Friday, April 08, 2005


Yesterday was a very hectic day! Even for a person who suffers from ADHD < PROUD OF IT > it was very draining.

I met a guy and together we went around the City with a digital Camera! We must have taken close to 100 photos.

Pictures from the Premier of this Province to the poor homeless people on the streets!

These photos will appear in this blog during the next few weeks! We can’t paste all the photos at once because I have to write a comment under each one but keep an eye on this site for more news!

It’s not everyone who wanted their pictures taken with me. I wonder why?…

While walking towards the Legislature, I notice T.J. Burke < Liberal MLA > coming out from the Legislature.

I told the photographer - I know T.J. is going to say no but out of politeness? I’ll ask the newly elected MLA for a picture?

As predicted T.J. denied my invitation but I didn’t really care anyway. It’s just for a souvenir.

T.J. hasn’t spoken to me since the time that I gave the guy a blast for distracting me while I was making a presentation to the Standing Committee.

Where’s the story?

Let me look if I can locate the darn update?

Here it is

Wed, 17 Nov 2004 06:09:15

Yesterday was the day of my presentation and I wasn’t impressed at all!

They transferred the room to the floor of the Legislature because they’re doing some fixing in the normal room!

This was the first time that I made a presentation to a Legislative Committee in 15 years.

I recalled giving a presentation for the need of a new Clean air act in 1991! The politicians listen to my little speech and as a matter of fact? Elvy Robichaud was in the opposition rank and I praised him because he fought for the New Brunswickers rights!

Look at him now? Today he’s the Minister and you know the rest…

I made my presentation about the need for a new clean air act and that was that!

This time around? I wasn’t nervous but it was different because they put you in the hallway and you cannot hear the person inside speaking before you!

During the old ways the people sat in the same room! I felt like someone waiting to go into a courtroom to hear my faith with a jury!

Once there? The Liberals were on my right and the P.C.’S on my left!

I began to speak and in the corner of my eye, I noticed T.J. Burke speaking in the ear of Mike Murphy.

Mike never said a word and T.J. just kept on yakking.

I must admit that this act really bothered me. The rest of the MLA’S listen closely but I couldn’t stop being distracted by T.J. whispering in Mike Murphy ear.

After 15 minutes, I told the newly elected MLA that he was bothering and distracting me???

He quickly answered- I know! I know it’s bugging ya! That’s the reason I’m doing it!!!

He looked up in the audience on many occasions to see if they were paying attention to what I was saying?

At the end, he did give me a comment and sort of said- We have known each other for over a year and we see you around the Legislature every day! He went on to give his own views on the dog issue!

I felt like he was telling the audience that I should be ignored because I’m not working and I hang around the Legislature.

My presentation came to an end and I was told by a few MLA’S that my presentation was good! I don't believe that I presented my facts in a good way because of the distraction! Hey? There's still the talk shows??

I believe they were just being polite but I quickly confronted T.J. Burke and told him that he should be taking his Ritalin!

I have since spoken to a few politicians about T.J. Burke attitude in the House and I guess that he always talk to people in his surrounding while the opposition gives out a speech!

I find this very very very ignorant!

I didn’t enjoy the way I made my presentation because I was distracted by this MLA?

In the past, I seen myself making a point in front of 1,000 people and they don’t bother me if people whispers to each other ears but in this case? It was right beside me!

There’s a place to joke around and play but the Legislature isn’t the place.

Students sits in the gallery and what do they see? A bunch of grown men speaking to each other while someone gives a speech!

If T.J. Burke wants some respect from his fellow MLA’S and the public?

He must first show respect to others!

No…I wasn’t nervous before my presentation but if I would have known T.J. Burke was going to act like this?

I would have to told the Chairman Jody Carr to put T.J. in his shoes right at the beginning!

That was the story and since I’m a fair minded individual?

