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Last week, I went on a little investigation.

I wanted to know how many bars around a two block area close to the Legislature has VLT’s machines?

I started with - The Snooty Fox.

Picture 036

That place is always full of people but no VLT’s!

I continue till the James Joyces bar at the Beaverbrook Hotel.

Picture 049

Once there, I notice three machines.

Present were an old couple playing the VLT's and one was empty.

I continued to - The Lunar Rogue Pub.

Picture 259

That place also has a full house of people but no machines!

Next door was the Blue door!

Picture 037

Another nice place and full of people are but no VLT’s!

I began to walk towards the downtown core and walked in this restaurant - The Brewbakers.

Picture 052

No machines in there also.

Right next door was Mexicali Rosa's.

Picture 042

I walked inside and proceeded in a long hallway.

In the middle was an ATM machine so therefore I truly believe that I was heading towards the right direction.

Picture 040

I couldn’t find any dreadful machines in the area so I went out front and asked if they had VLT’S in the building?

The nice female directed me in the back.

The three machines were located behind a washroom!

Picture 041

Good place for them!!!...lol…..

Out of sight and out of mind!!!!

But they were free and no one was around.

I continued around the block till Isaac's Way.

Picture 043

I walked inside the bar.

I felt just as I have just been bean by Mr.Scott to Saint John.


I walked in and right in the middle were five VLT’s and guess who were playing them?

The individuals were all on Social Assistance and they were all playing the machines.

One of them has mental problems and I would find out later that he lost his money.

Another finish $70.00 ahead.

Another lost $40.00.

I didn’t stay in that area long and I found out later on about their fate.

I continue and walked by a restaurant- Racines.

Picture 044

The place was close.

I stopped at Molly’s and they got rid of those machines a long time ago.

Picture 045

I continue till where I began.

Picture 036

I know for a fact that if I would have visited the other block?

The VLT’S would have been played by the more poor people who just received their social assistant checks.

Maybe I’ll give it a try next month?

Can you locate a block in Saint John that have more bars or restaurants VLT’S free than they ones who has the machines???

I don’t think so!

I find it strange the bars close to the Legislature or the Evil Bureaucrat building are VLT’S free but in the poorer area?

It’s a different story!

I wonder why? Do you have an answer?


Picture 052


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ATV was the first and the Daily Irving Gleaner will do a story in the morning I guess....It took a long time for the Irvings to cover this sad story. Don't these Irving employees have scanners???

Picture 050

Picture 051
Picture 052
Picture 047
Picture 054
Picture 053
Picture 045
Picture 046

HE IS NOT AMUSE!!! If looks could kill????

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Picture 277

Just a beautiful day in the Capital!!!

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This is Tony. I met the guy during my protest.

Trius taxi always treated me good.

During the cold or rainy days, they would let me sit in their vehicles.

Need a ride? Phone Trius!!


Picture 224
Charles 04_07_05 091

While walking from Church this morning, I noticed a woman with her head down standing against a building near the sidewalk.

Picture 075

I said - What are you doing? Panhandling?

She told me that she was sad!

I replied - What for?

She told me that the Fredericton Soup Kitchen has been broken into and they stole $10,000!

I just couldn’t believe it!

Afterwards, a few people approached me asking if I heard the news?

Many people were very hurt by this break in.

Myself, I don’t go at the Soup Kitchen at noon but this time around I flew to that area.

I know how stories can change and like a good blogger? I had to get all the facts!

Once there, I noticed more people than usual standing outside.

I guess anyone who heard the news came rushing to the helpful site.

Once inside, I confronted the cook with my questions?

He wasn’t in a good mood. He looked tired and was really hurt that some people would break into a Soup Kitchen.

He was puzzled that I heard $10,000?

From what I’m told?

They broke into this window.

Picture 235
Picture 229

They went on to force this door open.

Picture 233

Once inside, they made a hole through the wall and continue in the back!

Once there, they pried open a little safe.

They weren’t done yet. They ripped the two surveillance Cameras off the walls and broke into an office.

Picture 231
Picture 230

I guess this morning he was really upset with this break in and who can blame him? Bad weekend for George and the poor.

One worker told me that he has been around for 7 years and this is the first time this ever happen!

One homeless guy shouted - The police would catch the one
responsible before tomorrow night.

Picture 237

If those Jerks used the Soup Kitchen in the past? Well? If I was these individuals? I would leave town fast! How much money was stolen? I’m not sure but there’s thousands of dollars in damages.

