Thursday, August 18, 2005


I just came back from the library at the Legislature and I saw a guy from CBC sitting in front of a computer. They are now blogglers now!!!! Maybe they went up a notch!!!! Check out their site



I first came face to face with my bigot Buddy in the summer of 2002!


There he was driving around with a huge truck with the Anglo society Sign on his door.

I was direct with the guy and I would come across Matthew on different occasions in Saint John.

I found him a nice guy and he sure look good for a man in his late 60s.

Today he’s 73 years old and he’s fit as a fiddle.

In the year 2003 < during my protest > I would have come across this man on many occasions and we would debate the Acadian issue in front of many visitors.

He would have a chat and I would shout - HEY BIGOT??? GO HOME!!!

The people around believe they would witness a fist fight but it never happen.

I remember once in 2003, I left my tent and went for a walk. Once I arrive in front of the Legislature, I noticed 20 people staring with their mouth open at
Matthew Gleen!


It was the day that all MLA’S were sworn in after the election. These were all Acadians guests so you can only imagine how upset they were with this bigot?

Matthew was at the other end of the Legislature.

I shouted - HEY BIGOT??? GO HOME!!!

Matthew began walking towards me and I walked towards the bigot.

The audience must have believed that it was a show down like the western days! All we needed was a 38 in the side.

Closer we came and you could hear a pin drop.

Inches apart, I grabbed Matthew Glenn with a hug in one arm and told the people on the steps - Isn’t this great??? A bigot and a Acadien hugging? Only in New

Every August 15 in the year 2002, 2003 and last year the Anglo Society were present in front of City Hall with a blow horn shouting at the Acadians!

The police were in full force and there were always around 15 to 20 members of the Anglo Society around.

Matthew did tell me that he wishes there were hundreds of people on his side.

For you newcomers? The Anglo Society wants the City of Fredericton to fly their 15 years old Anglo flag.

Myself and Matthew would always argue that our Acadian flag isn’t a flag but a banner.

The minute he would insist that our flag was a banner?

I would call the Union Jack Toilet paper!

The debate would go on and on.

This summer, I haven’t seen Matthew around and I was worried.

I as so concern that I phoned my bigot buddy over his house. His wife died a couple of years ago and he found a new girlfriend so I guess that he mellowed
down a little.

But a couple of weeks ago? There he was protesting in front of the Beaverbrook Art Gallery protesting this sign?

He wants the art gallery to put English first and French second.


He told me that this year protest at City Hall on August 15th will be larger than ever!

He would spend hours and hours protesting while standby asked him what he was all about!

I hope my book about my protest gets printed because he’s all over the book!

There’s some very funny stories that happened to me during my six months protest in front of the Legislature.

Now we come of what happened on August 15th that Matthew Glenn was charge with assault.

I walked by around noon and I was surprised that Matthew was nowhere to be seen.

Usually he parks his truck near City Hall early in the morning.

The Fredericton Police forces put some barricades in the parking space so Matthew couldn’t park his truck near the location were the Acadians could see the
Anglo Flags on his truck!


Later on in the afternoon, I noticed my old bigot buddy and once again shouted - BIGOT GO HOME!!!

Usually he calls me a bigot in return.

I will admit to anyone that I am a bigot because of my dislike of Quebecers!

But this time around he called me a frog!!

Ohh fighting words???…

I noticed two other individuals with him.

One was in his late 70s sitting down on a park bench and the other was Ron Bubar standing there with a video camera.

Ron always stands behind the iron fence and films Matthew every moves.

A few years back there was an angry confrontation between Matthew and a Acadian or Quebecer. The confrontation landed in court so this time around? If something happens? They would have the evidence.

I reminded the protesters that they should turn around and protest the Justice Building for not flying the Union Jack?

One young Acadian walked by and shouted - Vous aimer pas les Acadiens???

Matthew asked me to translate.

Minutes later, Matthew noticed that his Anglo flag poll was gone.

He became concern that the young fella stole his poll!

He was searching all over the place until he realized that maybe he left the bigot flag in his truck?

I followed him to his vehicle and sure enough? It was in his back seat!

I told him that he’s getting old therefore he’s losing it!

Little did anyone knew that maybe this was a little sign from above because that little pole would cause a lot of headache for Matthew.

I left the area and told them that I would see them at 6:00pm!

I went home and put this Acadian sweater on.

My God? It was hot!!!

One block away, I noticed two police officers watching around the area.

Once in front of City Hall, I noticed 5 to 6 police officers around the area.

One had a video camera and they were surprised that a Acadian would be in the centre of the bigot crowd!

I believe they were expecting trouble.

All I wanted for a picture of me and Matthew Glenn.

Just as the one taken with my other bigot buddy Jimmy Webb! He was the founder of the C.O.R. Party!

