Thursday, April 21, 2005


One Senator cannot believe his ears of the way the Irvings are controlling the newspapers in this province.

The Former New Brunswick Lieutenant Governor seem to be protecting the Irvings! One Senator said- I have been hearing this Irving 200 times since this morning! What's going on???? The Comun Front and Unions are going to say- The Irvings press don't cover their concerns! I'm going to make a presentation in about one hour and they must think that I'm nuts because I'm in and out in and out!!!! The Irvings are getting slaughtered big times and I don't believe that we will see any of this in the Irving's Newspapers and that's too bad!!! Ok,,,,I gotta go and excuse the way I wrote these blogs because I don't even bother going back to read what I wrote!!! Stay tune!!!! I like this Bloggling stuff!!! Too bad that I'm not being paid for it!! It would be a good job!!


Fast one here!!! A goup of people from L'Acadie Nouvelle newspaper told the Senate that they are worried of the way the Irvings are also buying the French newspapers in this Province.

It's such a small market for a small minority of Froncophone. What I find funny in these hearings? They always call it -Brunswick News and it should be Irvings News!!! From what I gather? The Irvings wants L'Acadie Nouvelle real bad and it's all part of the final solution of the Irving Empire! Control the mind of both cultures in this Province and everything will be ok! The Staff told the Senate that there should be more than one owner in this province. I bumped into Rod Allen..he's a reporter from the Moncton Transcript! I knew his name but never met the guy! Sounds like a nice guy and I did give him a piece of my mind because the Moncton Transcript never covered one minute of my protest...ok...I am not even going to read what i just spell check no nothing!!!....Got to go BLOGGLING!!!!!


This morning Jackie Webster voice her concern the way the Irvings owns all the newspapers and this afternoon it was David Henley who used to own the Northside News and the Bugle in Woodstock!

He told the Senate that he couldn't compete with the Irvings because of the advetissement dollars! What I found distrubing was Senator Trenholme Counsell because we have such a small province that we should consider ourseleves lucky to have the Irvings as owners! I almost shouted- WHAT???? David continue to say that the Irvings never started a paper from nothing! In my view < charles > They always wait till the paper strives and go for the kill!!!! I am not too inpress with the Senator but lets see what's going to happen when it's my turn! Sorry!!! No time to spell check or paragraph!!!! I chatted with Mr.Henley and asked him if he could tell me how many Irving people are in the room! I confronted one of them and was told nothing! Yes!! The Irving Gestapo is all over the place but we don't know who they are but they are taking notes!!! to run!!!THIS IS BLOGGLING!!! stay tune for more!!!!


This is just a quick update and yes it could be a bad grammaire one.

I hitch a ride this morning and made it to the front door of the Motel in Dieppe!

Once throught the doors, I noticed a few reporters from CBC and I was told that I wasn't choosen by the Senate to speak freely on the issue of the Irving Monopoly in this Province!

I would like to know why????

Mind you? I am not in a happy mood!

I noticed a few Irving people around and they are watching the situation very closely!

I also chatted with Trenholme Counsell, Marilyn - Lib and I asked point blank if it was true that Jamie Irving is going out with her Daughter?

She told me that he used too but not any longer!

I told her that it was impossible for me to say everything in four minutes and I was promise a generous four minutes!

I just hate to rush but with my ADHD? It's impossible for me to say everything in 4 minutes! Lets see and watch what's going to happen! I am suppose to make my presentation at 4:00pm!!!

I noticed there are also many high class people around and they're wondering who the hell is this guy who wishes to speak? Ok!!

I'm in a rush and stay tune today in this update for more news!

I was also told that the Irvings are going to be the last one to speak! I wonder why???? You tell moi????