The poor are being help a lot by this organization and some jerks go out of their way and breaks in to steal from the less fortunate poor.

We do indeed live in a very sad world.

Since this is the Information Highway and God’s knows who reads this blog?

If you care to help in this shameful act?

You can call George at 1- 506 - 457-1788.

Any outsiders wish to help?

Fredericton Community Kitchen
65 Brunswick Street
New Brunswick
E3B 1G5


FAX 506-453-9680

It would be very much appreciated. I’m sure!!!

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Picture 227


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I always like this guy. Last spring he spoke out loud and clear against the Monopoly of Newspapers in this Province by the Irvings! Will he speak out strongly against the LNG? Time will tell!!!

Here's an editorial in the Irving's paper!!!

NB Telegraph-Journal | Editorials
As published on page A6 on March 7, 2006

Where is the PM on LNG issue?

No one can accuse Prime Minister Stephen Harper of timidity. He has been quick to act on his campaign promises - moving to replace the previous government's day care funding program, modifying the confirmation process for Supreme Court nominees and authorizing his justice minister to look at how the federal gun registry can be dismantled.

For New Brunswickers, though, there is one issue Mr. Harper has not addressed as quickly or publicly as many people would like. Will U.S. tankers carrying liquefied natural gas be allowed to pass thorough Canadian waters in Passamaquoddy Bay?

The Conservatives ran on the promise they would oppose LNG projects in Maine that could threaten New Brunswick's environment and economy. Mr. Harper said he would take every step possible to keep LNG tankers out of Canadian waters. So why hasn't the public heard him say it since he moved into the Prime Minister's residence?

We appreciate that Mr. Harper is trying to strengthen relations between Canada and the United States. Several outstanding issues need to be resolved, from the question of whether Canada will participate in building a space-based ballistic missile shield to U.S. duties against softwood lumber. But to those whose landscape and livelihoods are most threatened by the LNG projects, Mr. Harper's official silence sounds exactly like Paul Martin's.

Is the federal government expressing its opposition through diplomatic channels? Are federal bureaucrats busy investigating Canada's options and marshalling legal arguments? New Brunswickers have no idea.

Charlotte County residents look across the border, to Washington County, Bangor and Augusta, Me. and Washington, DC and see corporations building up a head of steam behind LNG developments that depend on tankers passing through sensitive Canadian waters. They pick up their morning paper and read comments by the spokesmen of these corporations, claiming Head Harbour Passage is a "territorial sea" and predicting "the United States isn't going to back down."

While Mr. Harper's government is pursuing its case in the backrooms and corridors of government, the developers are making their pitch to the American public. They're firing the first, persuasive shots of a public relations battle, a battle that will result in lost opportunities on one side of the border or the other. Canada is not answering them - at least, not in the public forums where the debate is being waged.

LNG opponents have given Mr. Harper a "step in" deadline of April 7. If, by that time, the federal government has not stated its position, they'll start cranking up a public relations campaign of their own.

The first signal the new Prime Minister sent the United States was that Canada will not relinquish its sovereignty over the Arctic or other Canadian waters. It's time his government reaffirmed that message by taking a stand on Passamaquoddy Bay.


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I am glad to see that Abel LeBlanc is continuing to fight against the
government on behalf of the injured workers.

He is a good man and he once was a panel member so he knows exactly what they are doing with the firing of the members with experience.

My husband is an injured worker and
someday I will post the things that have happened to him since his injury.

All I can say is make sure that you are safe everyday at your workplace
because in my opinion WHSCC is hell on earth!!!!


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SHORT HILLS, New Jersey (AP) -- Dana Reeve, who fought for better treatments and possible cures for paralysis through the Christopher Reeve Foundation, named for her late actor-husband, has died, the foundation said. She was 44.

Reeve died late Monday of lung cancer, said Kathy Lewis, President and CEO of the foundation.

"On behalf of the entire Board of Directors and staff of the Christopher Reeve Foundation, we are extremely saddened by the death of Dana Reeve, whose grace and courage under the most difficult of circumstances was a source of comfort and inspiration to all of us," Lewis said in a statement.


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Looks pretty empty with the huge Canadian flag eh?

Picture 279
Charles 04_07_05 080


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This is the old Court House on Queen Street.

They have the large and biggest Flag Pole but never had a Canadian Flag on it.

Picture 001

I wonder why? I told Dale Graham about it weeks ago but still nothing. Lets see if Bev Harrison can do something about it?

Picture 021