Friday, January 28, 2005



Meals served at the Fredericton Soup Kitchen

Noon- 105 meals
Supper -89 meals


Noon- 100 meals
Supper- 89 meals

Have a clear conscience Weekend!!!

I don’t feel like writing today but I guess I can say that I phoned the program Voice of the Province last evening and told Andy Scott <> thatthe Irvings should be investigated of the way that own all the newspapers in this Province.
I even compared them to Hilter in Germany but the host quickly told me that I can’t compared the Irvingsto Hitler but I said – Hitler took control of themedia and the same is done in this small province.
The reruns of the program will showed this weekend at 3:00pm on Rogers.
I did the same action this morning on CFBC! I talked about the Irvings and those racist members ofthe New Brunswick Human Rights Commission. I told the host - I won’t mention no names butI’ll say is that he’s black and he’s a councillor onCommon Council! <>…lol… Anyway, I told the audience that Carl White andthe Commission should be eliminated in the year 2005because they are truly useless for New Brunswickers! Ok…What else? Nahhhhhh…..I don’t feel like writing! Here’s somecomments from the readers and don’t be afraid to sendme yours! Have a good weekend and don’t be afraid tosend me your feedbacks! You can leave them at my blogsite at

Here’s a few comments—

1-You were right on the money when you said thatIrving controls the WHSCC.I am going to share with you a quick story about howthis legislation works and who it worked for. It wasput in place originally to protect The legislation goes something likethis:1) The Employer has the right to terminate an injuredworker after 1 yearsif he employs 50 Employees or less.2) The Employer has the right to terminate an injuredworker after 2years if he employs 50 Employees or moreLet me share a very small portion of the misery thatwe have been putthrough since my husbands injury and in my opinion whothe legislation was meant for.My husband worked for the Empire and injured his backin 1988. The first operation was a spinal fusion. Hereturned to work on a gradual return to work programand during that time his fusion colasped whileworking. The second operation was another fusion but this timethey inserted a tense like machine with metal plates,screws and wires which my husband was the first one toreceive in NB. The third operation was the emergency removal of this device and hardware due to infection. The forth operation was on his shoulder.As I said my husband had returned to work and wasworking when the fusion colasped, so while he wasrecouperating from his second operation theletter arrived stating that he had been terminatedeffective 2 months before the 2 years were up from thelast time that he worked. I tried to fight it becauseit really took a toll on my husband who loved to work. It also began his initial depression which laterbecame severe. They had no record of him returning towork and at the time I couldn't find any proof.Well I have it now, 11 years later. The ironic thingis that I found the proof while packing up my homewhich we are losing because of my husband'sinjury. Like I said our story is a long and dirty onewhich I won't get into today. I must tell you that Ihave worked fulltime for 25 years now and I make$40,000.00 a year and I have been financially rapedbecause my husband is an injured worker. Since theEmpire could not locate his file and they denied thathe had ever returned to work, my husband lost out on his vacation pay and whatever else that they wouldof owed him at the time.So what protection was in place for the injuredworker? NONE! Why was the Empire allowed to eventerminate him illegally and get away with it?I hear alot of good things said about Frank McKennabut I know that we will never share their views!

2-As far as Irving goes he controls way too much foronly employing 8% of this Province. Maybe othercompanies given the same breaks as the Irvings get could do the same but this is not whathappens, its all given to Irvings. Its like you sayits their way or nothing. Just ask an ex-Irvingemployee or a retired one and not too many have goodthings to say of their Empire. They can have it!!!!!!

3-Charles; Please read and don't make up what you wish tosee. The Ombudsman said that he had been asked to lookat the issue of the overuse of Ritalin -"NOT"TO DO A STUDY!!

4-Here you go again!I think you only care about prejudice when it'sprejudice against you. You oppose anti-French prejudice, and anti-ADHD prejudice,and prejudice against the unemployed or against smokers, but you've got noproblem with people who blame T.J. Burke for the premier's racist commentsagainst him.And now you're back to comments that make light of theHolocaust. The Final Solution was a plan to exterminate Jews just becausethey were Jews, and the Gestapo executed that plan. Do you understand thatunder the Final Solution more than six million people who killed just becauseof their ethnicity? How can you possibily imagine that not getting lettersprinted in someone's newspaper, or not getting a job, is in any waycomparable to that? Your ego must be massive!Seriously, get some perspective, sir! If you werefired unjustly, well yes, that's terrible. And I agree, it's not healthy for onefamily to control all the newspapers in this province. But seriously, thesethings are not at all like the Holocaust. How do you think yourexaggerations sound to Holocaust survivors and their families?And, you keep saying that the Human Rights Commissiondid something wrong, but you've never explained that. Reading between thelines, it looks to me like you complained you were fired because of yourADHD (discrimination based on disability), and your complaint was rejectedbecause their investigation showed you were fired because of yourinsubordination and not because of discrimination. Isn't that true? If youhave evidence that anyone associated with Irving bribed anyone associated withthe Commission, produce it or stop making it up.

