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I have been watching the case of Ashley Smith very closely.


This is my first blog on this issue.

You can read her sad story by clicking below-


Now? This woman died in a lonely cell in Ontario at a young age of 19 years old!!!

The Staff claim she had an attitude problem toward the prison staff.

Ok....I’m going to change this blog to

Lets go back to my arrest in Saint John last year.

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My first appearance in court was a very strange one.

I told the Judge that I didn’t understand the reason I was being charge?

The Judge asked me if duty Counsel chatted with me???

I said - No your honor!

I don’t know why I’m here??

The Judge ordered a recess and this old lady in a very rude manner ordered me into a small room.

I asked for my friend Tim Smith to be there as a witness but she refuse.

Minutes later, Tim showed up and we both couldn’t believe what we were hearing???


The woman read the whole charge and in a very rude manner told me that I didn’t have the right to a lawyer.

It was a misdemeanor so therefore if I'm found guilty? I won’t land in jail.

A person who’s charge by the police for an obstruction charge will surely be found guilty in a court of law.

Ok....lets say that the Iron Horse Harold Doherty would have never stepped forward?


Lets say that I would have been force to represent myself on a false charge laid by the Saint John Police Force?

I would have been found guilty and put on probation!

I would have been furious that cops who made up these charges would have won their case.

They would have went home happy and Charles would have been on probation.

Being Charles, I would have soon broke that probation and land in jail!

Once behind the walls, I would have definitely an attitude problem so therefore I would have gotten in trouble with the Prison staff.

I might have said enough is enough and punch someone in the face?

Now? The staff would have charge me with assault and tell the public and a judge that I have a behavior problem because of my ADHD!

My length in prison would have increase and I may have ended in jail somewhere in Canada for years.

All this because the Justice System didn’t grant me a lawyer in the first place.

So? I’m asking the question?

How many people such as Ashley Smith have died in prison because the Government refuse to grant them a proper lawyer because the first charge was just a misdemeanor?

I believe that our Legal Aid system must change as soon as possible before more people dies in a lonely cell outside of this Province.

It’s very sad indeed and Premier Shawn Graham must act on this issue as soon as possible.

I will have much more to blog about my arrest in Saint John once the R.C.M.P. have completed their investigation!

This is very scary stuff and only a public inquiry can get the answers and this is something I will pursue till the end of time!!!!

There are people in jail who shouldn’t be there because of a poor justice system!!!!

Ashley Smith's death must not be in vain!!!


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