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Just a reminder....

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Does Bernard Lord love the nice and quiet atmosphere as Leader of the P.C. Party???

New Gaurd at the Legislature[1]
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What is this gal doing these days??

cfbc 6
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I forgot her name. She used to take the calls for CFBC Talk of the town?


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If I post a letter to the C.R.T.C. < Waste of time > would you sign it???

Anyone seen this guy around???

Acadian Vs_ Anglo-2
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The Kazakhstan Spice girls < lol > helping feed the poor at the Fredericton Soup Kitchen!!!

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John Foran - Should kids be allowed to drive killer machines???

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In my view? Kids shouldn't be allowed to drive these machine. We all know there's no discipline in the homes so what makes a person believe they will be discipline on these machines?

I say pass a law that no kids under 16 will be allowed to drive these deadly machines.

Would this also include snowmobiles????

Sand Duning on ATV'S

This is Jamie! He's the son of former Premier Frank McKenna!!!

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Sure looks like his dad eh???



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Did you know that irving/repsol does NOT have a gas source anymore from Russia because of the insatability of that country?

That's good news really because they've been blowing their horn about how they are the only facility around these parts to have gas and now they don't...

God giveth and God taketh away I guess.

Now they will have to start begging (they're good at that lol) other crazy countries for gas like Algeria, which is so damned corrupt. this isn't for blogging but if you want to put a heading asking the question "does repsol have a gas supply" for this pipeline of theirs'

In your own word go for it, its up to you. it would be interesting to see the irving boys scrambling to answer it lol


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I live now in the States ; Have been following all you went through : I have an online subscription to this paper up your way. Thought you may want to read this, form this mornings edition : What kind of Police do they have up there ? Are they Communists or What :

What type of stand are your Elected Officials doing or saying about this sort of thing ? This is not right and un constitutional. Last I heard, Canada was not old Russia :

My son is a Police Officer, this type of Attitude would not be tolerated AT ALL: Let alone treat a Blogger the way you were treated. We are not perfect down here in the States : But we don't Muzzle the media due to the First and second constitutional Amendments to our Democracy Sir :

Sue the Bastards Sir:

I fought in Vietnam, 2 Tours against an Enemy that did the very thing that was done to yourself : We are following your case down here. Stray Strong and Firm Mr. Leblanc. The Truth will prevail with the help of God.

I salute you :

Arbitrator suspends officers for neglecting duties
Bruce Bartlett
As published on page C1 on December 8, 2006
SAINT JOHN - Two city police officers were found guilty Thursday of neglecting their duties two years ago for their failure to answer a call about a man who had checked himself into a motel with alcohol and prescription drugs.

On Nov. 1. 2004, Const. Dean Secord decided not to visit the Hillcrest Motel in response to a call from the manager because he knew the man who had checked in was an alcoholic with serious medical problems requiring prescriptions.

His supervisor, Sgt. David Arsenault, supported the decision to ask the call centre to phone the motel manager back to say there were no concerns.

The next morning the guest was found dead in his room from an overdose of drugs and alcohol.

A two day arbitration hearing under the Police Act was chaired by Christopher McNeil, a deputy chief with the Halifax Regional Police. He found the two officers had stereotyped the man who died, based on his history as an alcoholic and as a subject of nuisance calls for the city police.

The officers were described as exemplary members of the force with unblemished records. McNeil ordered Secord suspended for two days without pay, but assessed a higher penalty of four days without pay against Arsenault.

Bob Davidson, who defended the charged officers at the hearing, said the decision would be appealed to an arbitration panel. The police union was never happy with the setup of the discipline hearing because the choice of arbitrator rested solely with Police Chief Al Bodechon.

The union fought to make the discipline hearing public, an unusual occurrence, because it believed an airing of the facts would show that the officers had done nothing wrong.

At the sentencing portion of the hearing, Davidson told the arbitrator his finding that the officers had stereotyped the victim had deeply shocked and devastated them.

Both Secord and Arsenault testified Thursday about their decision that night.

Motel manager Heather Meger told the civilian dispatcher the guest had a nearly empty OxyContin prescription bottle in his room that had been filled that day. She also said he was drunk, but none of that information was forwarded to the officers.

The dispatcher gave the man's name to Secord and told him the motel manager was concerned because he had checked in with alcohol and prescriptions. Arsenault testified it was viewed as a normal situation for the man because he was an alcoholic.

Both officers said if they had been told the man had consumed pills and alcohol they would have responded to the call.

Arsenault said that before he passed his sergeant's exam he was twice reprimanded for stopping people he suspected of committing crimes without having reasonable and probable grounds, a violation of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

As a result of studying the Charter, the question is always at the back of his mind whether police have grounds for stopping anyone, he said.

Arsenault said if he had reason to believe the motel guest's safety was at risk he would have sent a car to investigate. But the only information provided was that the man had checked in with liquor and his medication, both of which are legal.

Arsenault was recorded as saying of the man, "he is who he is." He said Thursday he meant nothing disrespectful, only that the man was a person with a drinking problem and serious health problems.

The widow of the victim, who attended the two-day hearing, said she was happy with the outcome.

"But I am very disappointed to think that the police can pick and choose who they can make the calls to," she said. "Just because he was a nuisance and alcoholic they chose not to go to help him."

She said the three women from the civilian dispatch unit who testified about their involvement in the breakdown in communication all offered condolences for her loss, but she has yet to hear anything from the officers.


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Tim never leaves home without his camera and here's a good reason.

Anyone out there who has pictures they wish to show the world? Send them to me at

Good work Tim!!!!



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You wish to call yourself a Blogger???? You better blog more often!!!!

Jack Keir is a Minister from the Graham Government.

I must admit that he's keeping his blog up to date.

You can check his blog at

That first big step in the snow.......

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For the readers from outside of the Province...this is how it looks.....

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American wish to apologize to Canadians!!!!

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Homerland Security & Canada U.S. Relations


Let me apologize to your Canadian readers for my country's attack upon yours at the border.

Brown-bag crackdown: Protecting the U.S. from lunch meat, soup


WASHINGTON -- It's the kind of hearty fare you might find in any bag lunch: a bologna sandwich, maybe a burger, a can of soup and a piece of fruit.

But for a growing number of the truckers who are plying routes across the Canada-U.S. border, packing a lunch has become risky business.

Drivers say they've been fined, detained for hours and threatened with confiscation of their U.S.-issued identity cards for trying to enter the United States with seemingly innocuous, but undeclared food items.

The brown-bag crackdown is the latest in a growing list of complaints from truckers and travellers about a border that has become thick with intense screening, hefty fees, body searches, long waits and unexpected hassles.

Full story:

I do not support this harrassment, and I am embarrassed that this sort of thing is allowed to occur.

The last time I crossed the border into Canada this fall, I was chatting with a Canadian Border Patrol agent and I asked him, "Did you get your guns yet?"

He replied, "No. Why? Did you want to shoot it, if I had?" And I replied, "Yes. Yes, I do want to shoot it." He said, "Oh, they're going to be nothing special, just some old RCMP retired 32 Specials they have had in storage for years."

There are fully-automatic M16s, grenade launchers and cruise missiles on our side of the border, I'm sure. Homerland Security wouldn't go to war without them.

Don Robertson, The American Philosopher
Limestone, Maine
An Illustrated Philosophy Primer for Young Readers