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3RD DAY OF HUNGER STRIKE PROTEST IN FRONT OF THE LEGISLATURE!!!by Charles Leblanc Friday, Jan. 14, 2005 at 11:41 Fredericton
MEALS SERVED AT THE SOUP KITCHEN IN FREDERICTON-- Jan 11th Noon- 119 meals Supper 84 meals Jan 12th Noon-110 meals Supper 121 meals Jan 13th Noon- 89 meals Supper 88 meals HAVE A GREAT CLEAR CONCIENCE DAY!!!!! It’s 2:50pm so I’m late for this update! Please excuse the grammar because it’s going to be a very very very fast one!!! Last week, I left a message on the voice mail of a Professor at Saint Thomas University to send me an email for maybe we could discuss the possibility I could take a course on Journalism? This guy used to work for the Telegraph Journal <> but I gave it a try. It’s been a week and I didn’t received any email but all this made sense once I listen to the news last night! Read this one- Irving donations may compromise journalism schools: professor WebPosted Jan 14 2005 10:49 AM AST CBC News MONCTON — A professor at the Universite de Moncton is questioning whether the journalism department should have taken a $1-million donation from the Irving family. On Thursday, the Irvings announced that they would be giving a $1-million endowment fund to the journalism programs at both the Universite de Moncton and St. Thomas University in Fredericton. • FROM DEC. 12,2004: NB journalism programs get $2-million The Irvings own all the English daily newspapers in New Brunswick, plus several weekly newspapers, periodicals and numerous radio stations. • From October 29, 2004: Irvings expand news empire with Here Marie Linda Lord, a professor at the Information and Communications Department at the Universite de Moncton, worries that taking the funding will compromise the journalism schools. "It's the way we're going to live with the reality now that we have so much money from the Irvings, and at the same time, saying 'oh God, be aware of the bad effects of media ownership.'" Interest from the $2-million dollar endowment funds will pay to bring guest journalists to the Universite de Moncton and St. Thomas campuses for a few months each year. This is a very sad day for New Brunswickers! The Irvings are now involved in Journalism course? I wonder why? The kids in school from grade one reads books with the Irving emblem. Later on at the Community College in Saint John, They have control of a large part of the College! Irvings signs are all over the place. Join the Irving team!!!!! I know because I landed a job there a couple of years ago but once the Irvings found out that I was there? They made certain that I was gone! You see? The Irvings are like the mafia! If someone goes against them? They will make certain that not only the Father but the whole family leaves this Province and never returns! This Journalism course is just terrible! Once they received their diploma! All the kids who graduate will take an oat that they will dedicate their lives and soul to the Irving Empire! Trust me, I know! This is just brainwash at the worst form! Am I off the wall? You let me know! The HERE paper did print my letter and here it is- Charles is on to us Just read Patrick Toner's view on the Irving monopoly!!! ("They're not evil, but they may be incompetent," Jan. 6) WHAT A BUNCH OF CRAP!!!! You people know that we the public are not allowed to leave our views in the here forum or write critical letters of the Irvings! Don't try to fool the public with your crap because the public knows what you are!!!!! - Charles Leblanc There’s another good one at Once I first learn they ran my little complaint! I was thinking of looking for a lawyer and sue them! But then again, a person cannot find a lawyer who will tackle the evil Irving Empire! It’s like Mr.Burns on the Simpsons!!! You know- I will crush you with my bare hand!!! The HERE staff is on my list and if I wish to have a letter to be printed? I will write - To the Editor….but in this case I didn’t! But it’s the truth so it’s ok I guess!!! I’m telling you something right now! The Federal Government must stop the Irvings because we the public are not allowed to write letters against the Irving Empire which reminds me? My letter about the Irvings wasn’t printed in the Daily Gleaner! I must give them a call! Maybe the Irvings have given the orders like they did to the Moncton Transcript and the Telegraph Journal??? A person never knows? I’m telling you it’s like Germany all over again! Hitler took control of the media and brainwash the public and now they do it to student Journalists??? THIS IS TERIBLE!!!! Sh@t!!! Close to 800 