Monday, July 18, 2005



I’m a very strong believer that there’s a reason for everything.

Why did I just found out 6 years ago that I have ADHD not earlier?


Good question but it wouldn’t matter anyway because with this very disturb verdict from those racist members of the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission that with ADHD are close to mental Retardation < verdict held behind close doors > It wouldn’t have made any different.

Anyway? This week, I am taking on a new route. It’s an issue that I have been holding back for months.

The issue is going to be the rights of boarders or roomers in this Province.

I realize that this could hurt me but the emotional question is this? How many other poor New Brunswickers are going through what I’m enduring as I write?

Once I moved to the Capital, I took a little room.

It’s not a bad little area.

I have my little stand up shower in the House.

I got the Soup Kitchen which I volunteer and eat there across the street and it’s not far from downtown.

The rent is $250.00 an month and since I only make $490.00 an month? It’s ok I guess!

The tenants < 3 of them > have drinking problems but they don’t bother me.

They’re not bad people.

Little did I know that huge changes were waiting for me around the corner.

The lady downstair decided to move next door so a boarder < used to live in the shelter > wanted to be the person in charge.

At first, I believe it wasn’t a bad move because he would guard the place like a pittbull!

One guy moved in downstair used his place as a hang out!

But the Caretaker –Maurice would chase them out of the building. Especially in the winter months.

I would laughed with him and I supported the job he was doing.

This all came to an abrupt end on March the 8th!

Tim Smith was going to travel to the Capital to make an appearance on Melanson Live!

We walked around the City and I remember that it was snowing very hard.

Tim had to be at Rogers for 7:00pm so we decided to go over my place and relax.

It was 4:30pm!

While enjoying a nice cup of coffee, Maurice showed up at my door < with a knife in hand > and in a very rude way said- Why are you disobeying my orders?

I quickly replied - What the f@ck are you talking about???

He reminded me that no one was allowed in the building!

He told the guy that I knew the rules and no one is allow in the building after 6:00pm!


I told the guy to take a hike and to call the police!

I won’t go into the details but maybe Tim will leave a comment on this issue because he seen and heard everything.

He went as far as saying- If I have no visitors? Why should other tenants have some?

I was upset to be degraded in front of my friend Tim!

The next day, I decided to make a complaint at the Rentalsman office.

Once there, myself and Tim asked the woman if we could speak to the Rentalman?

Once she heard that we were boarders or roomers? Her attitude on her face change big times!

She quickly said- Boarders??? Roomers??? We don’t take care of those people. Tim was right there!!! We were treated like a couple of peasants!!!

I demanded to know what was my right were?

The guy in charge told me there’s laws to protect roomers or boarders in New Brunswick.

I was furious!

After a few weeks, I demanded to meet with the rentalman and I guess this is the way it goes.

Under section 58 under the Landlord and tenants act.

The boarders are covered but there’s no mention on the name - Boarders or roomers.

He told me the Government never put in place a person to watch over the less fortunate people in this Province.

The bottom line is this? The person in charge can evict anyone at anytime and there’s not much that can do done.

The former lady who took care of the building for many years was told by Maurice that she wasn’t allowed in the building!

This guy was really out of control.

Especially since it was her that gave him the job.

It was the first time that the homeless guy had power and he was going to use it!

The cops were called for foolishness. Maurice demanded that I apologizes in front of the cops but I had nothing to apologizes for.

The cops left after they had the understanding that everything was ok!

Once I went into my building? My key wouldn’t work!

Maurice opened the door and told me that I wasn’t allowed in the building!

I pushed the guy aside and told him to get lost!

Once again, the cops were called.

The officer started to get really upset!

What has happen was once Maurice called the cops? He quickly changed the lock of the door so my key would fit!

I told the cops that they had a hard time enough fighting the on the streets that they didn’t have time for games.

I could have said- F@ck that! I’m out of here!!

Being Charles? I wanted to know what was my rights as a boarder or roomer.

You see? People living in places like these around the province don’t complain!

They are fortunate they have a roof over their head so they are silent.

Myself, I am not a bad person in this place. I mind my own business and no one bothers with me beside the caretaker.

I noticed there were no smoking detectors in the building.< only one >

I phoned the fire marshall and I guess that he was not impress.

He made Maurice to change all the locks in the rooms! My new key was a skeleton Key!

I haven’t seen those ones in years!

A smoking detector was installed in every room!

The war have just begun and I wasn’t done yet!

Sh@t!!! Over 1,000 words already! Stay tune for more on this issue in the morning!!!!!


I've just received this email and it's very scary!


Those racist members of the New Brunswick Human Rights are spreading their racist ways across Canada!

I wonder which racist was paid to go there?

I contacted this new commission and added them on my email list! Here's the sad story!!! A Human Rights Commission who supports and promotes racism must be eliminated!!!!

