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I have been holding on to this story for weeks and I don’t know the reason?

Last month, Jacques Poitras did a little story on me and my blog.


I was a little nervous because I didn’t know how it would turned out? From the reaction I received on the streets? It turned out pretty good.

Jacques interviewed Denis Landry < MLA for Centre-PĂ©ninsule > he spoke pretty highly of my dedication for the issue of Ritalin.


I was surprised to hear Brad Green < Justice Minister > in the piece?

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He wasn’t quite supportive of my tactics but he was fair.

They played a part that I said that before Bernard Lord was elected Premier he made a commitment to me that a study on Ritalin will be done.

Once the interview ended? I was happy but all that ended once the host added this comment - A spoke person from the Premier’s office flatly denies that Premier Bernard Lord made any commitment to Mr.Leblanc to study the issue of Ritalin.

I was very upset! Someone in the Premier’s office is calling me a liar??? In front of the whole Province???

They told the listening audience that I was a liar???? Sorry but all gloves are off and this is war!!!!

I began to hunt down everyone I knew from the Premier’s office who could have called me a liar.

While helping Tim Smith to get organize for his one day protest in front of the Legislature.

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We walked in a alley and before entering? I told Tim – That’s Chisholm Pothier walking down the street?

Tim didn’t believe it was him but as the man on the streets in the Capital, I can spot these individual a mile away.

I set up my camera and BINGO I jumped on the sidewalk and sure enough it was Chisholm.

Once he saw the camera, he began to make a mad dash in a local restaurant.

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It was too late! I got him but I wasn’t done with the part time bureaucrat yet.

I was very stern with him and he knew it. I might add that Tim also notice that I was angry.

Chisholm denied that he ever told the media that I was a liar!

Days later, I noticed another member of the Premier’s staff walking down Regent Street.

I set up my camera and turned but Tim Porter also spotted me and I am certain that the word spread in the office that Charles was on a rampage with his camera.

He quickly made a sudden stop with his friend.

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I’m sure he said - What can I do to escape this nut with the camera?

So he began walking sideway and walked by me with out saying a word?

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I said- Are you the guy who called me liar to New Brunswickers????

He was walking like he was doing a dance step sideway.


All he needed was a little top hat and he could have become a great dancer….lol… He kept on going without saying a word.

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My next victim was a guy who’s always with the Premier and he’s a nice guy.

He’s a brayon from the Ednunston area.

I forgot his name because I always call him - Le Brayon.

I asked him the same question but gave the nice guy a choice?

Let me take a picture. Do you wish to do it the hard or easy way?

He choose the hard way and began walking away denying that he ever told CBC that I was a liar.

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So? These are the only individuals that I know but then again? There’s many people working in the Premier’s office. Rodney Weston?

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The list is long and I would love to know who called me a liar to the public?

These individuals I mentioned are not bad people.

They’re ok in my books.

But to call someone a liar is unacceptable!!!


The Premier did tell me in 1999 that he’ll do a study on Ritalin but once elected? He backed off the issue therefore he made the commitment that the drugging and the killing of our children will continue till October 15th, 2007!

Now? Who’s the true liar????


This is a story that was sent to me yesterday! There's more deaths and suicides in the States because of Ritalin. Here's the story!!!

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I just want to say thanks to all for the e-mail, asking me to bring back news_rumors?

It was very heartwarming and heart touching being truthful. This site is just all about trying to inform people as to what is happening, even though I'm no longer official media anymore.

If anyone has any Doubts about my dedication to community and Province in which I live, enclosed are a couple of documents which I have passed onto Charles for you to see.

My Body may be Disabled, but my Brain isn't, { However there are those who would Argue that :>) }

One document is when I was a past member of the RTNDA Retired member. { BTW- Sean is Irish Gaelic for John, which was my late Father's First Name.

And a letter from a former New Brunswick Premier for Community Concern.


Thanks to all & God Bless

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I received this email and I feel that it's a must read by the people who visits this site!!!


There has been a lot written about those who have ADHD and ADD but what about those who have hidden disabilities? Who will speak for these people?

They appear normal to those around them but upon closer inspection you can sense they are not.

