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I finally decided to write Tim Smith’s 2nd memorial at the Legislature on January 12th.

This is going to be long one but it’s a story that has to be told.


It all began on January 11th at around 11:00am.

He arrived in Fredericton by bus and we went to my room to drop off the sign.


We made a few visits around Fredericton and later on we were picked up by Robert Sewell.


He invited us over his house for lunch.

I arrange Robert to pick us up because this would give Tim a chance to settle down before the talk show on CKTP.

Tim was a little nervous but I told him to relax.

Once at CKTP, Tim was introduced to the famous 10 seconds delay. Jay is the one who goes over the rules of the game at CKTP! One bad word from a guest? It’s out the door head first!!!!


The two hours talk show went well.


I made a little Boo Boo!!! < Imagine that one?>... lol...

Since I first met Tim Smith in 2005?

We often agitate each other a lot and this was the case on the show.

I began to suggest that the Government should shut down the VLT’S on Sunday.

I told the radio audience that it was my idea.

Well, I don’t know what got over me because it was Tim’s idea and not mine.

Oh well? Nobody prefect.

After the show, I was surprised to see Robert.

He once again bought us to his house for a nice large meal.

Later on in the evening, we played Crib and made it to my place at 10:00pm.


The caretakers gave Tim a nice room for free.

They know what his issue is and they step forward to help. We went to bed around 1:00am and woke up early in the morning for the cold walk towards the Legislature.

Tim set up shop at the same location as last year.

It was 8:00am sharp and I expected Dan Bussieres with his Quebec security staff to disrupt the memorial?

Especially after what happened yesterday.

You can read yesterday blog by clicking below.

There was something different this year.

With all the issues going on especially the injury of his daughter Sheana.

IMG_5765Picture 093

Only once he made it to Fredericton that he realize that he forgot to bring his signs with him.

Sure was different watching Tim in front of the New Brunswick Legislature without his trademark.

It was cloudy and thank God there was no wind.


Last year it was sunny but this time around it was cloudy sky.

Minutes after the memorial began. This guy walked by and chatted with Tim for around 10 minutes.


People would walk by and told Tim that he’s doing the right thing!


At around 9:30am, Jason < a worker for the P.C. Party > walked by and once again debated the issue with Tim.


The P.C.’s are watching the Liberals very closely on this issue.

Lets see what Shawn Graham will do with this emotional issue?

A strong wind came and WHAM!!!


The sign came down hard and broke the back. I quickly went over the Beaverbrook Art Gallery and the guy gave Tim a screwdriver.


After a few minutes the sign was fixes and we moved it to another location.

I noticed the snow blower heading towards us.


I believe that Dan Bussieres had a new way to get rid of protesters in front of the Legislature? . . .

A supporter from last year made another little visit.

Tim forgot another item for his memorial.

He forgot to buy some flowers. I suggested that he saves his money because politicians or someone will bring some flowers< Once again, I was dead wrong!!! >

Tim ran over King’s Place and bought from flowers and candles.


It was 10:00am and not a politician in sight.

Robert came over to give his support.


Tim was told there was a note for his at the Government members House.

He first went inside the Legislature and was quickly met by Dan Bussieres.


Earlier, I told Tim that there’s no way in the world that Dan will meet Tim outside because he knows that I’m in the area with my camera.

The note was a bus ticket from the MLA from Miramichi.

That was very nice gesture by Rick Brewer in helping Tim.

Lunch came and went but still no MLA’S.

That’s another issue?

Compared to last year?

The media never made an appearance? I wonder why? < I’ll get to that issue later in this blog. >

At 1:00pm, Global News showed up.


Wow . . . Finally a way for Tim Smith to spread his message to New Brunswickers beside the blog.

The interview went well and Global news was on their way. Bruce Hughes from CKTP also came by for an interview.


I like CKTP style of interviewing people. They get right to the point and will air the whole interview.


Another individual made a stopover.

It was Nick Brown with his father.


He used to work for Tanker Malley! UGH!!!
> I told Nick to tell Tanker - I still believe he’s a Jerk!!! < Something like that? >

Nick and Tim had a debate just like during the By-election in Saint John.

How times flies!!!

Afterwards, we noticed Lieutenant Governor Herménégilde Chiasson across the street so Tim had his picture taken with the nice guy for a souvenir for his daughter Sheana.


I noticed a couple of people walking by the Legislature.

I believe it was the Carr’s twin brother so I shouted at them not to be afraid?

At the very last second, I noticed it was Gained Vole < Former Minister of Finance >


He’s the part time leader for the P.C. Party.

He shouted - I got to meet with the media. I’ll be back.

Around 20 minutes later, I noticed Volpe in the corner of my eye.

We had our back turn and I was praying that he would just continue his walk towards the building of the opposition.

But unfortunately this never happen. Jeannot came forward and it was the first time I chatted with the former Finance Minister since the election.


Tim and Jeannot had a little debate about the issue of VLT’S.


Tim got the same answer he received two years ago. It all has to do with MONEY!!!!

I would have just let them go at it but I also had some issues that I wanted to share.

At one point? I tried to take over the conversation but Tim quickly raised his arm and politely said - Hey? You had your say!!!

Jeannot looked with amazement and said - My God? This is the first time I ever heard someone telling Charles to be quiet and he listens!!!

While I was debating an issue with Volpe. I noticed Kelly Lamrock leaving the Legislature. Tim quickly went for his camera and took this picture.

Picture 005

Last year Kelly walked by us without acknowledging Tim and as Minister he does the same thing.

I wonder why? Jeannot and Jack Carr stayed for over 20 minutes and left.

It was close to 4:00pm and for the first time we realized that the Liberals weren’t going to make an appearance.

Especially Ed Doherty?

One commissionaire called for Tim and it was a note from Ed Doherty.


Tim was very surprised to hear for the MLA in Saint John Harbour.

You can read a blog about this issue by clicking below-


A worker from the Premier’s office made a quick stopover.


At around 4:40pm, Tim decided to call it a day and get ready for the trip to Saint John at 5:45pm.


He decided to make a stopover at Global News thanking them for the coverage.


He left the city at 5:45pm!


Now? Why did the media ignore this day of mourning in front of the Legislature?

Last year, the Irvings covered his memorial one week before he came?

Picture 113Picture 146Picture 134

Could it be because I mentioned this issue in my blog and it’s guilty by association?

The only media who made a presence was Global News and CKTP!

Was it because of the murder trial will is going on right down the street?


Maybe it was because it’s on a Friday?

The media was not the only one not to make an appearance.

No one sent flowers and people I know were supposed to show but never did.

I was very surprise that Don Bishop never made the trip to the Capital? Will this discourage Tim from returning next year?

Picture 136

Of course not! You this was a day of mourning for the victims who committed suicide because of these VLT’S.

If there’s life after death?

< I’m certain there is! >

Those people would have been proud of Tim’s actions.

Now? We also learned something.

The Liberals totally ignored this issue so therefore Tim might come back when the Legislature is open for business.

The day of mourning is not the place of talk about how much money the Government have collected.

It’s just a day of mourning.

Tim will return when the Legislature is in session and this time around?

He won’t forget his sign.

Yes. It was strange how the public, the media and the MLA’S totally ignored this memorial.

I believe it was ignored because it was Friday but who truly knows?

Oh well there’s still next year.

Picture 123