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Nicole Dupuis words will stay with me forever and ever.....

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I’m a little down tonight but a phrase someone told me years ago cheered me up.

I’m going to go back to the year of 1980.

I just began a job at the Shipyard and I had a brand new car.

I was parked near the post office at Saint-Joseph.

There was a ball game and everyone was enjoying the beautiful evening.

I noticed Nicole Dupuis and her friend Louise walking side by side toward the Church.

They sure looked good.

They were pretty girls and were all dress in dark blue. < Jackets and Jeans >

Hours later, I heard some terrible news that Nicole got hit by a vehicle in Memramcook West.

It didn’t take long for word to spread that she was dead.

My God! It was terrible.

The news hit the Valley very hard.

I might add the driver wasn’t drinking.

It was just a bad accident.

I went home and like everyone else took the news very hard.

I gathered some pictures.

I collected them at my high school during my graduation.

I would say that 99% of the youths who gave me their graduation photos wrote in the back - Good luck on your bicycle trip across the States.

I was leaving for a long ten speed bicycle across the U.S.A.!

I noticed Nicole’s picture and slowly turned the photo.

She never wrote anything about the bike trip.

She wrote - Garde toujours ton Willpower!!!!

Translation - Always keep your Willpower!!!

I broke down and the funeral was a big one.

It was so sad!

Nicole was in her coffin with a red dress. She was so beautiful.


The Acadians in the Valley as many other young deaths < many died in their younger years > in Memramcook?
They moved on.

Yes, Nicole was here for a very short time but those words always stayed in my mind or minds.

Garde toujours ton Willpower.

Yes, once in while we have to remind ourselves that we all have the willpower to move on with our lives no matter how difficult it is.

Nicole is long gone but those words will stay with me forever and ever.

Sort of like a beautiful Angel that came with a message and went away.

Nicole etais une tres bonne fille avec un bon gros coeur!

You have a concern??? Write it and I'll blog the issue!!!!

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Can i do a story on your blog?

It's about gambling.I'm having a real hard time with it. Real hard.

I've been everywhere trying to get help, meetings, etc. even the Saint John Regional Hospital.

Not really VLT's but sports lottery, Pro-Line, if I'm allowed to say that on here.

It's tearing my world apart. I would say more, I just need some help really bad. Not money, no, I need emotional help and some support which I can't get from family.

God Bless you all.

Send your sad story at oldmaison@yahoo.com and I'll blog it!!!!

A reader would love to get some info???

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Hi Charles.

I wonder if you could help me with something. I’ve been trying to find an old friend of mine, Julie Scott who I have been told used to work with Peter Meshaud. Did you know her? Or if not do you know where I can get hold of Peter? Thanks.

P.S. Send a private email to oldmaison@yahoo.com

Charles will blog his transcripts of the protest in front of the New Brunswick Legislature!!!!

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Ok...I decided to blog a transcript of a book I wrote two years ago about my protest in front of the Legislature. I tried to get someone to write the story but can’t find anyone.

Sure would be a good story. I would have called the book- The last of the true protesters!

I might add a few pictures with the story of the individuals involded? But the odds are there will be no pictures. I’ll call the blog- THE PROTEST CONTINUES!!!!!

You’ll have to go to read more to read the rest. It’ll be like God’s Minute.

I wrote over 100,000 words!

It could be a hard read but lets see how it goes?

This is beginning of the book. I did two protest. One lasted 15 days in 2002 and the other 6 months in 2003. Ok.....here’s the story!!!!!

I started my little book and this is the begining....rough copy and sorry..

I am not going to send you every details of the book...but this happen
last year.....

Since Charles LeBlanc told us during the interview that he has ADHD and was on Ritalin, therefore he was limited to what he could do. He was placed on a job limitation program because of his disability!

Sheri Mersereau, Irving Human Resources, with no medical

This little fax to the Human Rights office really set the tone to what would become a huge war of words between myself and the appointed bureaucrats.

I received a letter in my mail box informing me that my Human Rights complaint has been denied!

No reason was given to me.

Sort of reminds you of the Supreme Court of Canada?

They deny a case and don’t have to give you a reason, but in this case I knew that I felt discriminated against.

Since when are people with ADHD limited to what he/she can do?


But to have a group of appointed people agreeing with this very discriminating verdict?

I’m sorry but something isn’t right in Denmark!

I phoned the Director of the Human Rights Commission Janet Cullinan - to voice a complaint!

This verdict was done behind close doors and that could set up a very dangerous precedent for the 5,000 kids < now over 10,000 kids with ADD/ADHD around this Province.

These appointed people set up another meeting and they all agreed with the Irvings that people with ADHD are limited.

In my complaint? I told these members that I wasn’t allowed to drive a vehicle 10 feet because I have ADHD.

I had a driver license for 25 years so what gives anyway?

I was very confused and being Charles, I wasn’t going down without a fight!

I made a complaint to the Ombudsman office and in return, they told me the proper procedure was followed so therefore my case is done!
Done? A discriminatory decision held behind close doors and my case is close?

Sorry! Not going to happen! Not with this Acadian with ADHD!

