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A couple of poor people sleeping on the streets in Fredericton!!!

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The Irvings returns to the past????

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I just got thi in form a friend,,,he says that Marysville Newfoundland is owned by irving,,,irving still gets the contract, Halifax got left out thats all. he will make further bad enemies with Nova Scotia if he keeps this up....

THERE we go Mary's Town NEWFOUNDLAND WHAT a WONDER PLACE DID YOU know that back in the 80's or 90's Mary's Town was sold to Irving for a $1.00 and they sold it to an American Slipway ; Robert Sheppard ; John Sheppard { WHO IS IRVING'S MASTER SHIP BUILDER 76 STill Working } little boy . Went to work for this Non Irving Company{ WINK,WINK } and Has Return to the rock a few times for special projects .

This is true to the BEST of MY


Thyssen Krupp said if they are successful, they will build the 28,000-tonne vessels in "Marystown, N.L.," which has Mr. Vaslet shaking his head.

HALIFAX, NOVA SCOTIA | Thursday November 30, 2006

2006-11-30, Business
Still hopeful after losing out
Halifax Shipyards won’t build navy ships but could maintain them

By CHRIS LAMBIE Staff Reporter

Halifax Shipyards lost out on a $2.1-billion program to build the joint support ships. But one Ottawa insider says the Irving-owned yard could still end up with more than $1 billion worth of work maintaining the new vessels.

A consortium headed by General Dynamics Canada had hoped to build the ships in Halifax. But the federal government has narrowed the competition to two teams that propose building the ships in either Newfoundland and Labrador or British Columbia.

and also from Chronicle...

Lost contract will cost jobs union spokesman

By TOM PETERS Business Reporter

The federal government’s decision to drop Irving Shipbuilding from the bid process to build three joint support ships for the navy is "not good," says a union spokesman.

And he also warns it could have long-term ramifications for the Halifax Shipyard.

Jamie Vaslet, business agent for Local 1 of the Canadian Auto Workers union, representing Halifax marine workers, said he is baffled why Irving isn’t one of the two finalists to move to the design phase to build the ships, considering the company’s facilities and expertise.

Public Works Minister Michael Fortier said last Friday that Thyssen Krupp Marine Systems Canada Inc. and SNC-Lavalin ProFac Inc. will be awarded $12.5 million contracts to complete proposals to design the ships as well as provide long-term, in-service support.

Construction and maintenance are worth nearly $3 billion.

Thyssen Krupp said if they are successful, they will build the 28,000-tonne vessels in Marystown, N.L., which has Mr. Vaslet shaking his head.

"If Marystown is successful, the infrastructure they will be able to put in place with federal money will give them a state-of-the-art shipyard, and eight to 10 years down the road it will affect us big time because they will have a state-of-the-art facility," Mr. Vaslet said.

It will then be able to compete against Halifax for ship repair and new construction jobs, he said.

Mr. Vaslet said Wednesday being dropped from the bid process is a surprise for the yard, which has been surviving of late on repair and maintenance work.

Employee numbers have been dwindling and next Monday there will only be 11 maintenance people working and no major jobs on the books until sometime after Christmas, he said.

The union has nearly 800 employees.

"We are like The Red Green Show," he said.

"We are running on Band-Aids and duct tape because we are not getting any big contracts to be able to sink money into infrastructure."

Mr. Vaslet said people believe that because Irving owns the yard, it has millions of dollars to spend on infrastructure, "but you have to get the jobs to pay for it."

Irving spokeswoman Mary Keith said Wednesday the company is obviously disappointed, but "we are still optimistic about several other projects that we know are in the pipeline, some of which we have applied for already."

Irving’s focus is on eight midshore vessels for the Canadian Coast Guard, frigate refits and submarine dockings.

However, the Halifax yard could get some maintenance work on the three new support ships after they are built.

The SNC-Lavalin ProFac Inc.-led group said it would build the ships in Victoria, B.C., but there has been speculation they would work with the Halifax yard to provide a maintenance program.

Irving will meet with federal officials Dec. 11 and 13 to find out what went wrong with their bid.

MP Peter Stoffer, Sackville-Eastern Shore, said the news is disappointing for all concerned, including the province in general.

"Obviously there are other government contracts, which we know there are, and hopefully Irving will be able to pick up and be successful on those," he said.



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I was saddened to read in Spink’s blog that NB Politics blog was no more.

I got to know the guy by a first name basic and found the guy a true nice individual.

We have known each other more via Messenger and he helped me a lot especially at the beginning of this blog.

The blog was wild open for comments and there was some very nasty one. < Still is >

But NB Politics always stood by me and told me to ignore the jerks in the comment’s section.

These days, I moderate the comments and it’s much better.

If I wanted something done on my blog? He had the smarts to handle the high tech.

I trusted the guy with the password and he indeed prove that he was a nice guy.

He loved to blog but he works for a living and he didn’t have the time to blog like yours truly. < I got way too much time on my hand!!! >

We made history during the last Provincial election by teaming up with Spinks to blog the results of the votes on election night.

Myself, I gave up after 30 minutes because I wanted to watch the results at ease.

Yes, one true blogger is gone from the scene of blogging in New Brunswick but I’m certain if a certain issue comes up that he’s pissed off about?

He’ll quickly return to the scene of blogging.

So Like I would say- Stay tuned!!!

I’ll truly miss ya NB Politics and thanks a lot for everything you have done with this blog!!!

You can read his Good Bye note by clicking below —


Do you know these guys???

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and blogging I will continue to do!!!!

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Saint Johner relaxing.....

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The Irvings did a wonderful job on The Loyalist Burial Ground!!!

Big Thumbs Up
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Gene O'connor is still kicking!!!!

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Now??? What would this mean????n??? In Japan????

미디어2.0 님:
November 28th, 2006 at 3:08 am
취재 중 경찰에 연행된 블로거기자의 사례

캐나다 통상부 회의에 대한 반대투쟁을 하다가 공무집행방해로 체포됐던 캐나다 블로거 찰스 르블랑(Chales LeBlanc)이 법원에서 풀려났다고 한다. 이유는 해당 법관이 블로거 르블랑이 저널리슦#8230;


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These citizens followed the proper procedure but the Irvings are trying to brainwash the public via their newspapers.

Sorry it won't work!!!!

The Irvings will not print critical letters of the pipeline or any letters that goes against the Irving way!!!!

I know for a fact that these concerns citizens are going to be a true pain in the butt for the Government, Saint John Council and the Irvings for many months to come!!!

Keep up the good work!

P.S. Every instance you guys and gals are somewhere? Bring your camera and I'll post the pictures.

I might not be in Saint John but I sure can do my part!!!!


After the singing was over? The kids quickly left!!! For good reason!!

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