My son, for example, started out with no signs of there being a problem with his thought process. He excelled in grade school.

It was not till he reach grade 5 that I began to notice a problem.

His grades started slipping and his teachers started to complain about his lack of attention in certain classes.

I tried explaining to his teachers that I felt that he has some form of learning problem and if there was a way he could be

I might as well beat my head against the wall for all the good
it did me.

The teachers felt that as his mother I was making excuses for
his behaviour.

When he was in grade six, during one of the parent teacher
meetings, I suggested, after listening to her complain about his acting up in class, that I attend school with him for the day.

She agreed as did all his other teachers.

So the next day I went to school with my son.

I watched him closely and although I did notice his lack of attention during some of his classes, I also noticed other students who were more disruptive as to behaviour than my son.

During lunch period, I pointed this out to his teacher and suggested that since my son seem to pay more attention when not
seated so close to certain students, she agreed to move him.

Now this did not correct the problem of his lack of attention during classes.

The one thing I did notice with my son and a few others in his class that when it came time to work on computers, the most inattentive child paid attention.

The battle between myself and my son's teachers continue right through to Grade 9, at which time my son became totally frustrated with school, by this time he had reached the age where I could no longer force him to attend school, he quietly left the education system.

The strange thing is none of the teachers noticed that he was no longer with them. No one called or sent letters to find out what happen to this child.

It was not till my son reached the age of 19 that what I had known all along was true.

He has ADD and another problem.

The name is one I can not remember let alone spell but I have been told how it works.

His mind does not process information like mine or anyone else. Most of us can multi task, remembering a list of things
that they need to do in a run of a normal day.

My son can not function that way. He can remember details of any movie or game he has played.

Starting from the beginning to the end. He notices things you and I may not but when it comes to something as simple as cooking Kraft dinner, he needs to be told step by step.

Most people know when they should shower, change their clothes
but my son needs to be told when to do these things. I am not exposing my son so he can be made fun of but to try to educate others about cases such as his.

To meet him, he looks like there is nothing wrong with him but
once you get to know him, you quickly realize that he is easily led.

Trust me I know that there are those out there that take advantage of people like him.

This is wrong but it happens everyday. Then we have those who need
someone to take care of them. They are not a menace to themselves or others but are in danger of being harm because of actions that others may find threatening.

Those who become frustrated easily and seem to need to be noticed right away. There is one such case of a person. He was getting messages at a certain place here in town. Yes, he get frustrated easily and when that happens he is hard to understand. Well now he has been told that he can not use this place to receive messages for one year.

His parents refuses to have anything to do with him.

Where he lives, the super is taking care of him, which is not a part of her job but she knows he needs someone to do it.

She has been trying to find help for him but every agency she has
called have all said the same thing. Sorry its not our department.

The Red Cross will do it, but for a price, and they then come in for two hours a day to clean.

What happens the rest of the time? Who will be there to make
sure this person is being taken care of. In the perfect world he would be in a special needs home.

You may asked why he is not in one?

The answer is simple enough. He ran away from two that he had been in. This should tell you something of how his mind works but due to this his name is now at the bottom of a very long list to get into such a place.

So, Charles, this is my question to you. You protested about the use of drugs for ADHD and brought it to the attention of the misuse of the drug Ritalin.(Forgive me if I misspell that).

Now how about getting something started about those who have hidden problems?

As well as the elderly in this province?

Did you know that if an elderly person wishes to remain in
their home it next to impossible to get them help so they can? To even reach help from meals on wheels, they must have access to what the person in question has in the bank?

Nursing homes are slowly becoming over crowed. With too few
workers to care for the residents. In some nursing homes, the residents are not allowed to smoke.

Can you imagine what it must be like for some of those who find themselves unable to remain in their own home and are place in
a nursing home?

To be in a strange place among strangers? The few apartments
that have gone up especial for seniors, you basically have to have a lot of money to live there.

So, what do you say, Charles, think something can be done to help these groups of people?

You said to write the article and you would do something with it.

Now here it is. I know it may sound a bit rambling in places but hey, it like after 3 am in the morning and I have had very little sleep but I have been putting off doing this for far too long.

Now I will wait and see if what I wrote appears in your bloq or not.