words! Someone told me they put in a complaint to those racist members of the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission two months ago and never received a phone call! I wonder if it was against the Irvings? That individual will wait forever because the Irvings have those racists members in their back pocket! Ok….going back to the Protester. He doesn’t look too good and he’s there for the long haul!!!! He always tells the media and the public that he refuses to become just a statistic! He could go home and blow his head off! <> He’s very determined to fight against these dreadful machines! If he dies? Then so be it! I was told that he had an interview with CBC radio this morning and it was very emotional! Callers phoned in the talk show CFBC and were hurt by his words! This guy is genuine and he speaks from the heart! DOES SOMEONE OUT THERE HAVE A LARGE PLASTIC COVER OR A PANCHO SO HIS SIGNS WILL NOT GET WET?? If you do? Bring one over! The Commissionaires at the Legislature told me that he wasn’t allowed to stand near the doors at the Legislature so he can keep dry! Well? I told them that it’s not often that it rains in the month of January! This guy is very lucky it’s not cold but the very cold winds are just around the corner!! Someone from the Government must go out and chat with the guy because if they don’t? The Government will have blood on their hands. Mind you? Claude Williams <> walked by and chatted with the guy but he was in a hurry! He told the protester that he will return to listen to his views! The protester is receiving a lot of media attention and this is good! What’s your views on this Protest? Please send them along! SH@T OVER 1,000 WORDS ALREADY!!! Here’s a few comments!!! Have a good weekend!!!! 1-Charles asked me to take the pictures of the current protestor in front of legislature. When I got there it felt very hurtful because in this cold a person on hunger strike outdoors during day. I pray to God that he survives this ordeal. I do not know how one can help this great gentleman who has taken on this great fight. Here are some pictures I took. 2-How is the protester? He is in for a good fight because the VLT machines are shit that is for sure. Wish him the best from me............... 3-Still receiving updates still here. 4-Thanks so much for adding me, There have been so many issues that I was completely unaware of before hearing about them from you emails. Really appriciate it. 5-Charles, tu envoies toujours de bons courriels, c'est juste que pour moi, je ne veux plus les lire c'est tout; cela n'a rien à faire avec toi; c'est mon choix et je choisi en ce moment de ne plus les avoir. Si un jour que je désire être sur ta liste, je vais t'en aviser alors je te demande de bien vouloir respecter mon choix à ce moment ici. Merci Charles. 6-keep up the good work 7-Could you ask someone in the Government to explain why there is sales tax on second hand clothing and other things? This one really bugs me and how many times do they receive taxes on the same thing? No wonder we have so many people struggling out there. What would a Politician care if they taxed second hand goods or not because I am sure there is Not one that would be caught shopping in those stores anyways. They need to find other places to get money and stop picking on the poor! They could use that extra money that the poor give to the government to buy there kids some milk or something for their lunches so they do not have to be hungry at school. 8-THIS IS FROM THE GUY WHO IS THE SORTEST TIME ON MY LIST…LOL..He last 15 minutes!!!! Hi Charles, Please remove my work address from your emailing... thanks, 9-Got it, thanx Charles. take care 10-Yup sure am getting them thanks! 11-Please, remove me of your mailing list Thank You 12-A friend of mine is now sharing her six year old/almost seven years with her sister, the kids aunt; because he is a handful and has been noisy in her apartment building and she didn't want to get kicked out as there is older people that live there. And, she also told me that her son is now taking Ritalin......and will probably have to repeat first grade again....... My answer would be to take him off of sugar, artificial preservatives and sweeteners....but, who listens to me.......these doctors just prescribe what the teacher tells them to....and that is money in the doctors pockets......ONLY THE PARENTS CAN FIGHT THIS.....and alot of times -they don't want to........unless they know the dangers...of Ritalin.......... 13-Still here Charles, in beautiful Grand-Barachois, NB.

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