Thursday, January 27, 2005


In the past, they had studies in the States but those powerful Drug companies are making certain that the drugging of our kids will continue!

Last week, Scotland announce a Commission on this very emotional issue but this Province don’t wish to touch this issue even if 10,000 people signed my petition telling the Government to study this issue!

The teachers told the Government that a study should be done but Elvy Robichaud told the media that the drugging of our kids will continue!!!

The Drugging of our kids will continue in this province until the next Provincial Election!

These poor kids who are forced on Ritalin will be labeled for life once they reached Adulthood and if a darn shame!

Take a look at this orders that was sent to those racist members of the New Brunswick Human Commission-

When Mr.LeBlanc was interviewed by Gulf Operatorshe informed us he had ADHD and was taking Ritalinthere were medical limitations placed on Mr.LeBlanc.We accommodated Mr.LeBlanc disability by ensuring that he was given jobs and duties that complied with hismedical limitations.

Sherry Merssereau < Supported by the racist members of the Human Rights Commission of New Brunswick >

So therefore in here in New Brunswick Adults with ADHD can’t accomplish anything!!!!

They are labeled close to Mental Retardation and these are orders from those racist members of the Commission!

I might add that these racists are appointed for life and cannot be touch!

I would love the government to take a close look at the monopoly we have of the media in this province. Irving owns all of the major daily newspapers, a lot of the weeklies and bi-weekly ones. The commission from Ottawa has to study the issue of media control in this province.

My letter to the Editor was printed and I was certain that the Irving Gestapo would have showed up in the editor office and escorted the editor out the door!

Am I far off the mark by calling the Irving Management Gestapo?

Of course not! Many poor families were and are still forced from this Province if they don’t dedicate their life and souls to the Evil Irving Empire!!!

You see? It’s just like the Jews were treated in the 40s in Germany!

A final Solution as long as the world allows them!

Same goes for the Management of the Irvings.

They made a deal with Frank McKenna of the way that injured workers would be treated in this Province. If a worker gets injured on the job and he can’t work over one year? That worker will be fired!

So they have control of the Workers Compensation Board!

We know that the Irvings don’t go around executing New Brunswickers but the final solution is to put these workers on a blacklist and to force them out of New Brunwick!

Look what happen to me? I was working for a company that dealt with the Irvings and once the Irvings found this out?

I was let go!

I forgot the company name but they deal with staging! Maybe you can remind me? It’s located across the causeway in Saint John but this was a good thing because I began my protest weeks later in Fredericton!

The Publisher of the Telegraph Journal – Peter Huggart told me they will not print critical letters of the Irvings therefore the final solution is to deny New Brunswickers to right to speak out!

I got 500 letters printed in the papers during the past 15 years and the final solution by the Irving Family was to stop me from preaching my views but in a way this is a good thing because I can go on talk shows and tell the audience of the way that the Irvings are pushing the final solution and New Brunswickers are letting them get away with murder!!!!

I got an idea??? Maybe those racists members of the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission should walk around with tattoos on their forehead saying- IRVING EMPLOYEE! Am I far off the mark???? Let me know.

They control the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission, the Compensation Board and the media!!! The final Solution is to deny New Brunswickers rights!!! That’s the Irving final solution!!!!