Hey? These people are getting up there in age and it’s nice to have a souvenir.

Matthew allowed me to have these pictures taken and I noticed a police officer filming the whole episode.

I quickly shouted- Those cops are always harassing me!

Take a look at this picuture? The cop is located against the wall!

They were filming for a reason which I would find out later on.

After I received my pictures taken, I noticed that Matthew Glenn wasn’t his normal bigot self?

He was having a chat with a female police officer. I found out that Matthew was charge with assault!


I asked the bigot- What happen?

He told me that these signs were all in place until a young Acadian decided to grab the signs and began throwing them over the iron fence.

Matthew quickly came to the scene and gave the guy a little hit with his flag pole on the guy’s arm.


I told Matthew that he knew better than that???

If I just touch a person during a confrontation? You can be charge with assault.

You could tell that Matthew was very disturb with this new charge and I felt bad for the guy!

I asked Ron Bubar is he had the episode on film?

He told me that he went behind a tree to use his cell phone therefore he missed the whole episode.

It always seem to work out that way eh?

The poor filmer spend hours and hours waiting for some action to happen and in a slip second it happens and it’s over!

Ron looked disappointed but what can you do? What’s done is done!!!

I noticed a reporter from L’Acadie Nouvelle standing out front of City Hall and he didn’t have a clue what had just happen!

He didn’t believe me! He asked a police officer but not a whisper from City’s Finest.

I told the reporter that I shouldn’t tell him nothing because this is my story!

I suggested that he should asked Matthew Glenn himself and he did.

It was printed in the French paper the morning after.

Matthew told me that he has to appear in court at 9:00am on October 4th!

He didn’t look too happy with the whole situation.

For a minute, I forgot why I was in that area in the first place?

It’s Acadian Day!!!!

I looked around for an Acadian Flag so once Matthew began shouting through his blowhorn?

I would go in front of him with a look that I can’t hear him with a huge Acadian flag in hand!

Hey? Great picture for this blog.

The ceremony began and I noticed that the bigots were awfully quiet!

To my great disappointment, they were gathering their stuff and were leaving.


I quickly marched across the streets asking questions?

I was so curious that I totally forgot the Mayor that was being introduced.


Matthew told me that he was going home.

He added that he likes the Acadian Lieutenant Governor. It was just the City that he despised because they won’t fly the Anglo flag!


They headed toward their vehicles with their heads down and I followed them to say good bye.


I shouted- See ya later Matthew! Hang in there!

I felt bad for my bigot buddy. I took a picture and turned around to attend the Acadian ceremony.

During the past hour, I was a little hyper because of all the actions going around.

I turned around heading to the front of City and guess what who standing right behind me with a video camera in hand!

A police Officer!!!!

He told me in a polite way that I should leave them alone and go join your party!


I reminded the officer that this was Canada and we don’t use violence in this Country!


He didn’t quite believe my story.

I wonder why?

Once at the gathering my favorite priest Father Brien < I have known for 40 years > gave a little prayer,


Andy Scott as usual gave a good Charles De Gaulle speech and also present was Keith Ashfield from the Lord Government.

We had a good time and lets not forget the Mayor who gave a fantastic presentation!


Going back to my bigot buddy?

I phoned over his place the day after and left a message on his answering machine.

I wish that I knew the young Acadian that he supposed to have assaulted?

I would encourage the guy to drop the charge because he shouldn’t have touch these signs in the first place and Matthew should have kept his cool like a good

I believe he was discourage of the small amount of people who showed up to denounce the raising of the Acadian Flag.

These charge should be drop because it will only bring back in the forefront the issue of the Acadians and the members of the Anglo Society! New Brunswickers
don’t need this!


I hope Matthew’s charges are drop and I believe that he has learned a valuable lesson.

Maybe Matthew should stay away from the Acdian celebration.


If I was the guy? I would concentrate of getting the Justice building to fly the Union Jack!

On that issue, he would surely get the public support from both cultures.

I wish Matthew the very best of luck in the future!



I just emailed a complaint to the Atlantic Press council. The Irvings have blocked my email to all the newspapers in the Province of New Brunswick! I can't send a letter to the editor!!

Lets see what's going to happen! Evil Empire? Germany all over again??? You tell me????


I sent this letter to the Press Council

Long time no chat!

I want to complain about the issue of the Irvings for a momment.

I tried to send a letter to the editor but my email was blocked!

The editor couldn't get my letter.

So therefore the Irvings have blocked my email address to all the newspapers in new Brunswick.

You have shown me in the past that you agree with the Irvings that no critical letters of the Irvings will be printed.

I expect you to investigate this issue!

By the way? I added you to my email list!

I'm a bloggler now and I already blog this sad day in democracy in New Brunswick!

Please investigate!