Tuesday, July 19, 2005


After I chatted with the Rentalman, I made a stopover at the Ombudsman office.

Bernard Richard is the best investment this Province has ever made. He's the best!


I told him my little experience and gave the guy a copy of the Rentalman booklet.

There's no protection for the poor people who live as a boarder or roomer.

It's bad enough that the Welfare office in Fredericton do not grant a poor person a conversation in private but now this?

We can't go to those Racist members of the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission because that would definitely be a waste of time and effort.

I learned that six people died in the building so therefore I was really concern.

I was told that the place smell like oil.

The environment Department after receiving a complaint did a test in the basement but they never did a follow up.

I found this very strange so I phoned the Department.

I quickly learned that the guy who was in charge of the test never did a follow up.

He retired and no one investigated this issue from the Environment Department.

I must give credit where it's due! I phone a guy up< won't mention his name > and he move very quickly on this urgent issue.

There should be more bureaucrats like this guy!

But I must admit that the Landlord wasn't please to learn that he had more work to do.

He went next door to the Lady who first made the complaint and jack up her rent 100 dollars!!!

Mind you, he took 100 dollars off because she always collected the rent but he decided to let the homeless guy take charge.

The lady suspects that it's because the environment Department called and told the landlord to clean up the basement.

Just last week, I was told there was still some work to be done.

I wasn't done yet!

I didn't feel the building was safe, The light swifts are old. They are the same the old farm house use to have.

You turn right or left to light the place up!

The homeless guy now caretaker was so bad that he told a tenant to unplug his radio once he didn't used it because it used electricity.

Myself, I told the guy that I have going to get more lighting in my room but he told me that I couldn't because it was spending too much megawatts!

He even gave the orders that no one could used the oven because it would run the electricity bill!

It was just a terrible place to be in.

He would go outside everyday and look at the electrical meter and take notes.

I might add that it was cold during the winter evenings but what could a person do?

One tenant wanted to complain but he said that he didn't make enough money on social assistant so therefore he couldn't afford the damage deposit!

This is where the problem lies right there!

These people such as the homeless guy knows he has you so he can get away with murder.

I seen the homeless guy sweeping the floor and he clean the counter with the floor broom!

The tenants used that area to cook for their meals.

After I told the others what the caretaker did? They were very upset but couldn't complain because he was in control and he had the power.

The caretaker noticed that I didn't speak to him ever since the time he confronted Tim Smith with a knife.

I told the guy that once I turned against a person? I turn!

I told the landlord about this problem and he told me that it was out of his hand because Maurice the homeless guy was in charge!

I replied- He's in charge???

Maurice had a smile on his face because finally he had the power to continue his deed against the tenants at 114 Brunswick Street!

Tim Smith came to the Capital for his protest and I once again invited Tim for a coffee.

This time around, the situation turned really ugly.

Maurice confronted Tim and told him that he wasn't allowed in the building and called the Fredericton Police Forces.

I will let Tim explain his experience in this case.

It was chaos and there's nothing a person could do about this awful situation.

We had a madman in control and no where to turn!

Then I found out that the place was tested for uffi!!!!

Then I was really out of control to learned more about my rights!

Stay tune for more on this issue in the morning!!!!



New Brunswick Family Services discriminates against the Natives in this province and I have many sad tales to say about this issue in the next few weeks! This is the reason that it's so important that the Natives wins the Supreme Court case in the morning! It's the only way for the Natives to survive? I don't believe the Irvings can buy our top judges???? Can they???



It's a big night for Casey Leblanc, and the people in her hometown of Nackawic.

Leblanc will sing amongst the top 10 Canadian Idol finalists for the first time, and try to convince Canada to vote for her. For the next 10 weeks, one person will be eliminated.

People in Nackawic like Natasha Cronkhite hope Aliant has fixed the problem that happened the last time they tried voting for Leblanc.

"You couldn't get a dial tone, and you we're waiting and waiting and waiting," said Cronkhite, "and I just thought there was something wrong with my phone line but I called my other friends and they were going through the same thing and we we're just going crazy because we couldn't do the voting like we wanted to, so."

Leblanc performs at nine tonight on CTV.

Roly MacIntyre in the hospital!!!

My prayers are with Roly during his time in the hospital!


This is Roly's long time friend Pat Pelley. She was the brain behind Roly's first term in office!