Thursday, November 03, 2005


I don’t feel like writing but I must gave the readers about my little experience from last week.


I met four individuals in front of Tim’s Horton. Present were these three males and one female.

They wanted to know where the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission building was located?

They wanted to fill out a complaint against the landlord of 114 Brunswick Street.


This guy was told that he wasn’t allowed to use the washroom and ordered to used the washroom at the Irving gas station or sh#t in a garbage bag.


The other guys also had issues with the landlord.


Once we arrive at the building.

< I would have love to be a fly on the wall once the workers of the Human Rights saw me coming leading these four people. They must have believed it was a revolution???… >


I knocked and knocked. Still no answer.

A couple walked out leaving the door open and the second we walked in?

The woman said - Yes Charles???

I couldn’t see the individual but I told the worker that these citizens wish to fill in a complaint?

She told them that everyone was busy and they should make an appointment.

I intervened and told the worker that she should take everyone name and phone number so a worker could called them?

She looked at me and proceeded to take their names.

Once outside, they were discouraged they were no one was in the building to chat with them.

At the very last second, I taught of Bernard Richard.

I told the group to wait one minute and I’ll be right back!

The Ombudsman building is located right beside the Human Rights Office.


I must admit that Bernard has a lot of patience with me.

If I have a very point of concern?

He’s the man to chat with.

Charles 04_07_05 009

Since I gave the ombudsman a heads up on the issue of boarders and roomers rights in the spring?


He may wish to chat with this group.

Once inside, I noticed he was chatting with a worker and you could tell by his eyes, he was telling to himself - Now what????…

I told the Ombudsman there was a group of people outside of the building and the issue was roomers rights.

I asked if he would be interested in listening to their concerns?

He quickly told me to invite the group inside.

He has a young woman worker who’s looking in this very issue. Bernard has a good group of people working for him and here's one of them.

Charles 04_07_05 007

He directed them into a large conference room and introduced the worker to the group.

The meeting lasted for one hour and the woman heard their sad stories.

Before the meeting was over, we went outside to have a smoke.

The guys didn’t looked to comfortable because never in their lives have they had people from the Government listening to their concerns.

They were confused but they felt good about the situation.

Finally someone will listen to their concerns!!!!

After the meeting was done, they left in a happy mood.

On individual walked in the Human Rights Building asking if there was now a worker present but there was none!!!!

A case worker is suppose to meet with them in the morning and I’ll be there for support.

These people don’t know or understand the procedures in the system.

I didn’t know the system either until they sent me a letter telling me that my racial and discriminatory complaint was without merit!


Ok…Charlie calm down!!! Don’t start going on a rampage against the Commission again. Stay calm…stay the course…

I have two good cases with them and it’s killing me not to write about it!!!!

Stay tune for what is going to happen in the morning?

Wish them luck!

Oppppsss almost forgot? Hats off to Bernard Richard who took the time to listen to these poor people concerns!

This is one appointment that Bernard Lord should be congratulated for a job very well done!!!!

Charles 04_07_05 071


Phil Vincent 222x170_3

The Irvings have sent their star reporter to defend Hooten on Rogers television and only a select few will be allowed to call in to voice their views! Old Germany all over again? You tell me????



Dear Mr. LeBlanc

This is the student that released the story to Rick Mantle today.

I called Rick to help inform the citizens in the Saint John harbour election to know what Ms. Hooton said to my class at UNBSJ.

Also I had my Professor confirm my story today on talk of the town for those who listened.

So to begin our class studies politics, so our PROF thought it would be a good idea to bring all three candidates in (Robiouchard, Doherty, Hooton).The candidates were to come in and tell us about their party not about there ideologies.

Hooton did the opposite. She said she did not prepare to talk to us so she would shoot from the "cuff".

After she was done her spiel she was ready for questions, the first question came from a fellow student of mine who asked about small business taxes.

She answered him rudely and told him "that she had been a business woman since she was 19 years old and that he didn’t know what he was talking about".

After that I asked the question why she thought it would be fair for her to keep her position as deputy mayor and accept the salary that all citizens of the city pay her while she is only serving a select group of people and that was the Saint John harbour riding.

She said I was "wrong"!!!

I said excuse me how could I be wrong, I asked where you were last night (referring to her being at the debate) and that there was a mayor's meeting two weekends ago in PEI and the mayor was not in Canada so it is her job to be acting mayor, this meeting just happened to be the same day as her PC nomination.

She told me that this was not the case that it’s not her job to be there or to tell who or who not to go and basically yelling her response at me.

She then saw me roll my eyes and pointed her finger at me and told me not to roll my eyes at her.

My professor stopped that question and proceeded on.

An older student brought up the LNG question so that it could be clarified.

She said that on the long weekend she was out of town but on Sunday she had a private meeting with the mayor and the mayor asked her not to tell anyone else of this new situation.

That Monday the council had a 6 minute meeting to inform them of this and they had till 12 midnight to approve of this.

At first she said she was against two things

(1) the deal

(2) the process, and that night at council the motion was accepted.

She said she began thinking that how could only one person (that being Hooton) stand up against the Irving’s ( But it was not just her against the Irving’s as she made it seem )

After that she said that she could not support a councilor who thought he was bullet proof and continue this grandstanding that he was performing.

So she would let it slide.

She wasn’t willing to get up on her chair and start waving her arms and screaming.

So when this councilor put this motion through that at this point she was only against the(1) process and that a certain "spin doctor" might have you to believe other wise.

This was when Professor A (use A not to reveal his identity because I did not ask for permission to use his name) PROF A was not the actual PROF of the class he was invited by the actual PROF.

He spoke up and said how can you say you’re not contradicting yourself when you just flip flopped between point (1) and (2).

Ms. Hooton began to answer him but the actual professor of the class asked him to leave and there were some words between the two(Hooton and PROF A) until PROF A left the room.

The student with the sign at this time stood up and said that he was leaving the room because he felt it was not right for the Professor not to be able to voice his opinion.

Class quickly ended after this and the student came back into the room.

He was sitting there when Ms. Hooton came over to where he was sitting and demanded that he give her the sign, that read " I’m not rooton for Hooton " this was a sign on paper not one over her campaign signs.

She was with three men two of which where bigger men and a smaller fellow.

The student gave her the sign and she folded it up put it in her jacket and left and left.

If you need any more conformation of this I think there are 100 students in my class to verify this.

It should be time that the residents of Saint John harbour give hoot the boot.

Aslo Proof A may have this on a tape recoder as he did tape the other two candidates.

I'll get back to you if he has this.

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