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Meals served at the Fredericton Soup Kitchen!
Noon- 137 meals
Supper 99 meals
Noon- 80 meals
Supper 113 meals
Enjoy your nice meal at home during the
Did you noticed this is the first time that
there’s more meals served at Supper time than the Noon
period? I wonder what happen there?
Ok…Many of you have read my updates but you have
never heard my voice. The majority of you would
believe that I was MAD when I told you that a student
from Japan was doing an interview on me.
Well? It came out yesterday and you can view the
video at
You must click on the picture and wait for a few
seconds or minute to download the video.
Let me know what you think about it! I heard that
a few students didn’t agree with the interview! Hey?
They must kiss to the Irvings if they want to work in
this Province as a Journalist!
I’m even talking of these evil bureaucrats in
Ok….Last evening, I almost took an heart Attack!
ATV News <>made an interview with a
student Journalist and she was dead set against the
Irvings giving the school one million dollar.
Let me see if I can locate the story on the net?
Here it is-
What I find ironic is that the student story of
the Irvings donation is right on top of mine.
You can read it at-
Ok…..Never mind that issue!
I’m receiving a lot of emails from the readers of
this very sad story-
Health Canada withdraws ADHD drug
Last Updated Thu, 10 Feb 2005 23:45:40 EST
CBC News
OTTAWA - A drug to treat attention deficit disorder is
being pulled off the market by Canadian regulators,
who are reviewing the safety of similar drugs such as
The drug, called Adderall XR, has been linked to 20
sudden deaths, including 14 among children, as well as
a dozen strokes, Health Canada said. Children suffered
two of the strokes.
None of the deaths happened in Canada, and none were
the result of abuse, misuse or overdose of the
The once-a-day Adderall XR or extended release formula
was approved for use in Canada in January 2004. The
capsules can be opened to sprinkle the drug on food.
Patients who were prescribed the drug or their parents
should consult their doctor immediately and return any
capsules to a pharmacy, Health Canada advises on its
Health Canada is asking makers of related stimulants
for ADHD, including Ritalin, to provide an update of
worldwide safety data for the department to review.
The department expects to complete the review of ADHD
drugs in a month or more.
Ritalin is used by tens of thousands of Canadian
children with ADHD and has been prescribed for
decades. The three other ADHD drugs under review are
Concerta, Dexadrine and Attenade.
"Obviously this is going to affect how everybody views
all stimulants until we get better data," said Dr.
Wendy Roberts, a developmental pediatrician at
Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children.
• FROM MAY 26, 2003:
Generic drugs can look like original: Philadelphia

Is everyone surprised with this story? I’m sure
isn’t! I have been told by many kids who takes Ritalin
that their tummy hurts once they’re on Ritalin!
So no surprise there!
Yesterday morning, I received this email from
I see why you are upset !! Now I understand more !
Have you heard about the Adderall that they are taking
off the shelves? Since you are in Canada ! Let me know
what you think !! My daughter takes Adderall XR !!
How would I know if someone is ADHD? I think my
daughter’s father has ADD/ADHD but he has never been
to a doctor !! I am trying to get him to go to Mental
Health but he just laughs!!
Any comment are Welcome !!
The funny or sad part is that two hours later
Health Canada removed this drug from the pharmacies!
Now? How many kids died in Canada because of this
How many turned to suicide because they got
depress after taking these prescription drugs!
How many died because they know society will treat
them as Idiots or Stupid and they should be concern
about this!
The funny thing about this story? It was on the
front page of the National Post and nothing in the
Irvings paper!
These editors must have taken the orders from the
Irving Gestapo to ignore case of ADHD!
Just like those racist members of the New
Brunswick Human Rights Commission told the Government
that kids or Adults with ADHD are close to mental
Come on Charlie! Calm down because you’re in a
good mood!
I’ll write more about this issue next weeks and
the Lord Government will go down in history that they
ignore the Prescription Drug problem in this Province!
Kids are dying and Bernard Lord don’t care! Too
bad so sad!
10,000 people signed my petition but the killing
of the children continues!
Ok…What else??? There’s a Commissionaire at the
Legislature who’s from Quebec and is giving me a
difficult time. This morning, he followed me around
and this never happen in the past!
I wonder why? Stay tuned on this issue! Maybe I’m
paranoid but there’s something funny going on here and
you read it first in my update!
Ok…I have lots of comments but this update is long
I’ll copy the comments during the weekend and send
it along to you readers on the information Highway!
Excuse the style and grammar of this update
because I just write the darn thing and send it along
on the information Highway! Bye Bye!!!