By the way? I was told that Susan Butterfield who's in this picture leave her dog in her vehicle while she goes to work. < morning >Many found that act disgusting!

Hey? If these people don't care for human rights? They should at least respect the animal rights to cool air!


N.B. Human Rights Commission
Human Rights Commission supports proposal for coalition against racism (05/07/18)

NB 895

July 18, 2005

SASKATOON, Sask. (CNB) - Human rights commissions attending the meeting of the Canadian Association of Statutory Human Rights Agencies (CASHRA), held recently in Saskatoon, agreed to provide support in principle for the work of the Canadian Commission for UNESCO (CCU) calling for the establishment of a Canadian Coalition of Municipalities Against Racism.

Commissions supporting the initiative include: the Alberta Human Rights and Citizenship Commission, the Manitoba Human Rights Commission, the Ontario Human Rights Commission, the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission, the Newfoundland and Labrador Human Rights Commission, the North West Territories Human Rights Commission, the Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission, Prince Edward Island Human Rights Commission, Commission des droits de la personne et des droits de la jeunesse du Quebec, the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission and the Yukon Human Rights Commission.

Commissions agreed to promote the initiative within their own jurisdictions in keeping with their own priorities and resources.

The proposal to establish a Canadian Coalition of Municipalities Against Racism is based on the UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) plan for an International Coalition of Cities Against Racism. Launched in 2004, its goal is to establish a network of regional coalitions around the world committed to fighting racism.

The preliminary proposal for the Canadian Coalition calls on municipalities to adopt 10 common commitments for combating racism in their communities in the areas of community development, employment, policing, housing, culture, and education, among others.

In the next year, the CCU and partner organizations will consult with municipalities, asking for their feedback and to consider joining the Canadian Coalition. Once a final proposal has been developed, municipalities will be invited to sign a declaration adopting the common commitments and would then develop their own local plans to fight racism.

The Canadian Association of Statutory Human Rights Agencies (CASHRA) is a forum for federal, provincial and territorial human rights agencies which have as some of their functions the administration and enforcement of anti-discrimination laws.


MEDIA CONTACT: Francis Young, Human Rights Officer, New Brunswick Human Rights Commission, 506-453-2301.








Hi: we, again, still in the dark, and enjoying every minute, so far.

The power is still on, the computer line is still working, and the coffee is
fresh. (we are saving the kahlua for when the power goes off, in the meantime
we are using milk from the fridge)

The winds have started to blow, from the north.

No worse than the norte´s in the winter, as of this moment. the eye of emily is over cozumel, so we are now about 14 hours to go, maybe as much as 18.

The major nasty winds will not arive for another couple of hours, but we may lose the power sooner, so i am sending this now to reassure you that we are fine, so far. ( as the man who fell off a 30 story building said to people while passing the 20th floor!)

One major change has taken place: we have taken down the large hurricane zone
map from the wall.

Saving it for later, will take pictures before we clean it in preparation for the next hurricane. and the wall clock is now face down in the storeroom, beside the glass from the front doors.

We have been looking at the pictures of florida and other islands of
the hurricnes aftermath, and we are not going to have as dramatic pictures
as in destin, florida or other places like that.

The reason is simple: the standard building material here is concrete blocks, with stucco on top.

If we get many pictures of ruined buildings the same as florida, we will be opening a bank account for charitable deposits for the poor, impoverished and
devastated residents of progreso!! (of course, my name is already on the account,

But only for convenience sake) there is an injustice being perpetrated here by murphy, or some other inimical force.

I have 6 cases of beer and rum and tequila and other alcoholic drinks, and i can not finish one drink before i fall asleep!!!

At new years i had one (count it:1) rum and coke, and fell asleep before midnight!! had to be carried to bed, missed the party!!

So now i have all the dreams of my youth when i was poor and could not afford the alcohol and beer, and no ability to take advantage of it!!!

So, i will send this now, to be sure you get it. if you do not hear from us for
4 or 5 days it is because the power and phone lines are down.

Eemily is being compared to hurricane gilberto, which completely wipoed out the north
shore in 1988.

Of course, all the building were wood then, and the beach was actually 50
feet farther out from where it is now, but the people survived quite nicely.
and they are still complaining that the storm ruined the fishing industry!!

We are going to have to find something to complain about, after we give
appropriate thanks for being alive to complain at all!

Our family of guests decided to go to the big city for the storm. some thought
this would be a great new experience, but some thought this was a lousy way to
commit suicide, so they went.

They are hoping to come back on tuesday, if the roads are open. i even offered a discount to them, but no takers.

Having fun here, hope you are there david

Hi: as you can see by the title, we have had some power problems.

The winds are now up to 35 mph, from the north. the waves are building, almost
covering the beach.

