Sunday, June 05, 2005


My God, the update I wrote on Friday was just terrible grammar wise but it happens sometimes when I’m in a hurry! I guess this one will not be any better. So here we go…..

Boy? What a huge difference 70 miles can make. I asked Abel LeBlanc < Liberal MLA > for a ride to Saint John.


I left the Capital and My God was it ever hot!!! < Not complaining > Poor Abel, he had to listen to me complaining about different political issues right till Saint John.

We had the air conditioner on but once we arrive in the Loyalist City all this change!!!

I thanked Abel and quickly left his vehicle but quickly jumped right back in and said- MY GOD??? IT’S COLD!!! WHERE’S MY JACKET!!!

It was windy and cold! Look at all the garbage on the streets and I'm cold and looking for the sun!!

Saint John June 04-05 002
Saint John June 04-05 003

This was the first time that I ever walked the Harbour passage. Everyone was wearing winter jackets compared to the Capital where everyone is half naked.

I passed by Fort LaTour and notice a very disgusting act! Our Canadian Flag was all ripped apart.

Saint John June 04-05 009

Our tourists come to Saint John and the first thing they see is a Canadian Flag half torn. The City of Saint John should have more pride with our Canadian flag.

I made it uptown and visited Tim Smith. We began taking pictures and it was still cold! Take a look at the garbage on the City’s streets? It’s just terrible!

On Saturday, we walked around and I showed Tim Smith and his daughter Sheana one area that I left my mark in the Loyalist City.

I totally forgot about it until we walked by Harbour Station. Former Mayor Shirley MacAlary gave this little gift to me.

Saint John June 04-05 017
Saint John June 04-05 016

It was the days where I stood toe to toe with these bigots members of the C.O.R. Party! < The good old days! > It was the days of the frigate program and it looks as I haven’t change one bite.

These days, I am not battling these bigots but the Irvings and those racist members of the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission.

I am also fighting the Irvings in the issue of ownership of the media.

Hey? I got printed 500 letters to the Editor and suddenly the Irvings orders the papers not to publish my views? What’s wrong with this picture anyway?

Ok..never mind that issue. Maybe the reason that I’m so stubborn is because me mother < yes ME > is born in Glasgow Scotland and as a teenager came to Canada and married my father who’s a pure Acadian!

We all know there’s nothing more stubborn than a darn Scotsman! Hey? How will I look in a kilt? Arrgggg scary eh???

Saint John June 04-05 015

We bumped into a group of people who where attending a fund raising walk for the Loch Lomond Villa. So all is not lost for Saint John.

Saint John June 04-05 014

I bumped into these two elder ladies that I haven’t seen in years. They told me that they always love my views on talk of the town on CFBC in Saint John!
Rose and Paula

Saint John June 04-05 010

Hey? If I’m so famous for all the wrong reasons? Where’s my picture?

Saint John June 04-05 020