and this was his territory.

I didn’t really pay attention to the less
fortunate guy and started asking people for a

While chatting with someone, a older lady
in her 70s asked me what I was doing?

I told her about my fight and she began raising her voice and told me that she use to be a teacher.

She told me that I was 100% wrong.

I told the lady and I haven’t had my coffee
yet so therefore I wasn’t in the mood to debate.

She wasn’t going to take my statement as the final word.

I told her to come and chat with me near my tent in front of the Legislature.

My God?? You should have seen the look on her face?


Then she really got upset.

I’m lucky that she didn’t have the strap
with her because I strongly believe that I would have got it big time.

I managed to collect 160 signatures in a
few hours.

I saw Marc after the Market and asked him
if he wanted to sleep in the Holiday Inn?

I believe it’s much better to sleep in a tent than under a bridge.

I left him a little tobacco and left that afternoon with Father Brien.

He drove me a short distance from the City so I could hitch hike to Saint John for my meeting with Social Assistance. My U.I.C ran out so I have to apply for welfare!!!

I hitched a ride almost immediately. It was a guy that I knew from Saint John and he hasn’t seen me in years so you can just imagine the stories that I had to tell my old friend.

He dropped me off at Welsford which I didn’t
mind because I phoned Diane who’s the owner of the River Valley news where my column is printed.

I haven’t seen Diane in months and it would be nice to see her again.

I was phoning from an old couples house and she
told me that she would pick me up shortly. I waited for close to one hour and I made the couple laugh with my many stories. Trust me, I never shut up for over one hour and they seem to enjoy my stories.

Later on, Diane showed up and told me the reason that she was late. She told me that her husband George is very sick. He’s dying from Cancer. I felt very bad for her and once we droved to the Loyalist City?

I phoned her husband but I didn’t get a answer. I left a message on his recording and said- George? Diane told me the bad news and my prayers are with you. They say you go to Heaven or hell when you die. Well George? I stronger believe that this place on Earth is hell and you’re heading for a much better place.

I broke down a little at the end and hung up.

This would be the last words that George would hear from me because he died a few months later.

On Sunday, I had a few beers in the Bars and
it sure felt good. People were asking me questions and I would drive them nuts with my stories.

I noticed that there wasn’t too many people present. Hey? It was hot and maybe they were all at the Beach or their cottages.

I met a couple of evil bureaucrats at

They were from the P.C Party and they bought
me a few drinks. I prayed that they didn’t tell anyone in Fredericton that I was in Saint John.

The next morning, I went to see my Doctor and he placed me on a disability pension because I
have ADHD!

I didn’t wish to do this but it would be
more money in my pocket.

I pay $300.00 a month on rent and I only make $264.00. I am very sorry but I can’t survive on this.

I could have $460.00 a month on a disability.

The Human Rights Commission told the
Government that I was limited so therefore I am

That same morning, I walked into the
Government building and the staff at the counter knew that I was in a bad mood.

They known me for years and I became good friends with them. I told the workers at
the reception desk that I better not be denied my
money because I am a protester.

I am going to be very upset and they say that line to me.

One worker offered me a nice fudge. The other worker quickly grabbed the sugar candy and said - No!!! Wait till he’s done with the meeting.

Hey? I guess that I’m educating the public
pretty good.

The case worker was nice and he soon
found out that he was dealing with a weird individual.

He asked me where I was staying and I told him that I was living in a tent in front of the Legislature. I might add that I also told the guy that if gives me a difficult time?

I would remove my tent from the
Legislature and set up by the little door near the
front door of the Social Assistant office in Saint John.

It was those Government workers who started all this and I was going to finish it.

Enough is enough!!!!

The worker told me to excuse him for a few minutes and left his office.

Five minutes later, he showed up telling
me that there wouldn’t be any problems.

After the meeting was done? The girl at the counter gave me my fudge and I left the premises very happy.

For once, a Government employee wouldn’t give me a difficult time.

I was very happy until I decided to check my email.

I received a note from Dan Bussieres telling me that my tent was removed.

I should forward the Sergeant At Arms
my home address so he could deliver all my items.

I was sad! The protest was over!!!

I like Dan and maybe I was too close to the guy.

Dan Bussieres

I mean, I’m a protester and it was his job to remove me at any cost.