No worse than the norte in january for water, but an indication of things to come. we are now at 5:10 in the morning, and are listening to glass and other misc.

Stuff being blown around.

Some lights from the building have fallen, and others from neighbouring buildings have broken. we are going to close up shop and go to bed, not much point to being up.

It has been a long day.

Good night all


Sometime during the next 24 hours? Some will be the 20,000 visitors to our little blog site!!!

Saint John June 04-05 001

I would have never believed that I would hit that amount of visitors in such a short period.

On May 9th, I hit 10,000 hits and now we’re at 20,000. When we first started this blog? I believe that we would hit 10,000 by the fall!

Some people believe that myself and Tim Smith just push the refresh buttom to make the hits go higher?

Sorry! It cannot be done! Trust me I tried it!!! Once you visit the site and if you come back later? It will still mark you for one hit!!!

I sure came a long way from writing letters to the Editor. I would be proud to have a letter printed in the papers. I just love to share my views with the readers on certain issues.

I started this a long time ago with the paper L’Evangeline.


During the Frigate program? I was really out of control with my letters. I wrote 500 letters printed in the Irving’s newspapers.


Someone told me that I should have a computer? I bought one and I quickly learned that it’s much easier to write hitting a keyboard than with a pen and paper.


After the frigate program, I would collect emails and added them to my list! I would write a letter and send them to everyone on my list!

It was funny! I used to call Rick Mantle on the talk of the town show and always gave away my email. Rick would tell me - Charles you must be lonely?


I just wanted to receive some comments on different issues!

Before the blog started, I wrote a letter about a poor family and needed money.

The next week, I received an envelope in my mail and it was from Ontario!

Inside was 10- 20 dollar bills with a note - Give this to that poor family!

The funny thing was that the person wasn’t on my email list!

I finally track down the generous individual and said- You trust me with
$200.00???? You don’t even know me???

He wrote back and said that he investigated me before sending the money! Now? This was all before this here Blog!

Bloggling is much better because it reached more people around the world!

It’s funny how the email system works. If I just meet a girl and asked her for her phone number?

She would quickly answer- Excuse me? But with an email? It’s no problem! I wonder why?

Then the Irvings moved in and quickly ordered the papers not to print my letters to the editor.

During my protest, I would collect names and of course I had many long time readers on my list!

Since the Irving’s media went by the orders of the Irvings to not cover my protest?

It was very difficult to spread the word of what was going on the front lawn of the Legislature.

After the protest ended? I wrote my book about the protest and 4 months later, I asked the Government for work and I was told that they were going by the
decision of those racist members of the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission that I wasn’t able to work!

Mind you, there’s many people on my list who never asked me to be on. Many were upset they received my views in their computers.

Over six months ago, someone approached me and asked me if I WOULD LIKE TO BE A BLOGGER?

At first, I wasn’t interested. The guy was WCIE!

Well? We started the blog and it so funny how far we came with this blog.

At first, we put all my long winded column in the blog.

Than people were complaining that it was too long.

We cut them down to a read more system. We add some pictures. Than we walked around with a camera in tow taking pictures.

Than more people noticed the blog from the information Highway!

Take a look at this stats from this blogsite!

VISITS Total 19,818

Average Per Day 149
Average Visit Length 4:46
Last Hour 11 Today 139
This Week


Total l66,678
Average Per Day 485
Average Per Visit3.3
Last Hour 29 pages
Today 628 pages
This Week 3,394 pages

That's a lot of pages been read by the public.

Yes, I sure came a long way from sending my updates to everyone on my list!

Today my blog site will hit 20,000 visitors and I believe this is a good thing.

I wish that I had some money to buy a bottle of champagne? o well..c'est la vie!!!

There’s many high profile people reading this blog and that’s good!

Hey? I'm the only guy hanging around the Legislature who's not getting paid!


This blog got better when this young guy from Ontario emailing me a letter that he wanted to joing the team of blogglers.

I named him artist WCIE!!!


I must admit that he does really good work!!!

Lets not forget WCIE Junior who will step forward if we need him.

Ohhh Lets not forget Tim Smith who’s always pushing the issue of VLT’s via this blog site! He also comes up with some good ideas for the blog!!!!


So thanks for reading this long winded blog and I’m very surprised that my blog has come so far in so little time!

Good word WCIE!!!! If it wasn’t for you? This would have never happen!

Thank God for the information Highway!

This is truly the larger blog in the whole province and I wonder what more changes will happen when we hit 30,000 visitors? I might add that this is the summer months and the hits are low.

Hey? Maybe someone from the media in this building will do a little story on our blog? Nahhhh...just like the protest? They just wish to ignore this guy!!


With God willing? This blog could be around for a long time! But it doesn't pay much but it's worth the effort to debate issues.

Please excuse the style and grammar of this update because I just write the darn thing and send it along the information Highway! Bye bye