Saturday, September 10, 2005


During the next few hours, someone will be my 30,000th visitors to my blog site or should I say our blog site or maybe the people’s blog site!!!!


I might add that last night we went over the 100,000 pages viewed. Click the counter and go have a look inside at the stats.

I wish that I had the money to grant that person a prize?….

When WCIE approach me in late December to be a bloggler?

I expected we would hit 10,000 visitors by September.

This blog has come a long way from being Charles’s blog to the people’s way to communicate with the officials of the Government.

Of course many just hate my views on different issues and they leave personal attack in their comments. They would love to throw my computer in the garbage!


This doesn’t bother me because it’s a hobby of mine and I enjoy it.

I spent many hours working on the blog and I truly enjoy it. It’s at this moment that my five ADHD minds are not racing all over the place. I feel at ease when I hit the keyboard.

Charles 04_07_05 036

Of course this blog would never have been a success if it wasn’t for artist WCIE coming out with his talented work.


He does fine work and I thanked him for it!

Of course Tim Smith is always in the corner waiting to write his views on the issue of VLT’S.


Lets not forget WCIE jr who will come out with his own web site next week. Stay tune.

Also to the people who lent me their cameras so I could go around taking pictures of different sites.

We sure came a long way from being a little blog in New Brunswick. This is truly the largest blog in the whole province and it’s a great way to share views.

Of course we had our ups and down.

Many felt that I should try to stop certain people from writing their views on certain issues.

You know, having a user name like other forums but we never came to that point yet.

Of course we had people coming in here from Block Referer trying to block our site!

What are they worried about anyway?

Many people are telling me stories on the streets and say- Blog away!!!!!

It’s a darn shame that we don’t get paid for what we’re doing but that’s ok because it’s in our blood and we enjoy it!

What’s going to happen during the next few months? Who knows?

But we have survive the hot summer months. Not too many citizens go on the computer during this time of year.


We have hit an average of 200 visitors a day but it went back down to 150 because I let my blog go for a few days. But it’s picking up steam again and it’s going to get better during the cold winter months.

Hey? We sure cannot go by the Irving papers? That’s a certain fact!

Charles 04_07_05 037

There’s always issues to write about and hopefully we will continue this fine line of communication.

All walks of life comes in here from a the poor to the Billionaires so therefore everyone is invited but it’s not everyone who will agree with other people’s views.

Charles 04_07_05 097

Anyone around the world can google- Bernard Lord to the Irvings and our blog site shows up!

Lets continue to write or comment on different views but lets try to continue making it fun but straight forward.

To all the people who helped me making this blog a success?

I say thank You very much! With God blessing we will continue the battle.


Lets blog away!


I was told that this story was in the Daily Gleaner-


Daily Gleaner | Greater Fredericton
As published on page A5 on September 10, 2005
Charles 04_07_05 095
Shelter director suspects woman is faking pregnancy

Joanne Edgar, 31, says she is nine-months pregnant and living between concrete and brick walls outside the city’s Emergency Shelter for men on the Woodstock Road. Edgar said she’s stayed at the women’s shelter but was evicted for fighting.
Charles 04_07_05 094
The Daily Gleaner

She says her due date has just past and she doesn't know what's going to happen when she goes into labour.

For many women about to give birth, the telephone is close by and so are caring family members and friends.
Charles 04_07_05 093
Not so for 31-year-old Joanne Edgar, who lives in an area between two walls on the outside of the men's shelter on Woodstock Road.

She said she was due to deliver her eighth child Aug. 28.

The executive director of both the men's shelter and Grace House for women said she has her doubts about the pregnancy.

"I won't believe it until I see a doctor's certificate," said Pat Carlson.

The Department of Family and Community Services said it is monitoring the woman's condition and will step in if the baby's health is at risk during birth.

Edgar was born in Fredericton and grew up in Minto.

For the last 10 years she's been in and out of shelters between here and Toronto. She said she's not allowed inside the women's shelter here because of her tendency toward confrontation.

"I was kicked out of the shelter because of fighting," Edgar said. "I can't remember what we were fighting about but I know I didn't start it."

Edgar said she's been sleeping outside off and on for months if not years.

"I've slept under the bridge ramps and in other places around the city," she said. "It's hard but I have to do whatever I have to do."

Edgar said she doesn't receive any social assistance benefits and doesn't get any money, help or support from anyone.

"You need an address in order to get benefits," she said. "I don't have an address."
Charles 04_07_05 092
She said she doesn't know what she's going to do when she goes into labour.

"Someone walking by will help me," she said.

Edgar said she's had seven children and all of them have been taken by the Department of Family and Community Services.

"I'd like to keep this one," she said. "I'd like to have a place of my own and a chance to raise my child."

Edgar said she's not getting any help from her unborn child's father.
"He doesn't accept the fact he's the father," she said. "Even if he did admit it, he's not in any position to help out."

Edgar runs across the street to borrow a telephone or use a washroom. She eats at the Community Kitchen, just metres away from where she is living.

She said she's doing the best she can to tend to her hygiene needs. The stench from mounds of soiled clothing and bedding stacked around her on a small concrete pad between the two walls tell a different story.

"We have one guiding principle at our shelters," Carlson said. "We accept anyone as long as we can manage their behaviour."
Carlson said she has grave doubts about the woman's pregnancy.

"Edgar is known for feigning pregnancy because she's consumed with the notion of pregnancy."

Carlson said Edgar has had many opportunities to take shelter.

"She's had several opportunities for alternative living arrangements and we tried to offer her a place at Grace House but that only lasted one day," she said.

Carlson said Edgar is confrontational with staff and has difficulty with authority figures.

Edgar's situation is not unique, Carlson said.

"There are a number of people who prefer to be alone and on their own," she said. "There are a few people who just can't live under a roof, and that's a reality we have to accept."

The Department of Family and Community Services wants to help people like Edgar but cannot force people to accept assistance.

"We can't force people to be helped," said Robert Duguay, a spokesman for the department. "Assistance is on a voluntary basis."

"People are free to live where they want provided they are able to make that decision for themselves," Duguay said.

If someone isn't capable of making decisions, Duguay said, the department can step in. The rule, however, doesn't apply to children.
"Protecting children is our mandate," Duguay said. "We will intervene anytime a child is at risk."

Now I wrote about this in April. Go read my blog in this issue! It's all at



After yesterday's announcement that the poor will not receive any help from the Government. Electricity rate goes way up but nothing for the poor who lives in Apartments. Could this be the true Bernard Lord?



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A individual showed me this paper yesterday. On the front page it showed a story that the Irvings have bought the Tribune. It went on to say - this is the last flyer we are going to buy in New Brunswick. < Is there any newspapers left? >The also bought the French paper in that area. The Irvings are calling these newspapers flyers? What an insult to the people in that area. This paper was owned by the Raymond family since the 40s but no more. Yes, this is indeed a sad day in this province.