Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Fascist Sergeant-at-Arms Dan Bussieres of the New Brunswick Legislature fascist agenda against New Brunswickers to continue!!!


To associate me with the murder of Andrée O'Brien.

The mother of the murderer Caroline Vaillancourt < Works for the Liberals > made a complaint that she stressed because of my blog!!!

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Blogger is associated with the brutal murder of a young girl

Secret trials must come to an end in New Brunswick!!!!

I'm really going to push this issue during the Provincial Election and afterwards!!

The Liberals are pushing for a Fascist agenda against New Brunswickers.

Did you know they tried to have me killed in 2007???

It was all a huge set up!!!

I was invited to a Christmas Party < I was a member of the Liberal Party > then suddenly I was surrounded by three thugs!!

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Liberals of the Riding of Fredericton-Silverwood order thugs to harm Blogger
Stay tuned!!!!


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