Thursday, July 21, 2005


It makes me sick to live near Nova Scotia!!!



Every couple of weeks, we always heard of certain Human Rights cases being heard from the Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission but here in New Brunswick we hear none!

I wonder why????

We all know that those racist members of the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission are paid and bought for by the Irvings!


Can you imagine a human rights Commission in the Western hemisphere supporting racism???

Only in New Brunswick that the Human Rights Commission gave the ok to the Irvings to continue their witch hunt against the minorities in this Province!


These Commissions are full of it!

Take a close look at the Worker’s Compensation Board?

The couple who was found dead in Bouctouche a few days ago? < murder suicide >

The reports say that he was cut off by the compensation board.


How many more decision such as this one cause New Brunswickers to kill themselves?


I know one issue that’s a know fact!

Carl White < Human Rights Commission > is a convicted thief who stole from the Irvings in the 80s and now is looking after the Irvings interest!


How did Carl White get in there??? CARL WHITE IS THE BLACK GUY!!!


Yes, the Lord Government should held a public inquiry of the way New Brunswickers rights are being denied by these appointed people at the Commission!


These appointed position are made from friends of the Irvings so they can continue to protect these Billionaire interest. It's all part of the Irving Final solution!!!


This morning around 10:00am someone knocked at my door.


I went downstairs and it was two young girls from Family Services.

I was half naked because of the heat so I told them that I was going to meet them outside.

I said to myself - What the hell do they want?

I was going to remain calm, cool and collective because of their youths.

Once outside they asked me for my name?

I quickly replied - Trust me? After we’re done? You won’t ever forget my name.

It was just a routine study to find out if the people are still living in the same address.

Anyway? I continued on and on. I told them the story which is the title in today’s blog of the way the tenants are being treated in this building and Family Services should be concern.

I gave them a tour of the House and I showed them an old bathtub that Maurice wants us to use. The girls got a sick feeling in their stomach!

Hey? The meeting wasn’t that bad because I got two more victims.

They gave me their email addresses. They did tell me that I was right because they won’t forget the name Charles LeBlanc for a long time.

I don't know if I was insulted or they were iving me a complement????

Hey? One of them signed my petition while I was protesting! Small world and she told me that she had a 5 years daughter who has ADHD but she will never give her Ritalin!

It was a good chat from the people from Family Services. They should all have the same attitude as these young girls!’s today’s blog!!

A few months ago, the guy living downstairs didn’t pay his rent for a whole month and rightly so he was evicted from the premises.

A couple of weeks afterwards, a guy with a huge alcohol problem wanted the room.

Mind you, this is a room that I wouldn’t be interested in.

There’s a huge picture window and that’s it! No fresh air nothing.

He charge the guy $300.00 per month. He told the guy that he wasn’t
allowed upstairs so therefore he could use the washroom or kitchen downstairs.

In the house next door, a guy moved out because it cost too much money to heat the place during the winter months.

Maurice grabbed a old desktop that they have left behind.

He decided to open his own office in the back room of the kitchen.

Yes, he came a long way from living on the streets so he decided to get himself a name.

We were told to call him - The Property Manager.

Trust me! I called him worst than that!

Anyway, Maurice had a problem.

The alcoholic who used the washroom smell like Listerine and I guess the smell is awful!

I wouldn’t know because as my father? I don’t have a sense of smell!

These drunks get up really in the morning and run to the store for their Listerine!

Trust me! I can’t even goggle the darn sh@T!!!

I guess that the smell disturbed Maurice while he sat in his office.

He also hated the smell of cigarettes so he told a tenant downstairs that he has to shut the door all the time because he wants fresh air.

He told the guy that he wasn’t allowed to use the washroom in the building and he let be known that he wasn’t allowed to use the washroom upstairs.

He told the guy to use the washroom at Subway!

So? There was a guy who paid $300.00 and he wasn’t allowed to used the kitchen or washroom because he was an alcoholic.

The other guy upstairs walk by my room swearing one day with toilet paper in hand.

I asked the guy - What’s the problem?

Maurice came out with a new rule! He locked the door in the middle of the building so no one would be allowed to go downstairs.

The drunken individuals are not bad people.


They don’t bother me at all!

I felt bad that they middle door was chained and lock and I went down and knocked at the door.

He stood firm and didn’t care were the roomers went to use the washroom but they weren’t doing to use it downstairs.

Maurice was still living upstairs and he took control of the bottom half of the house.

If you wanted to use the washroom? You had to knock at the door.

It depends if he was in the mood to used it.

The guy which was caught in the middle lives inside the newly locked door.

Mike is quiet and he don’t say much when he’s sober but the anger comes out when he drinks.

He walked from his room and couldn’t open the door because it had a crazy lock chain on it!

He got mad and told Maurice off!

Of course he apologized once he was sober!

Sorry! That’s not my style!

I saw a disaster waiting to happen so I phoned the fire Marshal!

In a matter of minutes, he was right there. I shouldn’t have called the Government worker because Maurice got worse during the weekend!

No one was allowed to use the washroom! Did the Fire Marshall told him that it was ok to lock the door??? I phoned the fire Marshall but he’s on vacation all week long!!!

I felt bad for the guy who lives inside the lock door. Every instance, the guy went out for a walk?

Once he got back to the House Maurice had the door locked and taking a shower.

The poor guy couldn’t get into his room because of Maurice new rules!

The poor guy had to wait in the hall for 30 minutes!

There’s no one to stop him because he has the power to do whatever he wishes!!!

Stay tune for the final part in the morning!!! Lets see if Family Services will move on this issue after I chatted with those nice girls????

MY GOD!!! Close to 1,000 words!! Please excuse the style and grammar of this blog because I just write the darn thing and send it along the information Highway!!!