Here was T.J.’s response-

Thu, 18 Nov 2004 09:03:24

Charles - you are unequivocally and undeniable falsifying what occurred yesterday. I spoke to Mr. Murphy during your interview only to clarify what you had said en francais. I did not have my
translation device on at that time. Also, you did not confront me about taking Ritalin. Since I do not require ritalin for any reason, medical or otherwise, I feel your suggestion that I take it is inflammatory and disrespectful to those who suffer from the medical diagnosis which requires the presecription. Certainly
Charles, respect is a two way street. I am more than disgusted at your false allegations and the way you chose to diseminate your one sided stories. I believe others are as well, that is why I have chosen to write back to you and defend not only my integrity and
respect for the legislature but the so many other individuals you so calously besmirch.

You know what? I’m the type who can dish it and also can take it but it’s not everyone who’s like me!

Of course, I bumped into A highly respected P.C. executive. Terry Andow and he also denied my request because he’s still upset of what I wrote about Bernard Lord staff denying me the right to call the Premier on a talk show a few weeks ago!

Hey? These people wishes to hold grudges? I really don’t care and will continue to speak out on issues that I don’t feel is right! C’est la vie!

WCIE wrote a piece on the pregnant girl yesterday with the pictures of evidence.

This morning, I was at the Cafeteria in the Legislature and I noticed Trevor Holder sitting down!

I asked Trevor if he saw the pictures of the pregnant woman on my blog site?

He told me that he didn’t!

Seconds later, a bureaucrat from Family Services quickly showed the pictures to the MLA and he added – There’s two side to every story?

Well? What’s the side of Family Services? How come they don’t go and chat with the girl? Doesn’t make any sense!

Ok..I was so exhausted last night that I didn’t bother phoning the talk show. I just laid back with a coffee and took notes of what issues were debated.

1-caller< Dalhousie > Nursing Home

2-Fredericton – Praise the Premier of the way she was treated in the hospital. She had Cancer and was taken care of after 7 months. Also the HST should be remove from her light bill and Gas is too high

3-Saint John- Nursing Home< Premier should join them for one day of work!

4-Campbellton- House should be able to be renovated? The Senior called office but never called hr back
5-Saint John -VLT’S by Tim Smith! Poor Tim, he called minutes before the break and read his letter that he sent to the premier. I did learn something? Bernard Lord reads his emails? He told the audience that he receives around 2,500 emails a day! Never once in his six years of being Premier have I had an email from the Premier. Frank McKenna used to reply to his emails all the time. But anyway, the premier told Tim after the break that VLT’S are here to stay because New Brunswickers voted to keep them!

6-Campbellton- Dialogises Machines for Kidneys.

7-Dalhousie- Home support workers for Seniors. Premier told the audience that he was going to follow up himself on that issue

8-Sussex Corner- Drug Program

9-Moncton- Environment < restaurant at parlee beach>

10-Grand Bay- Grade 11 student about Teacher’s strike

11- Bathurst- Home support Workers

12-Hillbororough- Not time workers should get more money????

The Premier had an easy ride if you ask moi???? Mr. Volpe last week got slaughtered compare to the Premier and I wonder why? I predicted that he was going to receive many angry calls because he was on Rogers all week long telling the audience that he’ll be on Voice of the Province. I was 100% wrong on that one!!!

Charles 04_07_05 071

Yesterday, Mr.Volpe told me that he was going to appear on the French Talk show < Rogers >

I have a question? How come the French Talk Show isn’t showed in the Capital or Saint John?

I am certain that many Acadians would love to asked questions to the Finance Minister.

Ohhh??? By the way? The Lord Government almost fell yesterday and I should have known there was something going on because I asked Kelly Lambrock < MLA his interview with me is on this site > for a picture with me.

Anyway, I noticed that he had no time for a picture but he was all over the place. He walked in the Liberal building beside the Legislature, the Liberal building across the street and he even walked to the Legislature from behind the House.

He was all over the place and I wonder why?

Hours later, I found out the story. He was gathering all the Liberal MLA’s for a vote that could have bought down the Lord Government.

Here’s the story


Ok….I just or pasted way to much!!! Please excuse the grammar and style of this update because I just write the darn thing and send it along the information Highway! Have a good weekend!!!!