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I told you readers that many people are coming to me with their sad stories. Here's one of them.

Hello Charles,
Here is the article I told you I'd write for your blog, please keep my name anonymous.

On Friday, July 7, 2006, my boyfriend and I wer enjoying a night of drinking in the Tannery. When te bars were gearing down we decided to leave.

On our way out of the Tannery we saw two friends who were playing hand drums, trying to make some extra cash.

Pictures 070

We stopped to listen to them play, then at exactly 2:00 a.m. the Fredericton City Police's finest came over and told them to stop playing.

This is a usual occurrence in the Tannery, we know this because we sometimes play the drums there too for extra cash. The police often say "stop playing" with an "or else" tone in their voices.

We have questioned them before about this, and have tried to explain to them that themoney we make is for important things like food, and we make the most of our money aftre the bars close.

However, the police do not seem to understand the fact that not everyone has money in this city, and sometimes you need to go to your fellow human being for assistance in order to survive.

We have noticed over the few years we have been playing outside the Tannery that many of the usual fights that occur aftre the bars close are greatly reduced because people are happy, they're dancing, and having a good time.

On this particular night my boyfriend decided to question the police again about the 2 a.m. shutdown.

They were young police officers and seemed to have an urge to assert their autority. They were standing in the usual police way, with arms crossed, stern looks and ready to pounce at a moments notice.

What struck us as odd was the fact that not one minute after they told our friends to stop playing that a procession of 10 Harley Davidson's thundered by, and the police took no notice of them.

We held up our ams to the police as if to say "Aren't you going to do something about THIS noise?" We approached the police and questioned them on their decision to stop one noise and allow another, much more drowning and annoying noise, to continue.

They sternly and in a very defensive tone told us that we cannot expect them to run after a line of Harley's on the street. I started to wonder if the radios they were carrying were only for show.


We began to question them again, and that's when they got upset with us. One police officer (his name we didn't get) told us he had heard enough from us, and to move on. When we asked if we lived in a democracy, the other police officer said plainly "No you don't live in a democracy, this is a dictatorship."


This statement greatly concern us. If this police officer believes we live in a dictatorship than the actions of the police force in our area are soon becoming clear.


Is this the opinion of one police officer, or are they being trained to think in these terms. It seems lately that this is how they are trained, and how they rule this city. You can't do much in this city without the police taking action and City Hall making up crazy by-laws to make those actions legal.

It seems, to me, that the extreme noise of all these Harley Davidson's in this city is more intrusive and painfully loud than stopping a street performer with a hand drum, or a guitar.


As for us citizens of Fredericton, beware that your constitutional rights under a democratic country are not accepted in this city.


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Will the Canadian flag be lowered? Of course not!!! He's just following George Bush style.

I truly believe this could be a major issue during the next Federal election!

But what do I know?

My deepest sympathy to the family.


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Sorry Robert but you’re not allowed inside!!!!


I notice this vendor selling his products from across the streets from the Farmer’s Market Saturday morning.

Being Charles, I had to asked a few questions?

From what Robert tells me he has to be on a waiting list inside the Market. < Which could take years I guess > He pays rent $200.00 per week for his stand.

I bumped into the nice guy that same evening after investigating the Rat issue at the Fredericton Shelter.


He sells nice hot dogs and sausages.

The point here is should he wait so long to get a spot at the Farmer’s Market?

Alos, I wonder if the Fredericton Police Force would arrest the guy for selling his hot dogs on the streets?



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I almost sh@t in my pants tonight. I was watching television and blogging away until I heard a BIG BANG!!!!

It rocked the whole building!!!

I mean really loud.

I felt tike I was in Iraq. I quickly went for my camera and ran outside the door.

I had my shirt inside out and my sneakers weren’t even tied.

Once in the hallway, I forgot my camera.

Once outside everyone was standing around but there was no fire or nothing.

It was transformer that blew up and there was no power for 5 hours.

It was really hot in this building so I didn’t stick around. I just arrived to the building a few minutes ago.

