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Could the awards from Here Magazine be nothing more
than a strategic setup on the election?

handed out((NDP ORANGE T-Shirts))
On the back it says:
New Brunswick’s

The catch is it doesn’t say who’s urban voice.
The trick was they were blessed with the more than
“perfect”((NDP ORANGE)).

On the front it says in much smaller print [here].

This by-election is VERY VERY Important to anyone whose been
watching the news or listening to radio or Internet.
In Fact it is so important that there seems to be a popular
consensus of the Irving Family being bias toward favoring

(((The Conservative Party))).

Now we’re talking about a Family that is so powerful within
the Province of New Brunswick, "most of all"(Saint John).
Previous governments have been shaken up by this family in
the past, Its not their first time nor will it be their last.
Very large, Very powerful families do not like change or
unpredictable situations. They quietly try very hard to keep
an eye on the mood of the masses.

(In my opinion and this is indeed my opinion only).
When something exactly like our now unpredictable by-election
is so close, unsettledness begins to take place from mistakes
made or decisions made too fast thus spinning out of control.
"Such as a thought of a sure thing that turns into a
by-election nightmare that was not foreseen.

All of a sudden, you’ve got unpredictable change that was not
expected by the heads of Big Business, Corporations or government
itself (being so close to minority) and with totally different
agendas. Which stirs the billion dollar babies from their sleep.

Now the Irving Family are by (NO MEANS) stupid, They tend not
to get involved with street level bickering and name bashing.
Nor do they put out briefs to the media on such things, they
could care less about that sort of thing.

BUT when their Industrial, Oil, Gas and or many many many other
Interests and assets are about to go through a humungous
unsteady stir at the thought of government going wrong.

They’re unprepared for change at the level of possible new
Government caused by unforeseeable change in a possible snap

Now this is where the Irving Family comes in.

They see the situation in front of them with the heated by-
election and the fact that their popularity with a percentage
of the Citizens of Saint John seems to be lagging right know.
So they make their move ever so smoothly and quietly.

They identify the Fair Taxation/LNG group and other resisters
of LNG Deal including one councilor member and a possible few
other persons of interest.
They also know that most of them are those who will only
believe the rumor of bias toward Mr.Lord as far as using the
telegraph journal goes, based on their feelings of LNG and are
also agitating business at a lower level as well.
So they gather them all in one spot by using the one paper
[HERE] that would draw less attention.
Time it for the last weekend before the up coming by-election
and come up with these awards to pull it off.
((((The best place to have your enemies is right beside you))))

All they had to do is make them happy and comfortable,
A couple of beers to boost the ego and Voila a nice tame
controllable audience.
Next they give out as many NDP ORANGE T-shirts as they can to
a feel good crowd, and (((bingo))) the play is in motion.

The last weekend of the by election, the Irving Family knows the
group and company will be wearing their nice NDP ORANGE T-shirts
which are used to psychologically hypnotize(Seeing Is Believing
Theory))the voters on the street that are already NDP plus some
unsure votes for the other two candidates and the balance of
power comes back to their privately backed party by:


{{The End Results}}
#1-The Irvings go back to business as usual and are now
comfortable with a much better period of time in which to
properly prepare for next Provincial Election and possible
changing of the Purse.

#2 The Conservatives go back to running the Legislature with a
2-seat majority along with better prospects of completing their
full term.

#3 The Fair Taxation and LNG group weakens in the next two years
none the wiser.

NEVER Under estimate The Power of Suggestive Thought Process and
also remember Psychological warfair is alive and well.



Charles 04_07_05 070

"We want to improve the living conditions of people," Mr. Lord said. "I've seen some people with their families and their children and clearly they need better protection."

The government is also committed to giving boarders who rent rooms protections similar to tenants who rent apartments under the Landlord and Tenants Act.


watch voice of the province at 4:00pm!!!!!

channel 10!!!!! I could have done this to Jody!!! Chock him!!!!! I bet he didn't sleep last night!!!!

Charles 04_07_05 039






Well, something tells me that I’m heading for a very exciting and interesting few days. I'm going to go and join the election fever in Saint John!!!


I’m leaving the Capital to join Tim Smith in the Loyalist City.

We are going to go door to door telling the poor voters to go and vote.

I will remind them of the issue of Ritalin.


A Premier who tells the public that the drugging and the killing of our 48,000 children in this province will continue till OCT 15, 2007 must be sent a message.

I’m certain that Tim will explain the issue of VLT’S!


I will add - If they love all the politicians from both political parties?

They should vote for Bernard Lord because this will give both parties a break at the Legislature.

They won’t have to stay in the hot chambers. Bernard Lord will have a two seats majority so why bother sticking around the House?

On another note? If Bernard Lord wins this election?

