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I’m going to share a little personal story here. The reason that I’m going public with this one is because it happens every day in New Brunswick.


The bureaucrats and MLA’S wish to turn a blind eye on this issue so maybe this will open some eyes on what’s going on behind the scenes.

This is Pat.


Many readers have known her for years.

Pat has a very good heart.

I first came across this girl around six years ago and we lived together but we had problems.

At first, she enjoyed having a few drinks < just like yours truly >. We would go to the bars and have fun.

Pat took a job driving cabs and other jobs but there was a big problem.

She had a son who was on Dilaudid and trust me! If I had known what was coming? I would have never got involved with Pat.

Pat has a very good personality. She would always be there for others.

This meant for her son also. She would find a job and soon would be let go because her son would show up at the workplace looking for money for his next fixed.


Myself, I got a job but with all the noise at night. It was impossible to sleep at night.

The son started to do the drug in front of my eyes and this is the reason that I know so much about the drug situation in Saint John.

They would leave in a group and break into people homes so they could get their next fix for Dilaudid.

Myself, I didn’t know anything of this till afterwards.

There were around 10 people in our place and it was terrible.

I lost it once and punched the guy right across the head. He had a diamond on his nose and lost it forever.

I knew for a fact that if I stayed in that drug area? I would end up in jail so therefore this was one of the reasons that I needed a vacation and left for Fredericton in a tent.

I protested in a tent for 15 days in 2002 but nothing was done so it was deja-vu all over again!!!

It’s bad enough adults use prescription drugs but our kids force on Ritalin??? Come on!!! Give me a break!!!


I told Pat that I would return in two weeks. I never expected to stay in the tent for six months.

I love Fredericton so much that I decided to move here.

While in the Capital, I would keep in touch with Pat’s mom to find out if she was ok?

One day while visiting Saint John, I heard that Pat has landed in the hospital.

What happened is months before, she had a terrible accident. A vehicle almost ran over her and the doctors prescribe her oxy-contin.

This happens all the time in New Brunswick.

Doctors prescribe these pills and these people become addicted and turn to dilaudid on the streets.

This is a major problem in New Brunswick!

People are put on a huge waiting list and while they wait for Methadone? They do the crime and that’s exactly what happened In this case.

Pat almost died and I was surprise or shock to hear that she was on Dilaudid.

This news really made me decide to stay away from her I knew that it was a matter of time that she would become a statistics and die.

This is what they do in New Brunswick. If you die from Dilaudid? The Government will say that it’s from heart failure.

In Nova Scotia they tell the public if a person dies from Drugs.



Just a cover up for the Doctors and the Government???

Did you know that the drug problem is because of our seniors?

These Seniors don’t have enough money to survive so therefore they go to the doctor and get some Oxy contin.

They sell the drugs and make big money.

I know of one case, an old lady goes around in her car and sells the drug daily.

Lots of money to be made.

Anyway...going back to Pat?

She and her son were officially junkies and together they went on a crime spree stealing from stores to support their drug habit.

One junkie was bad enough but two??? Something had to give.

I met Pat last winter and she looked terrible.

charlies pics 095

She was on the streets and hook on Dilaudid.

She lost 40 pounds when I took these pictures. It was like I was face to face with death. She was all bones!!!

It was terrible!!

I knew that this would be probably the last time that I would see her alive.

charlies pics 098

As luck would have it, the Saint John Police Force caught her and she was sentenced to I believe was eight months in jail.

I received a phone call this week telling me that Pat would like to meet with me for 45 minutes while she made a stopover in Fredericton.

I arrived to the area and the bus came just in time.


Pat was surprised to see me there. She has gain around 40 pounds and looking forward to a drug free life in Saint John.

These are the facts and the courts in Saint John are full of people who are addicted to Dilaudid.


They are told by the Judge to smart up but the list for Methadone is so
great that they continue to do the crime and end up in Jail.

Shawn Graham must confront this issue head on because we know for a fact that Bernard Lord didn’t do DICK ALL < Excuse my language >on this issue!

As I write this biog.? Many families are being destroyed because of the Dilaudid issue on new Brunswick.

They steal from family members and friends to support their habit!

The Government must act!!!

Maybe some people out there would like to leave a comment in this blog of the story you have heard about the drug problem in your neighborhood?

I’ll make certain that I put your story in a blog!!!

I wish Pat the very best of luck. Her son comes out of jail next year and lets pray that everything will be ok.

These poor good-hearted people need professional help to kick the habit and methadone would be a great start.

If this sad story can bring this very emotional issue to open the eyes of the Government then I did my job!!!!

Pat told me that God will help her so therefore I gave her one of my cross. Hey? If it helps her? More power to her!!!


I speak for many by saying - I love you Pat et Bonne Chance!!!!


Getting ready for Halloween!!!!

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Working on a huge art project about the poor.

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Maybe she can explain a little more in this blog? She contacted me last month and wanted the names of some people who had a difficult time in their life.

I believe she's going to do a very good project!!!

This picture was taken after's cold out there!!!! How the hell did I manage to stay in that tent till December 17th 2003???

I must have adjusted myself to the cold......

Vendor getting ready for the cold season!!!

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I must admit that he's determine to sell his juicy sausages. The cold season is here and he's planing to stay put!!!

You can see the guy downtown selling his products! Go ahead,,,try one!!!

Bonne Chance Robert!!!



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Tourists shouldn't came to New Brunswick after November 2th because the Police Force could take their cameras and delete all their pictures.

Far fetch???

I don't believe so....