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Good question? Once they reach the adult stage and the Parents sadly can't handle their child any longer.

Where would these kids end up? We used to put them in the old Doctor Robert Hospital in Saint John but those days are long gone.

Harold Doherty < A Father > will give his views on this emotional issue this Saturday. Everyone is welcome.


Here's the story -

Adult Autism Care in New Brunswick

Saturday October 13 at 1 pm at the Crowne Plaza Fredericton

Saturday October 13 at 1 pm at the Crowne Plaza in Fredericton the Autism Society New Brunswick will be discussing autistic youth and adult residential care and treatment. There is no admission fee and the meeting is open to any members of the public interested in autism and improving the quality of life of autistic persons in New Brunswick.

The featured speaker will be Autism Society New Brunswick board member Harold Doherty. Guests will include representatives of the provincial Departments of Health and Family Services and Fredericton MP Andy Scott.

For More Information call Harold Doherty at 472-2778 (H) or 454-8400(O) or contact by email at


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The darn Mayor beat me to it!!!! was going to blog- Does Woodside have what it takes to confront the Irvings?

I heard he was on the radio all day long talking about the old building.

I strongly believe the Mayor can do something about Fredericton's biggest eyesore!!!

The cold winter months is just around the corner!!!!

This was a comment that was left 30 minutes ago!!!

Wow! Charles, I have to tell you that I'm impressed. You weren't kidding when you told me that Mayor Brad reads this blog of yours.

Or, it's possible that he's keeping his eye on my petition at and sees that it's just passed 300 signatures since the Gleaner article a couple of days ago.
Mayor Brad must be slowly realizing that people really do care about Heritage properties and want someone to force Irving to fix the station.

Suddenly Brad appeared from nowhere and was all over the radio today talking about how appalled the City is at Irving and what they have allowed the station to deteriorate to.

I'm really glad he is pressing Irving to do something!
I'm wondering though, how is he doing this?
Is it by sending letters to Irving? Or leaving telephone messages? Maybe Mr. Woodside pops into Mr. Irving's office for coffee and a firm talking to?

Whatever Mr. Woodside is doing I sure hope it's more effective than what the City has done for the past 10 years!

One thing about my petition that folks may not realize is that it is being signed by people from all over the world!
That's a pretty large audience watching what's going to happen. I sure wouldn't want City Council or Irving to mess up on the international stage! How embarassing could that be?
The internet is a wonderful thing.

I hope Mr. Woodside doesn't think that today's radio news flurry will prevent him from getting his own personal copy of my petition. I'll be popping in to see him just like the other folks on my list.
Whoa, just hit 302 signatures as I was writing this!

Tim Scammell, PTech
Acting President
Fredericton Friends of the Railway Inc.

Support our troops!!!!



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I called the Mother to make certain this wasn't a scam. I guess people don't have money like they used to....


Got any extra cash? Give the mother a phone call!!!

Ok...this was my good duty for today!!!!



l would like to know if you could help me find a sponsor for my hockey team.

I am having a VERY DIFFICULT time in locating a Sponsor.

If you don’t have family that can’t help us we don’t have know one!

l have been at this for 3 solid weeks and everyone l talked to don’t have any money to help us or they have pick someone else to sponsor.

We need $2995.00 to go to all five tournaments.

I’m trying to find people to help because l would like to see these kids go and have fun.

The families are staying because they don’t have the money to give.

Could you help me find someone to help us?

We need the money by Dec 2007

Could lawyer Blogger Harold Doherty become an Irving blogger???


Check out his site. Do the Irvings have bloggers who write about mental disorders issues????


Fredericton Train Station - Change Fredericton into a Western Town for the tourists!!!

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Many who reads blogs on a regular basis are familiar of the Irvings being in the Blogmosphere.

Now? There’s nothing wrong with this action at all!

The days of blogs being ignored are gone forever!!!

I will take credit for bringing the word - Blog to the forefront in New Brunswick.

Of course, I would have to be arrested and assaulted first.

We had a trial and the verdict was a huge victory for bloggers in New Brunswick.

Of course any New Brunswickers can become a Blogger.

Many have strong views on different issues.

If you believe that a blogger can truly be anonymous?

You can forget that part because a person always leaves a fingerprint on the information highway.

Going back to the Irving’s bloggers?

I was told a couple of weeks ago that the Irving’s bloggers are not paid for their work but there is a prize?

The blogger who attracts the most visitors will be hired as a journalist or columnist for the Irvings papers.

Of course I hope that Spinks wins because New Brunswickers will find out his true identity!!!

