Wednesday, August 10, 2005



I just been told that these three individuals were refuse to serve on the LNG Committee??? Anyone out there with some info? Let me know!!!









A few people told me - Charlie? You are not accomplishing nothing with your blogs!

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Hey? I don’t care! My goal is to educate the public on different issues and that’s the way it goes!

It’s a hobby of mine and it’s a darn shame that I don’t get paid for doing this BS!!!! But I enjoy it!!!

By the way. I wrote that 5 people died during the past month because of Alcoholism. This guy reminded me the number was six!


You know something? This is a story that the media should investigate but they won’t and that’s a darn shame!

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Another problem the Alcololics and junkies goes through in the Capital is degrading!!!

Once they go into the family Services these so call case workers will shout at you throught these open cubicles - So? Do you still have a alcohol problem?

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These workers are refusing to give privacy to the poor and this is not right!

These private conversations should be held in private!

The reason they are following this style is to make certain they don’t return! This is sickening!

They’re on the streets and no one cares!

The waiting list for the people to be on Methadone is huge. Here it is!!!!


I received this email a few hours ago! Read this one!!!

Charles, here are the numbers as of yesterday.

Methadone Update - August 9, 2005

1. The number of people who are currently in the Methadone Program.

2. The number of people who are currently on the Methadone Program
waiting list.

Addiction Services - Moncton:

1) 145 people in program
2) 179 people on waitlist (100 of the 179 are from Region 1)

Addiction Services - Saint John:

1) 52 people in program
2) 126 people on waitlist (97 of the 126 are from Region 2)

Addiction Services - Fredericton

1) 78 people in program
2) 98 people on waitlist (22 of the 98 are from Region 1)

Addiction Services - Miramichi

1) 111 people in program
2) 174 people on waitlist (114 of the 174 from Region 7)

FYI, people could be on a wait list for more than one centre. Before
admitting clients, each clinic checks with the other to ensure the
client is not receiving service elsewhere.

The scary part is that many people don't bother to be on that list because of the waiting time!!!

While these addicted people wait for their Methadone they will go on a crime spree by breaking in people’s home or sell their bodies on the streets!

Many will spread AIDS among the population and at the end?

The Government will pay dearly!

The kids are taking away from the addicted parent. The chance are they will be all screwed up and becoming a welfare recipient!


At the end, the Government will take care of them! Can you imagine the cost?

Aids, herpes and other deceases. It’s just terrible!

But as I wrote in the past, Bernard Lord just don’t care! Too bad so sad!!!!


During my six months protest, I decided to go at U.N.B. and Saint Thomas to collect some signatures.

I was right in the middle of the students and they knew better than the adults that there was a major problem with Ritalin on the campus!


No….these kids don’t have ADHD!

They snorts the Ritalin to pass their exams!

Can you imagine the state of mind our next generations going to be like?

Then again? The Government just don’t care!

Ottawa and New Brunswick must get together on this issue as soon as possible. This is a epidemic that must be confronted head on as soon as possible.

But then again? There’s many bureaucrats in the Capital who says- Who cares? Everyone has a choice in life! This is where the problem lies!


Higher up people look down at the poor and don’t care!

It’s so bad that I know of one addicted individual who’s on Dilaudid. The guy is totally out of control.

He steals and steals but he has only lasted in jail for a few weeks! The family wish that he would do longer time in jail but this never happen? You wish to
know why?

He’s a diabetic and he’s a bad one. Once in Jail, they have to transfer him at the hospital while a guard watches over him! My God? That cost a lot of
money to keep him behind bars.


So? What do they do?

They release the guy early and he does on a crime spree again and the police won’t touch him! I’m telling ya! The situation is totally out of control.


It’s just a matter of times till everything goes totally out of control in this Province. We need Methedone locations in all area of the Province as
sson as possible.


People are lobbying the Federal Government to give more money to other countries but

Shouldn’t we take care of the problems in our own country first?

Prescription drug is a major problem in this Province but these bureaucrats just
don’t care!!!! This Province is going down very fast!!!