Wednesday, December 15, 2004


Meals served at the Fredericton Soup KitchenYesterday-
Noon- 145 mealsSupper 88 mealsHave a good guilty conscience day!!!
Ok..yesterday someone gave me a bag with a packageinside. It was a large envelope and it was all taped! I closely place my ear on the bag so if I hear-tick..tick… was no bomb!… I opened it and it wasan hand made pillow sheet! The girl sewed my name on one side and one theother side it was sewed- An Activist with a heart! This bought tears to my eyes and it was sure niceof her. I must tell you newcomers about this girl. When I first landed in Fredericton, I didn’t knowanyone. I just stayed beside my tent and suddenly thiswoman came over to chat with me. We chatted and she came back the next day askingme if I remembered her? I knotted- yes! She told me that she was going to Montreal for onemonth and a half! I told her- Bon Voyage! She gave me her keys of her place and said- Here’sthe keys! You can have a shave and showeranytime you wish! I was very surprised and said- YOU TRUST ME????YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW ME??? She quickly replied- Anyone who fights for thekids can’t be all that bad and walked away with thekeys in my hand! To this day- I always give the girl a nice hugwhen I see her. Ok…last night, I made a stopover over the RogersBuilding but only the producer was there. He told me that the Melanson show was cancel forthe night! I told the producer that the ratings of theshow must go up and we have a duty to attract as manyviewers as we can! I’ll go on as the host!!! Shut the door and lockedthe building! Put me on for a whole hour!!! Can you imagine that one??? Charles LeBlanc onLive T.V. for a whole hour talking about the EvilIrving Empire and those racist members of the NewBrunswick Human Rights Commission. I would be saying- WAKE UP PEOPLE OF NEWBRUNSWICK!!!..LOL…all in fun!! Speaking of those racist members. Someone whosuffers from Aids won a case with the Human RightsCommission. But this is where it gets really interesting? After the person put in a complaint? Did thosepeople talk to the guy after they heard the accusepoint of view??? Many questions to be asks? In my case? No onechatted with me and this is the reason the Ombudsmanmust investigate those racist members of the NewBrunswick Human Rights Commission!!! Ok..never mind that!!!! I just heard a sad story! A young mother of two young kids age 4 and 6 wastold that she was evicted from their apartmentimmediately! Guess what the reason is? The kids were making too much noise! Kids are kids but what I was really concern wasabout the fact that a social worker from FamilyServices suggested to the mother that the kids mightneed some Ritalin???? Here we go again with the Ritalin stories! Evicted because kids are kids? On Christmas day???Boy? And the only help she gets from Family Servicesis that the kids should be on Ritalin???? Come on???? Give me a break!!! Only in New Brunswick! I sure wish the media would cover this sad talebecause it’s really a pretty sad story! I tell you one thing right now!!! If this trendcontinues? Someone is going to be push over the edgeand do some great harm! You can only push a human being for so far andlong! After a while the individual cracks up!!! I got many more stories to write about but I wantto leave some space for some comments! Don’t be afraid to send me yours and I’ll removeyour name. Excuse the grammar and style of this updatebecause I just write the darn thing and send it alongthe information Highway!!! Bye bye..ohhh??? I forgotto add this little story in my updates. Read this one-
FAPO warns gov't to keep its hands off Human RightsAct "Social Condition" amendment(December 13, 2004) - The Fredericton Anti-PovertyOrganization is warning the Lord government to keepsits hands off an amendment to the NB Human Rights Actthat will allow welfare recipients to live togetherafter January 1st. Dan Weston of the Fredericton Anti-PovertyOrganization says the Lord government will have afight on its hands if it tries to weaken the HumanRights Act by exempting the controversial EconomicUnit Policy. He calls the Economic Unit Policy "thesingle biggest creator of homelessness in NewBrunswick." FAPO and other groups working with the poor in NewBrunswick expect Elizabeth Weir’s June amendment tothe Human Rights Act to be the death knoll for thediscriminatory Economic Unit Policy. Currently twowelfare recipients, each earning $264 per month,cannot live together to share expenses. Weston sayswelfare recipients who receive $264, or even $485 amonth for long term disability, cannot find adequatehousing and are constantly on the verge ofhomelessness. "I challenge Bernard Lord to find a place to live inthis province for $264 that also allows a person toeat, be warm and have a semblance of human dignity." He adds that a second policy, Rent Geared to Income,will also be on the chopping block after January 1."If a person’s rent is $10 more than they make inwelfare, they are deemed to be living beyond theirmeans and their welfare is cut off," Weston says. "Thehigh rental markets are determining whether people getassistance or not and is throwing people onto thestreets." Weston doesn’t trust the Lord government’s plan toamend so-called loopholes in the Act. TheConservatives say they need to prevent nuisancecomplaints such as rich people claiming discriminationbased on their income. "We suspect that the governmenthas more sinister plans than preventing rich peoplefrom claiming discrimination." "It’s precisely because of the oppressive actions ofgovernment that Human Rights Acts were created," saysWeston, "If the Lord government thinks they can exempttheir own discriminatory policies from the HumanRights Act, then they obviously don’t understand theAct." For further information contact: Dan Weston, Coordinator FAPO242 Gibson Street, Fredericton, NB E3A 4E3Tel: 506-458-9102Cel: 506-474-3476Email:
1-you are supposed to be careful on thestairs---that's what "old" people do!How come you got all the snow?where are you going for Christmas?