5- How could you prove your racism complaint when theydidn't even talk toyou? This is where they need to look at the wholepicture.

6-By the sound of the comments there are peoplewriting so they must bereading.

7-I noticed that you did not write the amount ofpeople served at your soupkitchen yesterday. Is there a reason for that? Ithink on the very colddays you should also ask the readers to pray for thehomeless. I cannotstop thinking of how cold they must be. I have alwaysthought of theanimals outside and not really knowing that we hadthat many homelesspeople or even any for that matter, but I never use tothink of the peopleoutside. Now thats all I can think about. It's hardgrowing up andrealizing just how real thing are.

8-<> THIS IS A NOTE THAT I REPLIED TOTHE COMMISSION A FEW MONTHS AGO AND SOMEONE WANTED TOADD SOME COMMENTS!!! IT’S HARD TO READ BUT IT’S ALLTHERE----I just believe it’s fair to paste all pointsof view….>>Maybe you weren't on my list when I received this>little note---->>>M. LeBlanc,>As Chair of the New Brunswick Human RightsCommission,>I am asking that you honour your commitment to the>former Chair, Dr. Malcolmson, that you made to himand>the Ombudsman at your meeting this past February.>Please stop referring to the Commission and its>members as racist.>Please also stop implying that we are accepting any>inappropriate compensation.So, you made a commitment to stop referring to theCommission and its members as racist, but you broke that commitment? Aman is only as good as his word, in my opinion.>Thank you in advance for circulating this message to>all to whom you have made these allegations.>Alanna Palmer>Chair>> I appreciate your concerns on this very racial>case but I have to give you a few facts that really>bothers me with your commission.>>1- FACTS- I was the brunt of many dirty and racial>slurs while I work for Gulf Operators at the Irving>Empire!So what? TJ Burke was the victim of a racial slur lastweek, and you don't have an opinion on the anonymous poster who called hima phoney and a liar. (Which is BS. TJ's aboriginal hesritage was well-knownall over town before he got elected. And TJ was the guy who read yourRitalin petiion in the Leg! And praised you in the papers.>>>2- FACTS - I was told by Carl White to write down my>complaint!Fact: The Commission can not legally act on anycomplaint unless it's in writing. Read the Human Rights Act.>>>3- FACTS- After meeting with the Irvings? Carl White>never met with me!Fact: Once a complaint is received, the Commissionrequires the respondent to reply. If after that the complaint is withoutmerit, it is dismissed. This means: if the investigator determines that evenif everything the complainant says is true, there still is nodiscrimination under the law, the complaitn must be dismissed. Read the Human RightsAct. It's online.>> 4-FACTS- Remember this statement that was faxed to>the>Commission->>When Mr.LeBlanc was interviewed by Gulf Operators>he informed us he had ADHD and was taking Ritalin>there>were medical limitations placed on Mr.LeBlanc. We>accommodated Mr.LeBlanc disability by ensuring thathe>was given jobs and duties that complied with his>medical limitations.>>Sherry Merssereau <>Doctor’s paper! >Fact: No human resource professional is a doctor. Sowhat?Fact: You informed your employer you needed specialtreatment because of your condition. They gave you special treatment.What's your beef?>>>5-FACTS- With that very discriminatory statement>against the people with ADHD? I was certain that my>point was proven that the Irving Management>discriminates against people with Disabilities!What discriminatory statement? There was nodiscriminatory statement made! you are imagining one. They said you told them you hada disability (ADHD), they accommodated your disability. That's what the lawrequires of employers: reasonable accommodation of persons withdisabilities. Read!>>6- FACTS- The verdict was suppose to come out on a>Friday and Carl White <> hung up on>me while I phoned his home to find out the verdict!Fact: Carl White's history is irrelevant and none ofyour business.Fact: If you call any underpaid bureaucrat at home, ifthey have any self-respect they will hang opn you. Where do you getoff?>>7- FACTS- Janet Cullinan <>Director of the Commission sent me a letter with only>three lines that my complaint was denied therefore>agreeing with the Irvings that racism is ok in the>workplace and people with ADHD are close to mental>retardation!Fact: No one said racism is ok in the workplace, andno one at the Commission agreed that racism is ok in the workplace.And no one said anything bad about people with ADHD. You are makingall that shit up.>>8- FACTS- I showed up months later and wanted someone>to explain to me why my complaint was denied??? The>Director Janet Culinnan push my complaint in my face>and ordered me out the door>>9- FACTS- I phoned the building and the Director hung>up on me!!>>10- FACTS- I had a meeting with the past Chairman on>this issue and I did tell him that I would back offon>the issue of racism but this all change once a>bureaucrat told me that I wouldn’t be able to work>because of the decision of the New Brunswick Human>Rights Commission that people with ADHD are not>allowed to work in a normal fashion! <>complaint >One bureaucrat told you this, and you broke your word?You don't even respect bureaucrats! You're always saying bad thingsabout them.>>11- FACTS- The commission was very ignorant with me>and they took the unusual step to re-study my>complaint about ADHD and still agreed that peoplewith>ADHD are limited!!!Fact: You were very ignorant and inappropriate withthem.