The opposition will not be able to bring any issues in the House because Bernard Lord win stand up and say-

MR. SPEAKER???? WE WON THE BI-ELECTION!! NEW BRUNSWICKERS LOVES US MR.SPEAKER!!! They love our LNG deal with the Irvings!!!! They love us Mr.Speaker!!!!


It will be Mr.Speaker this and Mr.Speaker that!!!

It will be a terrible two years!!!!!


Can you imagine two individuals with ADHD going door to door?

I hope we meet some MLA’S or Candidates because once we confront them? We both start talking to them and we drive them crazy! One Charles LeBlanc is bad enough but two of them???? say- GET ME THE HELL OUT OF HERE!!!!

paul zed
tim and charles

I’m certain that once we get home? I’ll have lots to blog about by just going door to door?

We will hear lots of stories!

If we could locate two bullhorns?

We would tell all the streets in the South End to go and Vote!!!! The poor must vote!

I did my share during the past few weeks telling the listeners on talk of the town to get out and vote!


They must vote!

We the public are not allowed to write letters to the Irving Newspapers and the Irving Rogers television have jump on the Bernard Lord bang wagon by denying New Brunswickers to phone the talk show!

Charles 04_07_05 020

This is terrible but that’s ok!

But I did hear a story about he Irving Rogers television a few days ago that I am going to make a complaint to the CRTC!

This will be done next week!

The only open democratic talk show in this province is CFBC talk of town and Rick Mantle is playing a huge roll in this election.


This means that our elected officials must take the talk show seriously and show up as guests on the talk show.

Does anyone have a digital camera we can borrow? Call Tim at 693-9464.
We will take care of it!!!!

Well, I got to get ready and wish myself and Tim Smith luck this weekend! See ya……



NB Telegraph-Journal | Politics
As published on page A1 on November 11, 2005


NB politics poll < >

Michelle Hooton (Conservative) 12% 19
Dr. Ed. Doherty (Liberal) 86% 133
Dan Robichaud (NDP) 2% 3

155 votes total

My poll

Ed Doherty (Liberal) 74% 81
Michelle Hooton (PC) 20% 22
Dan Robichaud (NDP) 6% 6
Glen Jardine (Independant) 0% 0

By Lisa Hrabluk

Liberal candidate Ed Doherty could cruise to an easy victory in the Saint John Harbour byelection on Monday according to an exclusive Telegraph-Journal poll.

The poll, conducted by Corporate Research Associates, indicates Dr. Doherty has the support of 31 per cent of decided voters.

Conservative candidate Michelle Hooton and NDP candidate Dan Robichaud are essentially tied, with 10 per cent and nine per cent support respectively.

Independent candidate Glen Jardine received one per cent.

Undecided voters were at 34 per cent while 11 per cent refused to state intentions.

The poll interviewed 258 Saint John Harbour voters between Nov. 2 - the day after a candidate debate - and Nov. 9. It is considered accurate within plus or minus six percentage points, 19 times out of 20.

That means Dr. Doherty's support could be as high as 37 per cent or as low as 25 per cent while Ms. Hooton's support could swing between 16 and four per cent.

"Regardless of who turns out to vote, it looks like Mr. Doherty will win," said CRA president and chief executive officer Don Mills.

"It's kind of an open and closed case."

Premier Bernard Lord called a quick byelection in this riding on Oct. 15 following the resignation of NDP leader Elizabeth Weir, who held the riding for 14 years.

It isn't likely to stay with the New Democrats on Monday night, leaving the party and its new leader Allison Brewer without a seat in the Legislative Assembly.

"This is an NDP riding but the NDP haven't done very well here," said Mr. Mills.

"Elizabeth Weir was very high profile and popular and obviously that hasn't held."

Both the Conservatives and Liberals have held the riding when it was Saint John South. The current riding encircles the city's harbour and is home to some of Saint John's poorest citizens as well as upper middle class urbanites.

According to the poll, Dr. Doherty's support crosses all age groups and income levels, which should help him on Monday.

"His population goes up with age and voting intention goes up with age," said Mr. Mills.

"So his support is strong among the group most likely to vote."

Ms. Hooton's support also increases with age but when divided according to income, her largest pocket of support is with voters who earn over $75,000.

Mr. Robichaud's support tends to come from people earning less than $75,000 and from voters under 55.

However, in all categories both Ms. Hooton and Mr. Robichaud trail Dr. Doherty.

In addition to asking voters their preference, pollsters asked undecided voters if they were leaning to a candidate.

When those results were factored into the intentions of decided voters, Dr. Doherty's support rose to 53 per cent.

Ms. Hooton and Mr. Robichaud remain in a virtual tie, with 20 per cent and 19 per cent support, respectively. Mr. Jardine inched up to two per cent.

This snapshot of decided and leaning voters has a plus or minus of 7.2 percentage points, 19 times out of 20.