2-Charles- why don't you help serve meals or make thefood at the soup kitchen? Just asking- it's fun andyou get to talk with loads of people---
3- Today in ItalySpecial service by AGI on behalf of the Italian PrimeMinister's office PROLONGED RITALIN USE MAY CAUSE DEPRESSION(AGI) - San Juan – A wrong diagnosis of ADHD, theattention deficit and hyperactivity syndrome, togetherwith the prescribing of Ritalin (a mind drug known asthe "obedience pill") could bring a higher risk ofdepression in adult age. The alarm was raised in thecourse of the annual Conference f the American Collegeof Neuropsychopharmacology being held these days inSan Juan (Puerto Rico). "An accurate diagnosis of thedisease is fundamental, bearing in mind that theeffects of the drug can last until adult age",explained William Carlezon, psychiatry professor atthe Harvard Medical School. According to some studiescarried out on mice, in fact, to give Ritalin at avery young age could affect later behaviour andcerebral functions which will reappear in adult age.The mice studied after two doses of Ritalin a day fora period equivalent to eight years in humans showed areduced ability to appreciate prizes and perceivepleasure and had a greater probability of showingdesperation in stressful situations. According toresearchers, this data shows that the obedience pillmay have prolonged effects. Furthermore, theyhighlight a worrying situation: About 90 percent ofchildren diagnosed with ADHD are cured with Ritalin,notwithstanding the fact that diagnoses are not soaccurate.

4-I should very happy! So how are you doing..? Doyou have nieces and nephews to buy for?? Wouldn't itbe nice if the Irvings could put out an Christmaslunch and dinner for thehomeless??????????????????????
5-Thanks, and I too wish to congratulate you forstanding up for what you believe in. It matters notwhether people agree with you or not, the factthat you have the intestinal fortitude to do/saysomething about it is all that matters. We have toomany voters in this Province who can't see the forest for the trees, simply because they feelobligated to vote as their fathers did beforethem.That voting attitude will not rid the Province of greedy,lying politicians of any political stripe !!Sincerely, Gray Rapids NB.
6-Good morning;
If you do not mind perhaps you can send me the letterthat you mention on the BernardLord website.
7-God First and Irving's last!!!!!!!!!!! You need
8-What is the subject of the story you mentioned inrecallbernardlord ?
9-10,000 ---pretty impressive!! But, do these ear ,head and heart-aches respond and change thelaws??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
10-Hi Charles,
Please remove from your mailinglist as I no longerhave time to read your emails.
Thanks for all you do to reach out to others.
Sincerely,Michele DowUnited Mothers
11-Did someone try to kill you or did you have anotherbicycle accident?
12-How times flies when your having
13-You have been through alot since last year that isforsure...............continue for the sake of the kids!
14-Ok. I was bored so I visited following site. Lot of fun stuff especially under the heading"I'm a Loser, Baby...". It is worth visiting. We alldeserve a laugh once in a while.
15-They say if you can't beat them to jointhem.!!!.You have proven them that you can beatthem..and aggravate and irritate the hell out ofthem!!!! But, can you >>>change them???????????????
16-I think that you have finally gotten the edge ofwhat it takes to aggravate these
17-The New Brunswick Human Rights are exactly like theGovernment inpower....NO GOOD!
18-I wonder why the meals drop from noon to supper ??
19-You are certainly right on the money with yourheadline. They are nothingto brag about that is for sure. There must be a forumsomewhere's for thisHuman Rights Day and you should post what the NewBrunswick Human Rightsare all about!
Hi! My name is Charles leBlanc - I am a advocateforADHD/ADD children in the province of NB. I havepersonally been diagnosed ADHD, but misdiagnosed asdisabled! In my opinion, there’s a major problem with the overprescription of Ritalin to children in the province ofNew Brunswick! I camped out on the NB legislator for 6 months tobring awareness to this dilemma. My other concerns are poverty, Acadian rights,homelessness, drug addiction, common man vs.bureaucrats and the lack of a free market and freedomof speech in New Brunswick. During the last 15 years Igot 500 letters printed in the Irving paper but allthis came to a sudden stop a few years ago when theIrvings put a stop to my letters to the Editor. I was also done great harm by the New BrunswickHuman Rights Commission and as many past victims whowas denounced by this Commission? I refuse to go away!
For more info on my story
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