>>12- FACTS- People are being escorted out the door if>they dare to make a complaint! I heard this from many>citizens who told me the Commission sides with big>industries on complaint!Fact: "I heard it from some people, so it's true" isridiculous. The Commission helps people with real complaints, andcan't help with people who don't.>>13- FACTS- If a Commission supports racism within the>Workforce then they are racist themselves and this is>what happen in my case!Fact: The Commission does not support racism, itfights racism every day.>>14- FACTS- The commission took a very discriminatory>decision with only one day of training on the issueof>ADHD!!!Fact: They did not take a "discriminatory" decision.And who cares how much training they had, and what makes you think it's yourbusiness?>>15- FACTS- I offered my services with the CudmoreCase>but you people denied me therefore it shows me that>you people at the Commission don’t believe that Iknow>what I’m talking of the issue of ADHD!Your services? What are your qualifications?>>16- FACTS- A few months ago, Sharon Golden <>what her name is> showed up at a meeting to preach>about Human Rights and it wasn’t a nice picture onceI>began my speech against the Commission. I alsonoticed>that many people in the room agreed with me therefore>this tells me there’s a major problem in the>Commission building!Fact: When you show up at public meetings and startranting your conspiracy theories, most people think you're a nutjob.Fact: When you take over a public meeting to make itabout you, it means you're rude, and a bit of an ego-maniac.>>17- FACTS- I showed up at a another meeting a few>weeks ago hoping you people would be there but you>nowhere to be seen! I would have never let you speak>until you people apologizes to the huge mis-justice>that was done to me!Fact: There was no injustice.>>18- FACTS- You people have ruined my life with your>behind close doors verdict on this very racist>verdict! Myself and New Brunswickers have the rightto>know what was said behind those doors!!!!Ridiculous.>>19- FACTS- I’ll continue to call you people racists!>If you don’t believe me? There’s a meeting at the>Legion on Queen Street this Saturday for thecommittee>for Democracy! They didn’t seem to take mysuggestions>seriously so I got to speak again about the racists>members of the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission!>You don’t believe me? Be there between 10:00am and>3:00pm!Now you're just being pathetic.>>20- FACTS- I’m a strong believer there’s a reason for>everything. Do you believe that I enjoy writing these>updates on a daily basis? Of course not but afterthis>very racist verdict? The Government of New Brunswick>are following your orders that people with ADHDshould>be ignored at any cost!You don't enjoy it? Who are your kidding? You LOVE theattention!>>21- FACTS- I’ll continue fighting this very racist>verdict till the last day that I die!!!!!>>22- FACTS- Don’t worry about me calling you people>racist because no one pays attention to my updates>anyway! But I might add that if you google your name?>My updates will come out and I did receive many>concern email from around the world about you people>at the Commission!Fact: Outside Charles LeBlanc's little world there aremany real and serious human rights abuses all over the planet. Much moretragic than losing one job, or losing one complaint, or not getting a letterto the editor published.>>23- FACTS- Please stay in your building and don’tcome>and preach in public that you pretend to fight for>people rights because New Brunswickers know better>about you people. I’ll be there face to face todemand>how much money were you paid to ignored this very>racist case?Fact: Your insistence that these human rightscrusaders must have taken a bribe shows what a crazy ego you have.>>24- FACTS- I was protesting for a six months periodin>front of the Legislature and never once did one ofyou>people came and chat with me about my concerns. This>all change once I showed up with a blowhorn in front>of your building! It didn’t take you people long to>come out of the building!See? Ego! They should come to see your little show?Why?!>>25- FACTS-Don’t forget one thing- If Racism exist>somewhere than it exist everywhere!!! You people are>supporting racism within the workplace and you mustbe>put to a stop!!!!Fact: If they are put to a stop, people with realdiscrimination complaints would have nowhere to turn for help.>>26- FACTS- The Commission should be elected and not>appointed!Fact: The point of a human rights commission is thatit's not political. That way, they don't worry about what the majoritywants, they protect minorities.>>27- FACTS- Since there’s a major conflicts ofinterest>as the Cudmore case than the lawyer who foughtagainst>the Cudmore Family is now working on the Human Rights>Commission therefore it’s a certain doom for the>Cudmore family! Why not take the time to bring me in>court????>>28- FACTS- I was told by your lawyer that if I didn’t>agree of the way you people treated me? I shouldbring>you people in court? If I had the money? I would!Go to Small Claims Court!>>29- FACTS- I don’t believe that a appointed Judge>would agree that no niggers of Frogs should beallowed>to work in the Evil Irving Empire or that people with>ADHD are close to mental retardation!Fact: No, a judge wouldn't do that. Neither did theHuman Rights Commission.>>30- Have a good day!!!!!>>That felt good! I can only put up with so muchinflated ego and exaggerated BS.:)