"A lot of people tend to hook into the undecided and think what they might do," said Mr. Mills. "In our experience the problem with the undecided is they either tend not to vote or they vote along the same lines as decided voters."

Of those polled, 83 per cent indicated they would probably or definitely vote in Monday's byelection.


I didn’t write of my experience on Wednesday but I feel that I have to write one before I head for Saint John tomorrow.


The meeting went well.

There were 60 people present in the small room even thought the Daily Gleaner wrote there were 30 people. < I’ll get to that Irving paper later >

The first presenter was Dan Weston and he gave a good little speech on Poverty.


Afterwards came Hugh Parker.


He has a case with the Human Rights Commission to get his CCP while he’s on a disability pension.

I’m not too familiar with all the details so I can’t really comment.

I went outside for a smoke to calm down because my turn was next.

In the hallway, I bumped into Father White.


He recognizes my voice from the talk of the Town show.

He just got transferred from Saint John to the Capital.

I found him a nice guy and maybe they meeting would give me a sign that everything will be ok?

Once Melynda Jarrat mentioned my name? You could hear a pin drop while I made my way up front.


I started by saying that I love Fredericton so much that I moved here.

It’s the only City that I know where the snobby bureaucrats and the poor are walking side by side on the street!


I gave a blast about my experience on 114 Brunswick street.

Ken was there in the audience. He was one of the tenants at that awful place.


The Human Rights Commission accepted the complaint and it should be a good way to have the Lord Government make some changes to the landlord and tenant act in this Province.

I told the audience that the act is the worst in the country. made his investigation and you can visited at

I continue on for around 20 minutes and I made the poor citizens laugh with my stories of Maurice the caretaker.

There were in shock once I told them that Maurice cleaned the kitchen counter with a floor broom!

I continue on and after I finished I received a good applause from the audience.


After the meeting, I was congratulated for a fine presentation and it made everyone feel good about themselves after they left the building.


I promised the audience that I will not stop until I see some changes in the act.


Bernard Lord couldn’t believe the buildings he seen in Saint John Harbour.

Well? A start would be to add roomers and boarders in the Rentalman act!

I don’t believe that he will act on this emotional issue.

Today, I was surprised of the amount of people who congratulated me on the streets for a job very well done.

One guy told me that I wasn’t at the meeting but everyone is talking about it!

Well? I did my job and the Irving paper didn’t believe so because they never mentioned nothing from my speech!

I really don’t care but it reinforce my statement that the Irvings are indeed giving the orders that Charles’s views should be ignored at any cost!

What can a person do?



I don’t care because I have my blog and I’m very happy!

I would love to thank Melynda Jarrat for a job very well done at the meeting.


She was very direct and straight forward!

Here’s the story on the Daily Gleaner!!!

Charles 04_07_05 018

Daily Gleaner | Provincial News
As published on page A4 on November 10, 2005

Official poverty line needs to be defined

For The Daily Gleaner

The Fredericton Anti-Poverty Organization held a
public forum Wednesday night to address the problems
faced by the poor.

The forum touched on a number of topics, including
housing, human rights and government benefits. There
was also discussion about two cases in front of the
New Brunswick Human Rights Commission.

The main topic for the evening, however, dealt with
the need for a defined poverty line. While the federal
government does have something called Low Income Cut
Offs, it does not have an official poverty line the
way the United States does.

Dan Weston, the organization's co-ordinator, spoke to
the crowd of approximately 30 people and addressed why
he believes the country does not have an official
poverty line.

"In a country and a culture awash in statistics, it's
strange why there's no official poverty line. The
reason, of course, is because if there was one there'd
be too many people living below it," Fenton said.

"I think the whole concept of a poverty line is
obscene. Just like shelters and food banks and
community kitchens are obscene. I think it's obscene
that in a country as rich as Canada there is a
necessity for a poverty line."

Fenton said many organizations, both in the private
and public sectors, have looked at the issue of the
lowest basic need for poor people, looking to define
what people need to survive.

He went on to say these organizations, from the Fraser
Institute to Statistics Canada, should also look at
the end of the economic spectrum.

"Wealthy people can choose not to work because they
don't have to or they don't want to or never have. And
when they do work, you can bet they are not cleaning
floors or hammering 2x4s.

"In fact, they probably don't even fold their own
clothes or even comb their own hair, and yet in the
media they own, poor people are poor because they're
stupid or it's their lot in life," he said.

Fenton went on to say studies don't take into account
what is removed from the public purse by the rich.
According to Fenton, a new approach, looking at the
highest income group, might be needed.

"For the academic and the government statisticians,
here after the poverty line is a second line that you
can consider and that's the equal line," Fenton said.

"How well would everyone be doing if we had a
co-operative, sharing-type distribution of the
country's resources and the resulting wealth?"