In th summer of 2002, I decided to pitch a tent on the front lawn of the Legislature.

This would be like Custer last stand and nothing was going to hold me back!

What else could I do?

I was very angry once I found out that those Government appointed people went on strike to demand more money. < C.U.P.E. >

Can you imagine that one?

Anyway? A good friend of mine, Dorothy Dawson, did me a big favor, she loaned me her tent and drove me to the Capital.


I must admit that I was very nervous because I never did this kind of protest in a strange City before.

I was approached by a young guy and he introduced himself as Dan Bussieres the Sergeant At Arms for the Legislature.


I asked the young guy if he could speak French?

He answered that he could because he’s from Quebec!

I bit my tongue because I can’t stand Quebecers.

For many years I battled for my Acadian rights in the Loyalist City and those Quebecers always gave Acadians a bad name.

I served in the Canadian Army In Val Cartier and that didn’t help matters.

Dan was very polite and left me alone.

A few hours later, I decided to go to the Library and met a guy named Jean Claude.

I asked the Liberian - Where are you from?

He told me that he was from Quebec!

Once again, I kept my views to myself but I was very confused because I know that we’re not allowed to work in La Belle Province and they’re allow in the Picture Province?

C’est la vie!

The next day, Dan introduced me to Richard Tremblay.

He was a commissionaire and I knew that he was French because of his family name.

I was afraid to open my mouth but I did ask the man - Where are you from?

He proudly popped his chest out and said - QUEBEC!!!!!!

Well? A person can just take so much and I blew my top!


How MANY Acadians are working at the National Assembly in Quebec?

Are there any Acadians who can do this kind of work?

I never received a straight answer from the two Quebecers but little did I know that Richard Tremblay and myself would have a big showdown.

I noticed that the media totally ignored me and I was surprised.

A few days earlier, John Fearon a guy who suffered under pedophile Carl Toft protested in the Capital.


The media covered the story first hand and he did receive a lot of

I decided to go on a hunger strike and fight for my cause.

But before this would happen, I had to visit the office of the Human Rights Commission of New Brunswick.

I wasn’t welcomed with open arms but I wanted some answers as to the manner that my case was handled and that was that!

I met with a lawyer name Christian Whallen and he admitted that my case was not handled properly because of lack of resources!


I wanted to know what was said behind closed doors for them to agree with the Irvings on this very emotional issue?

I never received answers so I had to go to plan B!

I went on a hunger strike and I might add that it didn’t take long for someone from the Premier’s office to come and chat with me.

Amanda Harpelle was the spokesperson from the Premier’s office and I found her very pleasant.

On the first day of my hunger strike the man who, days before, fought against Carl Taft showed up with some food!

He told me that I shouldn’t be on a hunger strike because the media have already covered his story and many of them believe that it’s
him in the tent.

I must admit that he was right but I have to continue the battle against this huge injustice being done against the thousands of kids with ADD/ADHD in this Province.

I never ate for days and I must admit that it wasn’t that difficult because once you don’t eat?

Your body will adjust to the changes.

This was the only way that I knew how to fight the system and it’s very frustrating when your voice is not being heard!

My family were very concerned that I didn’t eat and they knew that if I have something in my head it’s impossible to reason with this guy - especially since me mother is from Glasgow, Scotland.

People came to chat with me from all walks of life and I didn’t seem to care about my health.

I just wish to have justice done. I’ll never forget one case.

I was making speeches in front of hundreds of kids.

At the end, I was very straight forward and direct.

This little girl asked me this question - Charlie? If you starve yourself to death and die?

Who’s going to fight for the kids?

Well? Trust me that did it!

I walked to the Soup Kitchen and ate a nice meal.

It’s too bad that I didn’t take the offer of Sheldon Lee a few days earlier.

The legislature close for the summer months and Sheldon invited me for a nice hot meal at the BeaverBrook Hotel!

To this day? I still regret that I deny the well-like former Minister of Transportation.

It felt good to eat and little did anyone knew that I was heading for a major confrontation with a Quebecer!

While protesting in front of the Legislature, I always walked inside the Government building to use the computer at the Library.

I was always inside and out!

I must have sign that piece of paper around 20 times a day! I was hyper and the staff knew it!

One day, while exiting the Legislature.

I noticed three police officers standing outside with Richard Tremblay in the front.


In a very rude manner he said - THERE’S GOING TO BE A

Trust me! The situation turned very ugly!

As a person who suffers from ADHD?

I was always degraded in front of my peers and as a Adult?

I will not tolerate this kind of action from nobody!

I told the guy from Quebec- You Sir? You will asked me to go across the street and not shout at my face!


It didn’t take long for the MLA’S and bureaucrats to race outside to avoid a major dispute.

I might add that the police officers never dared to intervene.

I told the Sergeant At Arms that he should send that man to a public relation course!

I was very upset and they knew it! I can laugh with anyone but I do have a dirty side to me and it even scares me to think about it!

Stay tuned!!!

Front commun justice sociale - Common Front Social Justice over 100 photos taken in Moncton and many more inside this blog of part two!!!!!!

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