Wednesday, August 16, 2006


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Americans says hello from Michigan!!!!

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Hi! I was one of those Americans that landed in your community kitchen.

Our group is from the Durand Church of God, located about 20 minutes outside of Flint, Michigan. We were on a mission trip through Christian Outreach International.

On behalf of our group, I would like to say thanks so much to the community kitchen for the opportunity to serve. It was a very eye-opening experience for all of us and we will never forget it (or Charles for that matter! Great guy)

The community kitchen was just one of the places we served. We also ran a Vacation Bible School in addition to doing ministry at a kids camp and the Drop In Center, Meeting Place (not sure if I have name right)We do plan on taking our expereinces here in your fine city back home with us and putting them to use in our own community.

Thanks again for being great hosts.

My day in court......

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It was a busy day today. I noticed a lot of people knows about this case.

I met a lot of concern citizens asking me questions about the case.

It gives me a wake up call not to cross the line and do something stupid.

My God, the word would spread like wildfire around the Province.

I did have a little run in court with the Prosecutor < nothing serious >

It was Chris Titus so you can only imagine?

My next court date will set up a trial date.

The protesters who were wearing masks and charge at Atlantica walked away free but the blogger might still not escape the bureaucratic system.

I was told buy a few people that the bureaucrats wish to use me as an example for future bloggers.

Could the Irvings might working on this one behind close doors?

We are dealing with high powerful lobbyists here.

I cannot and will not discuss this case in details.

But I will add one issue. I received the disclosure papers from the prosecutor and you wouldn’t believe the lies by the Saint John Police Force.

It’s terrible!!!!

I might add there could be some racism in there against me for being a Acadian?

I will drop the papers to my lawyer and asked him what I can say about this issue. Stay tune!!!!


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I hope that I'm dead wrong on this one but I heard the show is bye bye.

Does anyone know more on this issue?

Downtown Saint John.

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Saint Johner at its best!!!

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Enjoying the Saint John South End...

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New Brunswickers attitude towards Bernard Lord???

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PeAcE OuT!!! ChArLiE...sEe Ya AfTeR NaP DuDe....

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Superman of Saint John. Know him??? He sure didn't wear the suit a few years ago....

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But not mine.....stay tune!!!!!!


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Yesterday was quite a day and I feel that I should write a quick blog.

I attended the Acadian Ceremony but I wasn’t wearing any Acadian clothing as of last year.

I decided not to because of a few issues that I won’t mention in my blog.

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Hours before the event began, I noticed my bigot buddy Matthew Glenn organizing a little protest.

I guess the Anglo Society has been protesting this event for the last 6 years.

They are sure a determine group.

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The Acadians came in big numbers but I believe the crowd was smaller that last year.

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I was going to climb the stairs of City Hall to take a better picture and I bumped into the Mayor.

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Last year, I won a large double double coffee from a bureaucrat because of the Mayor.

The bureaucrat told me that there’s were no way in the world that Brad Woodside would show up and he did.

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It was nice to prove the bureaucrat wrong.

I noticed a few in the audience asked the Mayor if he was going to run for the Liberals?

He’s a popular guy.

Andy Scott was there.

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Many speakers made short speeches and of course my Priest Father Brien was there.

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The Anglo Society began to shout at the Acadians via a blowhorn.

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They always follow this bigoted way but they time around it was different because the Fredericton Police Force quickly walk in and asked Matthew Glenn if he could stop using a blowhorn.

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I said to myself - we go....there’s no way in the world those bigots are going to remain silent on this issue.

I was wrong. They put the blowhorn away and let the Acadian celebrate their celebration in peace.

Many Acadians were surprised that I cross the streets and chatted with the protesters. You could say that I was the only individual who was truly bilingual. I was on both side of the street.

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They’re not a bad bunch of guys. I always called them bigots and we have some fun.

Matthew Glenn told me the cops were always good to him so he decided to remain silent with his blowhorn.

The ceremonies ended around 7:30pm and I met a couple of people from my hometown in Memramcook. < Small world >

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Father Brien was nice enough to drive me outside of the City so I can hitch a ride to Saint John.

While walking towards his vehicle, I told the Father that I had a few images in my mind that I was getting hit by a car.

For a minute, I was going to leave in the morning but I decided to get it done and over it.

Once near my dropping spot, we noticed these huge clouds racing in with huge lighting bolts.

I told the Priest that maybe God is sending me a message not to travel to Saint John. First the images of getting hit and now this?

If we would have been in the States? We would have quickly seek shelter at the Irving Big Stop.

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But this is New Brunswick right? I got nothing to worry about.

The Priest asked me if I wanted to go at the Irving Bus Stop?

At the last second, I said- No....I’ll be ok. I told Father Brien to say a prayer for moi.

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I took my sign, backpack and proceeded to hitch a ride to Saint John.

Well, two minutes later, the rain came down and thank God I had the sign with me to cover myself from the heavy downpour.

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It rain really hard, I noticed in the heavy rain, a transport truck making a stop and I quickly jump in.

I thanked the guy and even the trucker was a little scare of the quick turn of events from Mother Nature. His CB radio was going nuts from other truckers who warned everybody to slow down. It was a mess.

The guy was going to Moncton so therefore he dropped me over under a overpassed.

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The sad part was that we rode ahead of the Strom so therefore I would have to go through all the heavy rain all over again!!!

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Sure enough, the thunder Strom with the huge heavy clouds came and I began to worry because I was in nowhere land.

Once again, a guy stop and drove me right to the South End of Saint John.

My God, I got lucky. Lately, I had no problem hitching rides between Fredericton and Saint John.

It was quite a experience.

Ok..I’m writing this blog early in the morning without my coffee.

I only had 4 hours of sleep. Maybe that’s a good thing because I won’t be hyper in court this afternoon.

I strongly believe there’s a reason for everything. So excuse the style and grammar of this blog because I’m still half asleep. Wish me Bonne Chance!!!


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I met her on a few occasions and she's a nice person. Will she play a roll in this election or is it just too darn late?

Charles is in court today at 1:30pm!!!

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It could set up a precedent for other bloggers in New Brunswick?

If they would have gave me a t-shirt? I would have took

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