Thursday, March 17, 2005


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Happy Saint Patrick Day and I'm wearing a celtic
green jacket for this occasion. Which reminds me of
one story that happen to me around 12 years ago.
During the good old days that people could write
letters to the editor on any issues?
I wrote a short letter < hard to believe > of why
would the Irish population be proud to celebrate Saint
Patrick Day?
I was confused because it was an era that babies,
kids and families were being shot dead in Ireland!
Well? The editor- David Williams called me into
his office and told me that he couldn't print that
letter because I could end up hurt?

I told the Editor that I wasn't afraid! < Guess
that I haven't change >
Anyway, the letter wasn't printed and these days
the violence in Ireland is not as bad as it used to be
so Happy Saint Patrick day!
You should take a close look at this web site-

It's called - There's a new Drug!!! While you're
there, take a look at the funny songs by George Bush!
It's one of my favorites.
Speaking of Drugs? I guess that Saint John High
could have been a second columbine!
They charged three young students yesterday. From
what I heard they were going to attack teachers and
students on Hitler's birthday in April, 2006!
Why would they plan so far ahead? Thank God they
I guess these kids were bullied! My god? As I said
in the past? This Province is getting worst and worst!

It's just a manner of time till someone really
flips out!
But then again? It's only Charles LeBlanc saying
this so therefore I should be ignored at any cost!
The teachers are going on strike and one of the
reasons is that they want more teachers assistants!
This is not what is needed in the classrooms!
These poor very intelligent kids who are forced on
Ritalin are labeled by this system and this is not
Does Bernard Lord care? I heard that a committee
to study this emotional was denied but I am still
trying to get the true facts.
These kids will turn to alcohol and drugs and at
the end? The Government will have to take care of them
for the rest of their miserable lives!
As Adults? Because of the Irving orders to those
racists members of the New Brunswick Human Rights
Commission? They are labeled as close to mental
Speaking of those racists? Carl White < Human
Rights Irving Employee > and a convicted thief voted
in favor for the Irving tax break!
Are you surprised by this action? Of course not!
This is the main reason that my case was denied!
This man hung the phone to my ear so therefore telling
me that he sided with the Irvings!
Bernard Lord told the media that it was ok that
the Irvings received a tax cut!
Sure he agreed because I am certain that it didn't
take long for the Irving's bureaucrats to go into the
Premier's office and demanded these tax cut be
accepted but I think this will change because there's
a huge public uproar on this issue!
Speaking of the Irvings?
There's a new columnist for the Telegraph
Journal - Marty Klinkenberg.
Once I heard this news? My mind went back in time.
He was first hired by the Evening Times Globe <
Irving paper > in 1995!
I was upset because he came from the States so I
wrote a letter telling the public that surely we have
Canadian columnists in this Province so therefore we
shouldn't have American columnists in our paper!
At the end, I found Marty a very nice guy!
I even visited the guy in Saint Martin's! He had a
nice home.
He left for the States and I haven't chat with
this guy for many years.
I emailed him a letter but I never received a
Maybe it's because that my email was a little
I told Marty that things have change in the
newspapers business during these last few years and if
he dedicated his life and soul to the Irving Empire
before he walked in his office?
He must have said to himself - What the hell
happened since I left Canada because I was very well
known for my letters to the Editor but all this came
to a sudden halt once the Irvings gave the orders that
my letters should not be printed!
Hiiii Irving!!!!
Oh well? I wish him luck and I don't blame him for
not replying to his email because the Gestapo at the
Irving Empire and tracking where the emails go on the
information Highway!
I wish Marty, his wife and child well for the
Hey? I added him to my list of 600 anyway!!!!
I heard that in New Zealand, the police walked in
the bars and look for people who drank too much!
You know why? Because the Government is afraid
that these people talked too much!
You know? Like encouraging a revolution!
I found that funny but in this Province?
People complain in the coffee shops and the bars
but never on a talk show because they are too afraid!
Thank God we have these talk shows because it
would be impossible to hear some real true stories!
You sure cannot write to the Irving's paper
because only the elite are allowed to voice their
Ever since Peter Huggert came to run the Daily
Gleaner around two weeks ago, I haven't had a nice
column that I wrote! I phoned the editor yesterday and
he told to wait a few more weeks!
Oh well? Will the Daily Gleaner joined the Moncton
transcript and the Telegraph Journal in following
Irving orders?
Who knows? Time will tell!
Sh@t!!! closing in on 1,00 words already! Hey? if
you are still with me? I bumped into a cute young
last week and it's a small world!
She came to chat with me during my protest and she
did a story of me of my protest in the year 2003!
She sent me the story a few days ago. Read it! It
looks that things haven't change in close to two
Here's her story and excuse the style and grammar
of this update because I just write the darn thing and
send it along the information Highway! Enjoy- bye bye
and by the way? You have a comment? Put one in this
update- Here's the story--

Despite the cold temperatures, Saint John man Charles
LeBlanc continues
to camp out in front of the Legislative Building on
St. in Fredericton, N.B.

LeBlanc has lived in his tent for more than 120 days.

He is protesting the use of Ritalin on young children.
Leblanc is worried
about the long-term and short-term effects of the
. Ritalin is used
to treat attention deficit disorder (ADD) and
attention deficit hyperactive
disorder (ADHD).

LeBlanc has kept in contact with various politicians
and Premier Bernard
Lord about the issue. He says he wants to see the
government set up a committee to go around the
province and study the problem with Ritalin.

“I’m not getting anywhere just by talking to them, and
unfortunately this is
the only way I know how to get the message out, and
hopefully they would listen. It has been 120 days so
far so I guess they don’t listen to good.”

LeBlanc has been writing articles in the Telegraph
Journal since he found out he had ADHD five years ago.

“I knew there was something wrong with me, but I
didn’t know what it was,” says LeBlanc. “I was always
hyperactive, and I loved to be the centre of

After he started writing articles he received many
phone calls from
concerned parents.

“I’ve received so many phone calls from parents
complaining about how their kids are treated in
school. “They say they’re labeled, they’re called
idiots and stupid,” says LeBlanc.

LeBlanc says he wants these kids to be treated with
respect and dignity. He
watched a CBC documentary last year called Learning
Curves. The crew filmed
inside classrooms in St. John’s, Newfoundland, but in
New Brunswick they
were not allowed in the class. One of the film crew
carrying a recorder
that picks up the noise, a teacher was heard yelling
and screaming just to
be heard.

“There is so much noise in the classroom that a child
with true ADHD is
easily distracted. So what do they do instead of
having smaller
classrooms, they these kids.”

LeBlanc has been in contact with a Saint John
pharmacists, whose name
he would not release.

“We calculated that one pharmacy in Saint John, N.B.
gives out 5,000
pills a year,” says LeBlanc.

LeBlanc says the is over prescribed, and there is
the danger that
the mental disorder is often misdiagnosed for bad

“Until there is a public inquiry to go around the
province and study
the issue, I’m not going anywhere.”

Other newspapers that have covered LeBlanc’s story,
and the public have
questioned how reliable his information and facts are.

“I have 7.000 people who have signed my petition. I
went to a shopping
mall in Dieppe and collected 230 names in three and a
half hours. Where do I
get my sources? How can I collect that many names if
there is not a

LeBlanc says he gathers information through television
and newspaper articles. Most of his information comes
from directly
speaking to the public.