It was hot without a fan. I can now understand in place like Iraq when they say they had no power for months!!!! Can you imagine living in that part of the world?

My apologies to Tom Mann....

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I just learned the reason that I was banned from the Legislature and if I would have been in Tom Mann shoes? I would have took the same action.

Only one problem?

It's a big lie!!!!! I sent an email to Nick Brown < Tanker's assistant > asking for a meeting.

I am furious!!!!! I won't go public with this one but I will say that it's because of a government employee who went out on stress leave and my name was mention.

This is very serious stuff!!!! If Tanker's staff don't reply to my email < which they didn't > I will have to go public with this one and that employee will be truly stress out after this one.

I just can't believe how a person could convict a person on here say.

I must remain calm till my court dat on July 25th but if this issue isn't dealt with as soon as possible?

Well? There's nothing worst than a Blogger who's truly upset!!!!

Once again, my apology to Tom Mann and to think that I was going to go to his office in the morning for answeres. I got my answers and I'm not happy at all!!!!

Stay tune!!!

Very hot yesterday and thank god for this little gift....

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Could this attracts the hundreds of rats to the Frdericton shelter and Soup Kitchen???

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Here's a site you don't see too often!!!!

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Can a person have a drink in peace in this City????

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One is bad enough but two???

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Must be hard to handle them?

Go away!!!! You hurt my feelings the last time you took a picture for your stupid blog!!!!!

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Click here for past blog....



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Lately, I have been approached by many people on the streets about different issues and this was surely the case yesterday at the Fredericton Soup Kitchen.

I was told that in the evenings the Emergency Shelter and the Soup Kitchen are invaded by hundreds of rats.

I never make it a habit hanging around outside the kitchen because it’s a different level of life than mine.

It’s a atmosphere of drugs and alcohol. They hang around in the back and this is not a bad move because it keeps these poor souls in one area.

If they didn’t have a place to hang out? They would be all across the City. It’s their little area and no one bothers them.

Being Charles, I just had to investigate.

I asked a few people and I could tell by the looks on their face that the story about rats invaded the area is indeed true.

So? I decided that at Midnight last night, I would pay the area a visit.

I don’t feel safe in that area but I just had to see it with my own eyes.

It was almost a full moon and I had my camera right in front of me in my pouch.

You never know what could happen if these people knew that I had a camera with me?

They have their own little world and they don’t take kindly of strangers taking pictures of them.

Once there, I noticed 8 of them siting on the ground and they were very quiet.

I walked further and saw a couple.

I asked them - Where’s the rats???

In a matter of seconds, I saw a rat running across the yard.

Is it the garbage bin that's attracts them?

Minutes later, I saw a mother rat running with 2 baby rats following close by.

I stayed there for around 30 minutes and Rats I saw.

Not hundreds but a lot.

The couple was sitting down while I was in the middle of the yard waiting to take the perfect picture.

I was told that the rats were in a small amount tonight.

There were big rats all around and I had a milk cart in one hand while the other was holding my camera. I took this picture and you can clearly see two baby rats.


Just looking for the evidence. The perfect picture. Pretty bad when you wish to take a picture of a large rat for a blog?

I waited and waited but I did manage to get this shot.

The couple left to join the others near the river.

I was all alone while I could hear the many rats jumping behind the fence.

Charles 04_07_05 091

Call me a whimp but I saw or heard enough!!!

I was a little scare just being there alone with all the rats around.

I guess the people who lives in a tent told me that the rats were jumping all over the tents during the evenings.


Very scary stuff!!!!

I chatted with people who has been in the area for years and they told me that this year is the worst they even saw it.

So? Why is the rat population so large this year?


Is it safe for the people to walk around that area?

Should the Province or the City be concern over this issue?

Or it is ok because it’s only poor people involved?

Someone should investigate this issue.

I guess in the evenings it’s a carpet of rats running around in groups.

Stay tune!!!!

The most beautiful sunset of the year last night...

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