I was down but at the end, I decided to hitch a ride to Fredericton and see first hand the situation.

It was my 62th day and I had around 1,600 signatures.



No surprise there because of the killing of a citizen by the Canadian soldiers a couple of days ago.

Payback I guess?

We got to get out of there!!!!

My deepest sympathy to the Families!!!


Priere Du Jour - Prayer of the Day!!!

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Prayer and Devotions

The Best Scenario Possible
by Father Cliff Ermatinger, LC

Practice awareness of the presence of God. Invoke God every time you enter and leave your house.

November 17, 2007
St. Elizabeth of Hungary

Luke 18: 1-8

Jesus told his disciples a parable about the necessity for them to pray always without becoming weary. He said, "There was a judge in a certain town who neither feared God nor respected any human being. And a widow in that town used to come to him and say, 'Render a just decision for me against my adversary.' For a long time the judge was unwilling, but eventually he thought, 'While it is true that I neither fear God nor respect any human being, because this widow keeps bothering me I shall deliver a just decision for her lest she finally come and strike me.'" The Lord said, "Pay attention to what the dishonest judge says. Will not God then secure the rights of his chosen ones who call out to him day and night? Will he be slow to answer them? I tell you, he will see to it that justice is done for them speedily. But when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on earth?"

Introductory Prayer: I love you my Lord, because you are love itself. Forgive all that is in me that does not come from your love and does not reflect your love. If I am to become what you want me to be, it will happen only if I allow you to act in me.

Petition: Lord, grant me the trust I need to approach you with confidence and perseverance.

1. The Worst Scenario Possible Christ describes a bad situation – the worst case possible, in fact. The most vulnerable of all people – a widow with no one to do her bidding – is up against a powerful and corrupt judge. She doesn’t let that stop her. She has nothing to lose by pursuing her case. In spite of the humiliation of repeated rejection, she persists and persists, and finally she achieves what she set out to do. Our Lord sets this before us as a model of how we are to pursue the life of prayer. He tells us what shape this is to take: not to become “weary” of prayer; “to call out” to God; and to do this “day and night”. Our Lord wants prayer to accompany the whole of our life.

2. The Best Scenario Possible Christ then describes our reality – the best situation possible. Unlike the earthly judge, we have a judge who is just. Unlike the earthly judge, we have a judge who is a loving, provident Father. Furthermore, Christ tells us that God will be quick in his replies. Nonetheless, most of us are deficient in our prayer life. Few people follow a solid and demanding prayer regimen. They pray now and then: when they feel a particular need for extra help, when they are in trouble or in fear of danger, or when they are especially worried. Sometimes they even reduce prayer to giving God marching orders – along the lines of “my will be done” rather than the original version taught by our Lord. When God doesn’t seem to comply with our wishes, the consumer mentality of our prayer is revealed. That’s the moment to test our purity of intention: Unlike the importunate widow, we have all had a response other than what we expected from God. How we accept it tells us a lot about how much we want God’s will and how much we are attached to our own.

3. Can We Really “Pray Always”? We might think that the injunction to “pray always” is hyperbole, along the lines of “be perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect.” But our Lord is the Truth, and he is not given to cheap words and slogans. If he says something, he means it: Be perfect, pray always. These are more than suggestions. With regard to prayer, we certainly can pray always. Prayer is more than an activity: Prayer always depends on our relationship with God. Our Lord enjoins us to pray with words, but we know from experience that we cannot always pray with words. So how can we fulfill his command to pray always? If we are in love with God, we think of him morning, noon, and night. We discover his will in everything and set our hearts and minds on him. All we have to do is live in the habitual awareness that we are in his presence and continually lift our hearts and minds to him. We can desire God always; this is praying always. Indeed, it is the best of prayers.

Conversation with Christ: Lord Jesus Christ, I thank you for inviting me into a personal relationship with you. I know I am never far from your thoughts. Please stay close to mine as I cultivate the habit of invoking your presence throughout the day. I long for you and desire you. Help me to keep you at the center of my loving attention.

Resolution: To practice awareness of the presence of God, I will invoke God every time I enter and leave my house. Once that becomes a habit, I will extend this habit until invoking God becomes something that accompanies my every action. I will attempt to invoke God at least five times during this day.