Wednesday, November 16, 2005


I don’t feel like writing but I must do a blog on my final day of the bi-election in Saint John.


Myself and Tim Smith teamed up with Paul < Liberal worker > and began going house to house asking the citizens if they wish to have a ride to the polls?


We soon found out that the P.C.’s were ahead of us. They were up and early to gather the voters.

We were also told that a few did take a ride but voted Liberal at the polls.

I soon found out that it wasn’t an easy task asking the citizens to go and vote.

These people from the riding of Saint John Harbour haven’t had a moment of peace since Bernard Lord announced the date of the election.


They were beginning to feel the stress and it showed by their attitude.

It was bad enough they were invaded by strangers but now they believe that the workers couldn’t believe they could go and vote on their own. < I don’t blame them >

We did collect a few votes but I wasn’t happy!

I came out with a great idea!!!!

I learned that many people always confront myself and Tim on different issues.

Why not hang around in front of Prince Edward Mall and once a person approached me and I would direct them to the van!

I soon found out that many just refuse to vote!

They weren’t interested because in their mind it didn’t matter which political is in power. They’re all the same!!!

I will find out about this once Shawn Graham is elected Premier on October 16th, 2007!

I waited six years to have a study done of the reason 48,000 kids are force on Ritalin in New Brunswick. We all have a goal in life and this is mine. Opppssss jumping story here.

We decided just to go on the streets just to remind the citizens in the area to go and vote!

Tim Smith has ADHD and I always told anyone who would listen that I can keep up with him.

I’m not worried about it! But let me tell you one thing???

This guy is a runner and full of energy. There’s no way in the world that I can keep up with the energetic individual.

You must understand that he’s a single father and once he dressed up his beautiful daughter for school, he soon leaves the building and runs at the Liberal headquarters.


He would continue to campaign all day long until his daughter came home from school at around 2:30pm.

He would run down the hill and locate her a place to play with her friends and run back up to rally the troops.

Well, today, I gave up and told Tim that I wasn’t going to run down the hill.

I would see him around but I would continue to remind the citizens to vote.


I noticed the homeless individual hanging around in front of the Hooton headquarters and he seems to enjoy the attention.

He quickly jumped up without a moment notice for a photo shoot with me.


I also noticed that the workers from the P.C. party who smoke cigarettes soon found out that it’s not an easy task to go outside for a smoke.

The word quickly spread among the poor that there were smoking workers who were to willing to give them a smoke.


I mean? You’re not going to deny a smoke during an election eh? bad these people don't give out smokes in the Capital? This is the normal way they give out cigarettes in the Capital!


We were told that a worker told a homeless person that if he could locate 15 people to vote? They would give the individual a carton of smoke? Is his true? That’s the story on the streets.

I walked around and bumped into a few politicians and we took pictures. I even bumped into my cousin Freddy at the headquarters.


We debated the outcome of the election and I told everyone that Bernard Lord will get slaughtered at the polls tonight!!!

There’s no question about it!

MLA’S from both political parties told me that they didn’t have a clue there were so many poor families in this riding.

Many told me that they could smell the marijuana once they entered the building.

My answer? If you believe this is bad? What about the Prescription drug problem that you cannot smell?

This is the reason that I have been fighting for the need of a methadone clinic for the last 6 years.

The situation in this riding is indeed a sad one.

These people have been ignored for years and then suddenly they are wanted?


Something is very wrong here!

Even Bernard Lord said that it opened his eyes?

Once the election is over, lets see what’s going to happen during the next few months? Oppsss jumping again……

At around 4:30pm. I decided to go with Victor Boudreau at a poll on St James Street.


Once there, I noticed Bruce Fitch and Claude William.


I always enjoy chatting with these two P.C. individuals and this time was no exception.

I told Bruce that this evening his party will get slaughtered and he must lead the revolt with the knives against Bernard Lord.


Of course, he didn’t agree!…

You must understand that I lived in a tent for six months and these people were my neighbors and I got to know all of them pretty good.

I began having a good personal chat with Claude William until the homeless guy quickly intervened in our conversation and demanded that Claude spent some time with him.

