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My God? I believe the refusing of flying the Gay Flag was bad enough from Mayor W.R. (Bill) Mills?


These days there’s racism in the little town of Truro in Nova Scotia.

A black councillor was approached by some youths outside of his home. The youths yelled the N word!!!


The scary part of this story is that the councillor said that he doubts the Town Council will denounce this action.

Boy? What’s going on in this little Town lately? Can’t be all that bad if they elected a black person as a councillor?

If I was the Council? I would quickly change my attitude towards the minorities in the town.

Does Truro wish to be known as the largest Bigot little town in Canada????


Hey? Maybe this is a new way to attract the tourists in that part of Nova Scotia?

I can just imagine the kind of attitude will land in Truro, Nova Scotia?

The atmosphere must be like landing in Alabama around 50 years ago????

Who knows????

Gordon O'Connor out!!! Greg Thompson stays put!!!

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I'm going to be honest with ya.....I don't know many of these Cabinet Ministers. I used to know at least 7 or 8 in former Government but not today.

I wonder why??? The Cabinet Minister are not as popular as they used to be?

The question is why????


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I was told this little story a few days ago.

Judges and lawyers met with T.J. Burke to discuss some issues in the Justice system in Moncton.

One issue on the table was the Legal Aid System in New Brunswick.

Now? I didn’t know anything about our Legal System until my arrest in Saint John for taking pictures.

Pictures 071

After my arrest, I was told that I had no right to a lawyer.

I was on social assistant and charged by the Police for Obstruction!!!

I was also told that I will have to represent myself in court.

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing???

The Saint John Police Force singled me out and now I have no right to a lawyer???

ARRESTChalieLeBlancArrestPictures 054Pictures 055IMG_1804

Their point is this – Chances are that you will be found guilty because we know only a fool represents themselves as a client.

But you will not be jailed because it’s a misdemeanour.

But there’s a catch????

If you break your probation?


Is this a way to jail the poor people in New Brunswick?


Now? On the first evening T.J. Burke was appointed Justice Minister, he told me that he’ll look into the Legal Aid system in New Brunswick.


The Judges told T.J. a few weeks ago they have been hearing this kind of talk for the last 20 years and they’re sick and tired of lip service.

Will T.J. Burke come forward to help the poor citizens who are singled out by the Saint John Police Force?


Who knows?????

I have been told that our Legal System is the worse in Canada!!!!!

Is this true????

Story from the six months protest - Teacher knew all too well about Ritalin!!!!

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I asked the girl to write the story and I didn¢t expect her kinds words. Happy reading.....

Here¢s the funny story----

I first met Charles Leblanc about a month and a half into his protest, after my husband brought him to my attention.

My husband told me while I was in having a visit with my mom at her house, that he had met a man who was protesting the issue of ADD/ADHD and his concerns of the over use, and so freely prescribed drug associated with this condition called...Ritalin.

A drug that if before you were'nt familiar with, I am certain you're aware of now, thank-you to a concerned citizen of this province, named as New Brunswick's very own, Charles Leblanc.

When I was first told of this stranger protesting the use of Ritalin by my husband, the first thing I wanted to do was go and meet this courageous man and sign his petition.

Little did I know at that time just how important this man would become to me, my children, and my family. Or how involved I would become in supporting his protest against the use of Ritalin.

At that time, the public health nurse of Fredericton, had already began the same cycle of assessment that I'm sure Charles had come to know only too well.

We became very close to Charles and kept close watch of
his protest.

As it turns out, we weren't the only ones who were watching Charles' every move.

My son is 4 years old, In September of last year, he started at a new pre-school.

A couple of weeks into his new school, one of his teachers contacted me.

She told me of her concerns of my son's eating habits at
school, or lack of rather.

According to my son, he needed to take a pill before eating his meals. I told them that I found that interesting since being his
mother, I had no knowledge of that.

The teacher said "Oh yes, your son says that he has ADD/ADHD and that he needs to take his ritalin before meals, He also
says that we should know what he's talking about!"

Now, if you have met Charles, then you would know that his first sentence during his protest when he was addressing the people to sign his petition was..."ADD...ADHD...Ritalin..Know what I'm talking about?"

So, my response to the teacher was first, "My son is only 4 years old, of course he does'nt know what he's talking about!"

Then of course I went on with the explanation of where all his logic was coming from.

I of course informed them that my son had not been diagnosed with either ADD or ADHD at the present time, and that if he was taking Ritalin I would certainly hope to be aware of it!

And of course in closing with the teacher I advised her to go and sign Mr. Leblanc's petition.

It just goes to show you that the saying is true..."Kids really do say the darndest things."

Charles of course loves this story, I'm happy that you found this story amusing Charlie, we could all use a good laugh every now and then. I guess you're not only my hero since your display of bravery during your protest, and continued "standing up for what you believe in", my son also keeps you close to his heart by trying to model himself after your example.

With role models like you in my son's life, I can look at the world and know that it's not such a bad place to be after all. If I haven't said so already, or if I've said it a thousand times, although you haven't any
children of your own,

Thank-you so much for looking out for the future of mine. Your works will always be appreciated by me.

GOOD JOB!!! I love you Charlie,

Don't ever give up the battle. Like me, I'm sure there are many people to fight with you, if not behind you 100% then right by your side.Bye for now!XO

Will NB Power CEO David Hay order the City of Fredericton to cut down this tree????

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I wonder how come the Irving's never covered this story???

Ohhhhhh...THAT'S RIGHT!!!

They must have gotten the trees free of charge!!!!

Click below for the story -


Life is indeed a very short ride and for some??? It's way too short.....

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Until this year, I used to walk this trail in the North Side but it was way too hard on my feet.

The City built a trail but with big rocks.

It’s hard on the feet and bicycle.

Take a close look at it?


It seems this is not my imagination!!!

All the trails in Fredericton have tiny stones but not in the North Side.

I wonder why?

People have to make way for the slower traffic behind them so they can continue on.


It’s a darn shame!!!



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This was from the fire in the North Side a few weeks ago!!!