Wednesday, June 01, 2005


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I arrive at the Soup Kitchen last evening and George Piers told me that a lady drop some spoons and forks for the needy.
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They were happy but if you have some at home or workplace? Drop them over because they really need these items.

Ok….Yesterday, I received a picture in my yahoo account. It’s a picture that I will treasure for the rest of my life.

I had the nice souvenir in a large envelope.

While in the Legislature, I decided to go down to the Cafeteria.

I noticed Bernard Lord sitting down at a table with a group of bureaucrats.
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You should have seen the looks on their face when they saw me standing beside the Premier.

Many of them have been reading my blogs so therefore they know I haven’t written to many good comments about our Premier.

Especially of the issues of Ritalin and VLT’S!

I’m certain that a few of them wanted to call security because they don’t know what Charles is going to do next???
I open my envelope and showed this picture to the Premier -

Anyway, Bernard goes to the same church and he knows the Priest first hand.

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I told Bernard - What a big different since the first time he came into my life in the 60s!

You can read the letter I wrote to the Daily Gleaner at target="_blank">Charles

Of course, he had black hair back then but he still carries his guitar with him.

One bureaucrat quickly jumped up from his seat just to be nosy to see what I was showing the Premier?

Afterwards, I told Bernard Lord en Francais - By the way Bernard? I haven’t seen you in Church lately???

The premier quickly shot back- I don’t have to go to Church Charles because I have no sins to confess too!!!

My eyes quickly widen and I made a quick getaway from the Cafeteria!

I was scared that Lightning would have hit the Dome of the Legislature.
Charles 04_07_05 122
It was a blue sky but after a statement like that? It sure was a very scary situation!

Let me make myself very clear on one issue!!!

The Premier said this as a joke and Bernard Lord do respect the Church. He has the greatest respect for the Church! I believe this was a funny story!

Speaking of soul? Don’t forget these items! You have one, two or 10 spoons? Call the Soup Kitchen and they will picked them up!

The Irvings didn’t get their way today to clear-cut our forest and it wouldn’t surprise me that the editorials in the Irvings papers are going to blast
the Lord Government.

Lets see what’s going to happen!

Anything else happen?

Ohhhh??? The garbage is still located in different area in the City of Saint John and you can just imagine the memories this will leave in the tourists minds once they witness this ugly site???


Maybe the Mayor has the same attitude as the Premier?
Once people start speaking out on issues? They will ignore them at any cost!

I guess the garbage is going to be around all summer long!

It’s not going to be call the Port City but the Rat City!!!!
Please excuse the style and grammar of this update because I just write the darn thing and send it along the information Highway!

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