I was surprised that Claude said- Ok….

I couldn’t understand what was the goal of the Bernard Lord team having this guy hand around the poll???

The first picture the voters were greeted with was this guy with a stick in hand?


I soon found out that the voters were in no mood to chat with the MLA’S!

They look angry!

I told this to Bruce Fitch but he deny the voters looked upset.

I bumped into a few people that I haven’t seen in years.


Minutes later, a tall individual approached me and told me in a very angry mood that I had no education and I was ineffective!!!

He quickly grabbed my attention because he was bigger than me and I knew this guy was angry and mad at me but I played along and said- Ineffective????? My God! That’s a long word!!!!

It’s the guy in the green baseball hat.


He continue to degrade me in front of others.

I said to myself - This guy is going to hit me? Good!!! Lets see if I still have it???? Lets get this hypertension out from my system! I love a good old fashion fist fight but I haven’t had one in three years.

I went face to face with the jerk by reminding the individual that if he’s telling me that you have to be educated to be a politician???

I turned my back and Claude William was looking at me with his eyes wild open!


In a very soft voice, I asked Claude en francais who the hell was that guy?

He answered with a very soft answer- Micheellleeeee,…….

I replied- Huh?????

He continued by saying- Micheelllleeeeeeee!!!!!!

I almost took a heart attack and said - You mean to tell me that guy behind me is Michelle Hooton Husband????

He knotted his head to tell me that it was indeed Michelle’s partner.

I quickly told the nice P.C. Mla that I was getting the hell out of here after my smoke.

I waved to all the politicians and left the area.

I told Tim Smith what has just happened and I told the Liberal Party if Michelle Hooton wins this election? We’re in big trouble!!!

You mean that this guy is going to be in the Capital and bully his way around?

The public must be warned that Michelle Hooton hubby is a big faux pas!

Why would he confront me anyway???? All I do is blog and get on the talk show at CFBC!!! Why would he be so upset? It just doesn’t make any sense whatsoever!!!

In Canada, we should be able to debate issues in a friendly way and not lower ourselves to violence.

If the Liberals believed that I was making up this story?

Well, This guy did the same action to Ivan Court at the Liberal celebration that evening.

Everyone was having a good time and Michelle Hooton showed up to congratulate Dr. Doherty.


She waited until the new elected MLA was done with his speech! I noticed her hubby standing behind her and you could tell that he was angry!

I seen Dale Graham and waved to him and he waved back!

I almost went to Michelle Hooton husband and say - So??? Am I still ineffective???

For once I decided to keep my big mouth shut!!!!

The big bully told Ivan Court to go and F@CK HIMSELF!!!!


Ivan flipped and all hell almost broke lose once his brother Bruce decided to join in the confrontation!


There’s no need for that bully to act this way and in my opinion this is one of the reason she lost.

I never get personal in these blogs but he’s the one that came right to my face to degrade me.


My protest helped me a lot. I learned to keep my temper in check because I had many angry confrontations in front of the Legislature but I still have a bad side of me and once I lose it? Look out!!!…..

The evening went good, My god?

There’s a lot of people who reads my blog or listens to the talk show!!! I heard all kinds of comments.


I had many beers because I had a very stressful day and I didn’t eat.

Maybe I had too many drinks because I fell on my back out of the back at around 2:30am!!!...It was time to go home with Tim!!!….

Hey? Even the poor deserve a good release once in a while! I had a great time! < from what I remember >

Mind you, I didn’t do much the next day! I paid the price.

Yes, the election is over and Bernard Lord told the media that he heard the message loud and clear!


I believe he said the same line two years ago and that’s for another blog in the future.

Tim Smith should be congratulated for a job very well done!


Good work Tim and I’m looking forward to work side by side with you during the next Provincial election!!!!!


Please excuse the style and grammar of this blog because I just wrote it send it out in the information Highway!!!!!


By the way? he homeless guy was seen sitting in front of a empty Hooton's headquarters. Did someone bothered to tell the poor guy that evryone is gone to Fredericton?????



