Monday, August 29, 2005


Lately, there’s been a lot of action in my life so I forgot to give out my person of the week!!! I was at the Human Rights office so stay tune for an update.


Last summer, I heard that the Soup Kitchen was going to shut down because of lack of volunteers.

Charles 04_07_05 091

By the way? The kitchen could use some volunteers during the weekend??? If you’re interested? Please call the Soup Kitchen!!! Merci!!! The people who volunteers in that kitchen are a fibe group of good citizens!


Ok…Going back to my story!!!

The rumor became a fact the kitchen closed its doors for a whole month.

A church quickly came to the rescue serving hamburgers and hotdogs outside the shelter.

I told George Piers if he needed some volunteers? I would gladly give a helping hand.

Weeks later, George reminded me that I offered my services?

Charles 04_11_05 019

I truly believe months later George must believe it was one of the worst moves he ever made in his life because I really enjoy it!

Once there, I met a Eugene McKay.


He was hired as a chef for the kitchen.

Gene is a smart and nice guy!

Gene soon found out that this wasn’t the normal work a Chef would do in a restaurant.

Charles 04_11_05 021

Eugene and his wife ran a restaurant for a few years and they decided to give it up.

His nice wife works at the hospital and he found this job.

He puts a lot of pride in his food and everyone loves this guy.

He’s a professional when it comes to public relation.

Never once have I seen this guy lose his cool but I did see others.

You must understand? This is not a restaurant? This is a soup Kitchen.

People in need goes in there to fill up their bellies.


Maybe they were all reject cases from the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission. Who knows?


Now we all know that no one on this world thinks the same. < Thank God for that!!! > It sure would be a boring world!

Everyone wants to asks a question with the person in charge!

Charles 04_11_05 016

It’s where Gene???? Gene where are you???? GENE?????

Now Gene has to make certain that the food is ready!

The volunteers are in place and listen to everyone concerns.

Now? He’s a cook and not a psychiatrist!

But in this job? You must treat different people in a special way!

I once asked Gene to take his counter and count how many questions he answers in one day?

He decided to try one day and in one hours there were 88 questions.

It must be very difficult on a person mind????

Last night while leaving the kitchen, Gene was outside enjoying a smoke!

He looked mentally drain!

He told me that this weekend would be one year that he has been working at the Soup Kitchen!

He looked tired and personally?

Charles 04_11_05 020

I hope he doesn’t quit the kitchen because everyone loves the guy but I wish that sometime they would leave the guy alone before he says - Enough is enough!

But it’s all part of the being the head Chef at the Soup Kitchen.

There’s one good thing about working at the Soup Kitchen? If anyone who works there for over one year?


Any other job would be a push over!!!

Yes, the work at the Soup Kitchen is not an easy task!

I’m one of the lucky ones! I arrived there at 4:15pm and if they need me? I stay and help out!

Of course, I enjoy my nice meal.

Yes, My hat goes goes to Mike Mackay and this is the reason he’s my person of the week!

Keep up the fine work Gene!!!! Hang in there Buddy!