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I confronted more MLA’S yesterday on the issue of Boarders and roomers rights.

I bumped into Jody Carr < P.C. MLA > and he asked me what are the other Provinces doing about this issue?

Charles 04_07_05 038

He’s going to find out for me.

I also saw Kelly Lambrock. < LIBERAL MLA > He told me that it was funny that I would mention roomers because as a student he used to fight for the same issue but he totally forgot about it!

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Sounds interesting??? Lets see what’s going to happen?

Minutes later, I bumped into Denis Landry and he agreed that the Government should look into it! Denis is on the right!

Charles 04_07_05 042

Someone mentioned if I chatted with Bard Green of this issue?

I told the individual that we’re talking about a Minister in the Lord Government but for the record?

I confronted Mr.Green on three different occasions.

Ok…going to the blog in hand!!!!!!!!

New Brunswick are getting with the times but is this a good or bad idea????

I remember when I was protesting in the summer of 2002. I was able to go right in the Premier’s office but no more.

They installed these security doors downstairs.


I remember one day when the Legislature was open for business.

I walked passed by a Commissionaire and signed the book.

Charles 04_07_05 015

As a matter of fact, I was with WCIE.

We were walking near the Library when suddenly a Commissionaire shouted in front of everyone - CHARLIE…CHARLIE…CHARLIE???? WHAT’S IN YOUR BACK POCKET????

Charles 04_07_05 017

I didn’t appreciate being degraded in front of everyone so I closely grabbed my comb and took it out and showed it to the Commissionaire.

My God? It was terrible. They must believe that I’m a nut???? We all know that I am!!!…but I never cross that thin line!

We used to use the washrooms upstairs but no more.

Maybe I droved them nuts when the P.C. Mla’s used the washrooms and they saw me inside.

There’s cameras all over the place.

Charles 04_07_05 053

They can focus real close.

Just last year, they added huge spotlights on the front walls of the Legislature.

I’m glad these lights weren’t there when I was protesting.

There’s nothing more beautiful then seeing the Dome of the Legislature at night.

Charles 04_07_05 119

I know because it was my home for six months.


It’s beautiful but those huge spotlights took the beauty away.

Take a look at Assemblee Nationale in Quebec?

Look at this picture?


How come we can’t have the same beautiful atmosphere in New Brunswick?

Our Legislature is beautiful and we should make certain it look nice in the evening.

Of course, the word – MONEY would come into action.

Even the building of the New Brunswick Human Rights are security lock!

Charles 04_07_05 004
Charles 04_07_05 002

What are they worried about anyway?

I walked into Andy Scott’s office and it looks like a doctor’s office.

Charles 04_11_05 009

I told the staff that they should at lease have the water cooler outside in the waiting room and place a little garbage bin in the corner.

It’s not much but it’s important to make the citizen fell comfortable.

Paul Zed office is wild open and of course I understand that Andy was assaulted in his office in 2003 and he’s a Minister.

paul zed

Everywhere you go it’s security lock.

There’s only one Government building that’s not security lock and that’s the ombudsman office.

Charles 04_07_05 005

Bernard Richard will continue to have this very important open door policy with the public but the question is – For how long?

Charles 04_07_05 009

His office is right at the door and it’s sure is nice to great the head macho himself.

There’s more changes coming at the Legislature.

The rumor is that metal detectors will be present to search the visitors once they passed through the doors.


In my opinion? This is pure Hogwash!!!

New Brunswickers haven’t cross that thin line yet.

Charles 04_07_05 045

No MLA’S have been assaulted in the Legislature or in their ridings?

Why show New Brunswickers in their face that we don’t trust them?

It just doesn’t make any sense.

This could backfire on the Government because we’re laid back!

We don’t have metal detectors in Schools. < not yet > but it seems that the Government wishes to get New Brunswickers upset.

Yes, The Capital is quickly becoming like Fort Knox and there’s nothing we can do about it!

Do you care about this issue or is it just moi????

C’est la vie!!!!!

Remember this guy????

During my protest in 2003, I noticed this guy sitting and sleeping on diifferent benches in the city. L'Acadie Nouvelle did a story on this guy. Last year, he was gone. Nobody knew where he was. I said- A guy like that could dissapear from the face of the earth and nobody will notice. Well, once in Saint John, I saw him sitting on a bench. I appraoched him and he shouted- DO YOU HAVE A SMOKE? I let the area. Well, now I know where he is.

NB Telegraph-Journal | Saint John
As published on page B3 on September 23, 2005

Woman kicked at city bus stop for looking at attacker wrong way
Munn unleashes a string of profanity in court about incident

By Bruce Bartlett

Larry Kevin Munn, 47, is a large man with wild hair and a beard who has roamed the streets of Saint John for the past several months.

Thursday he was found guilty of assaulting a woman at a bus stop at King's Square and pleaded guilty to missing an earlier court appearance.

Next week he faces a more serious charge of aggravated assault against a 71-year-old man who suffered a broken hip last May on Charlotte Street.

Thursday the female victim testified she was waiting in a crowd at King's Square North on May 17 around 10 a.m. When her West-bound bus arrived she moved forward with the crowd and accidentally bumped shoulders with Mr. Munn. She looked at him but said nothing and moved on. Within a second she was kicked in the rear.

The victim said she turned around to see who had done it and was shouted at by Mr. Munn and told to never do that again.

The victim said she turned away and got on the bus as fast as she could to get away from the man, whose name she did not know at the time. The kick left a bruise, she said.

Mr. Munn took the stand and admitted he had kicked her but told the judge he had already served time for that charge.

"She looked at me the wrong way," said Mr. Munn, along with a string of profanities about the incident.

Judge Andrew LeMesurier said he would check to make sure Mr. Munn hadn't already been sentenced on this matter, but suggested that he might have kicked so many people that he doesn't remember them all.

Mr. Munn was remanded back to jail and will be sentenced on Sept. 29 when he reappears for the aggravated assault trial.

Mr. Munn, who is originally from Fredericton, has been in and out of jail since arriving in Saint John.