I feel bad for the students who studied for years at St.Thomas University to get a diploma in Journalism.

They paid a lot of money for that piece of paper but it would have been much cheaper if they would have became a blogger!!!

Now? Many of you readers don’t understand what it takes to run a blog?

Lets use Spinks or NB Politico as an example.

These people have to write opinions to update their blogs. I believe these bloggers have families and working so therefore often they don’t have the time to write a blog.

This is where my blog is different.

On many occasions, I just don’t feel like writing. So? I use pictures with a headline.

Often, I would quickly find out a blog without my views attracts more comments.

Myself, I could never be an Irving blogger because I used too many pictures.

If you wish to be an Irving blogger? You must write stories and that could take a lot of time especially when you’re not paid a single dime.

As the readers of this blog knows when I approached Jamie Irving face to face a few months ago and told him I would work for him as a blogger but all that idea came to a sudden end when I told him that my first blog would be the Irving Monopoly of newspapers in this Province.

I don’t mind Jamie. He’s a nice kid. As a matter of fact? I got nothing against the Irving Family. I always have a nice chat when I come face to face with them.

But I am very concern of the Irving tactic of destroying the competition in New Brunswick.

The issue at Woodstock is a big one and Robert Jones will continue to investigate this awful situation.

Now? Going back to the blog. I caught a few months ago Robert MacKinnon < Irving employee who runs the Irving’s blogs > leaving nasty comments in this blog as anonymous.

A jerk name Scott Agnew < Irving employee > emailed me a very nasty email also.

The Irvings have to control the bloggers in this Province so therefore they decided to take my blog to blogger for copyright infringement.

This was terrible because they went over my head.

I was very upset because the Irvings wanted a story I used of someone who died two years ago removed from the Information Highway.

I didn’t back down and blogger remove the little blog. I just couldn’t allow myself to remove a story of someone who died.

Spinks and NB Politico are now officially Irving bloggers and this is a good thing.

Because these bloggers are linked to my sitee and any visitors from the Irving’s blog site will also come to mine.

Pretty good free advertising for this blogger! Eh???

Now? I can see in the near future once these bloggers get on a roll and become a daily read for New Brunswickers.

The Irvings will give the orders not to link my blog to theirs.

I truly can see that one coming so Stay tuned!!!

Myself, Blogging is a hobby that I truly enjoy!

I have a piece of mind when I sit on my chair and blog stories away.

Of course being an outspoken known blogger attracts many enemies!!!


I was assaulted twice. Once by the Saint John Police Force which I could have been in jail for months but thanks to Iron Horse Harold Doherty this didn’t happen.


Harold is a known Blogger also and maybe with luck? He'll also become an Irving blogger?

You can read his site at

On another occasion on the streets but this comes with the trade of blogging.


I expected another assault down the road but being half Scottish with ADHD? I love a good old fashion fist fight but the next time will be different because if I beat the guy? Fine!

If he beats me? Fine!

But I will definitely lay charges of assault.

Someone is giving orders and I got to find out who?

Same goes for the reason I was banned from the Legislature. I approached the Liberals during the last few weeks that I will be going public with the reason I was ban! The people must know!!!


I told many people the reason and they just can’t believe it!!!

Ok...never mid that!!!!!

With the cold weather coming the hits are going up.

Myself, I don’t care if I have 700 or 100 hits per day! People are reading because I hear comments from strangers every day.

They come in this blog once per day or once per week.

Some come in here to look at my pictures? Some reads the comments or the very few enjoy my views?

Everyone has a reason to come here.

If I only blogged on the issue of Ritalin or the Poor? They would be nobody in here but having ADHD?

I have five different brains so therefore nobody knows what issue I’m going to blog about?


Many people approached me with stories and disappear in the evening darkness. They tell me the issue and trust me that I won’t disclose their name?

When someone comes to me with a OFF THE RECORD STORY? It stays Off the record. Many bloggers were jailed in the States for not disclosing their sources. I guess my time will soon come!!!!

I wish Spinks and NB Politico the very best of luck and I’m certain they will attract many new visitors to my blog site or will they?

I just wish the Irvings would leave me alone. I don't read their papers and they shouldn't read my blog.

Sounds fair???

Truly...Truly....Truly stay tuned on this issue!!!!


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I'm very surprise the media haven't caught on with this confusing issue!!!!

Two Miss New Brunswick shows up at the same event!!!

It's pretty confusing!!!!!

Anyone out there cares????



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What's your problem???

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Barbers are not stupid people!!!!

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The barber see the Blogger heading toward the shop


Boy? Those barbers sure moves fast!!!!