Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Listen Charles- Report the facts!!! You might learn something???

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This was the first time I came face to face with Brent Taylor since he wrote in the Irving paper that I was a kook!!!

Guess what? He allowed me to interview him with my recorder. It went well. It was funny.

It's not an interview but a chat about issues. It should be on line during the next few days.

We might call it Chat with Charles! Any other ideas? < Ohhh boy? I walk into that one!!! >...lol

I'M BACK!!!!!

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Got some pictures but Flickr will not allow me to post....

Stay tuned!!!


I can't blog from flickr so there will be no pictures for a few days or few weeks!!!

Ok . . . I’m going to give a quick update of why I’m organizing an Elimination of the New Brunswick Human Rights Day!

I have been in a huge battle with those people for years.

I’m not going to go into the details that these appointed individuals held a meeting behind close doors and told the Irvings that racism was ok.

GO TO THE TOP TO - Check the search this blog and write New Brunswick Human Rights Commission.

I might add that same meeting they came out with a decision that people with ADHD are close to mental retardation.

Can’t drive a car or learned a trade?

I heard a few weeks ago that companies are testing new employees for ADD or ADHD. One was found to have it and denied a job. < That’s another blog >

My main concern this time around will be Roomers and Boarders rights.

The Commission denied our case a few months ago. They agreed that roomers can be evicted in our hour from building.

If a roomer makes a complaint to the fire Marshall about a safety hazard? They will be evicted.

The Commission is saying that the poor must die!!!

Another issue is the Justice System. They refuse to acknowledge that the poor are human.

The poor are grabbed from the streets and charge with obstruction. < Look what happened to me in Saint John? >

The poor individual will be force to defend themselves in court. Therefore, they will be found guilty and place on probation.

Once they break the probation? They will end up in jail!

This is not right and I will add that I never approached the Commission on this issue because it’s a huge waste of time.

They totally refuse to bring the issue of the poor up front.

What really got me going was in their annual report a few weeks ago? They never mentioned the issue of the poor.

I might add there hasn’t had a tribunal in five years and the question is why?

Is everything ok in New Brunswick? I don’t believe so.

This Commission is set for big industries and the Government.

These individuals are appointed by friends and they don’t have a clue what’s going on in the real world.

Last June they held a Human Rights Conference at S.T.U. or U.N.B. for all the Human Rights Commission across Canada.

I was planning a protest but didn’t because it was soon after my arrest in Saint John.

Eliminate the Human Rights Commission?

Yes!!!! But just the people in there.

The Justice department should investigate these people but then again? They belong to a Union.

Maybe they’re following orders from Tom Mann? Who truly knows?

With Tim Smith memorial and other issues. I couldn’t really push this issue.

Yesterday, I went on the streets and told a lot of people to gather at Tim’s Horton on Regent Street on Wednesday at 1:00pm.

Now, I understand when you’re poor? You lose all energy to fight.

I was surrounded by a rough crowd < all been in jail > and I reminded them that the Police can grab you from the streets and you’ll have to represent yourself in court.

One guy said - He’s right man!!! That happened to me!

There’s all kind of issues concerning the poor that must be addresses.

The Commission refuses to acknowledge this issue so therefore we must fight.

I would be very happy if I got 15 people to show up for two hours.

That would be a success because this means that we’ll have double that amount in the Spring!

We will set up tents in front of the Commission.

If nobody shows up? This will not discourage me. It will only make me stronger and keep on fighting.

This could have been avoided but the Commission Chair Gordon Porter refuses to forward a press release concerning the issue of boarders and roomers rights!

I was told that I would be arrested but I’ll write one more on this tonight. Stay tuned!!!

No more blogging for a few days or weeks!!!!

We got problems...

stay tune!!!!

Police Officer was watching Duane Rousselle before the arrest!!!!

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This is the first instance that I ever notice this one. Looks like the officer is keeping a very close eye on Duane. He was arrested around 45 minutes later.

I don't wish to go down hard on the Police Forces because I believe they have learn a valuable lesson as in this picture that was taken at the end of November.