NB Telegraph-Journal | Saint John
As published on page B6 on November 16, 2005

Councillors promise civility following bruising byelection

Click to zoom (Peter Walsh/Telegraph-Journal)
Ralph Hooton, left, has words with Saint John city councillor Ivan Court following Monday's byelection where Mr. Hooton's wife Michelle fell to Liberal candidate Dr. Ed Doherty.
By John Chilibeck

They're both promising best behaviour.

Two city councillors who openly supported opposing sides in the byelection campaign for Saint John Harbour say they'll have no problem getting along in the council chambers.

Ivan Court backed the Liberals and was often seen with his brother Bruce Court, who marshalled the anti-LNG protesters. They fanned out across the riding, dropping off 7,000 pamphlets and asking voters not to forget that the Lord government had supported the favourable tax deal for Irving Oil's liquefied natural gas terminal.

The city councillor also got in a bizarre exchange with the Conservative candidate's husband on election night.

Mr. Court says Ralph Hooton started the brouhaha by whispering something nasty in his ear at the Liberal celebration as he passed by with his wife, Conservative Michelle Hooton, who had just conceded to her rival, Ed Doherty. Mr. Court followed the couple out in the atrium and asked him to repeat himself with members of the media present.

Almost 24 hours later, Mr. Court was still angry about what happened, but blamed nothing on Mrs. Hooton.

"There's no problem for me. The election's over, the sun is up, it's a new day, you go on," he said Tuesday afternoon. "But Ralph Hooton owes me an apology, and his wife an apology. He should be man enough to apologize."

Mr. Court denied there would be any ill feelings during common council, where Mrs. Hooton still continues as deputy mayor. The two have clashed before on several issues, including over the introduction of a partial ward system, which Mrs. Hooton favours and Mr. Court opposes.

"Listen, we all have friends in all the politicial parties. When the election's over, we all work together."

Mrs. Hooton was not answering calls Tuesday, but her cousin and fellow council member was available.

Stephen Chase openly supported Mrs. Hooton's bid. On the night of her nomination for the Conservatives, vandals spray-painted his van and his car, a crime Mr. Chase accused LNG opponents of committing. But he denies there's any acrimony between him and Mr. Court.

And like his fellow councillor, he predicts no trouble at City Hall.

"I think diplomacy will prevail. Michelle will not allow personal politics to get in the way of doing her job.

"If there were words exchanged between Ivan and Mr. Hooton, I'm certain he won't bring that to the council table because he's someone who strives for the best interests of the city."

Mr. Chase acknowledges, however, that some debates have been getting a little personal around the council horseshoe lately.

"Personal politics does creep in from time to time, that's the nature of the beast, but where everyone being hypersensitive to it right now, people will work hard to avoid any clashes, I'm sure."


Last week, the New Brunswick human rights Commission accepted my complaint against the staff at the Legislature. Anyone wish to be the first one to do a story on this very sad story? I can be contacted at

Charles 04_07_05 119


I heard that a former P.C. candidate who ran against Elizabeth Weir during the last provincial election will be the new Child advocate for this province. Maybe some other reader can add to this story?


His eyes are now open!!! I think?????







Hi Charles


I know you are busy but take a break for this one.

Saint John has had the same Santa for a quite a few years and he has spent so much money on looking so real; $300 suit, rabbit hair on eye brows, boots, makeup he is the real Santa most genuine, personalable, thoughtful, carrying Santa, there for the children. Deep voice, rosy cheeks and very tall and heavy.

THe Mayor and Deputy Mayor hired a new one their friends. What can we do to correct a wrong before our Christmas Parade this weekend, Nov 19th?

Mayor and Deputy Mayor fired Santa!

Keep santa's name confidental.

I passed this onto to you confidental; he doesnot know what can be done. He has called one councillor and hopefully with exposure he gets his job back. He has beautiful pictures so maybe Tim Smith can get in contact with him uptown because he lives on Duke St.

Please help if possible. Don't cover this story unless you get his permission first; he a taxi driver so you may not get a return call right away.