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For acts 'against the law' you can look up their environmental infractions on the web. Their anti-union practices are well established and the fact that NB has the lowest union activity per capita in Canada is proof of the media power (where people distrust unions more than the Irvings-and the NDP is unable to get more than one seat!). There is virtually undeniable research showing a direct correlation between union activity and standards of living in the industrialized world (both increasing or falling together)

International shipping cannot be ethically defended by anybody, and the fact that they are 'no worse than anybody else' is hardly an endorsement. Likewise their refusal to contribute to the salvage of the Irving Whale, which was loaded with PCB's is also telling.

As far as media monopolies go, they were found guilty in the seventies of that, and the problem has grown worse. They simply bought off the politician's, who claimed that it couldn't be proven that their monopoly had 'caused harm'. This is the most telling, since Irving has such vital interests in the province it is no coincidence it owns so much media-if it merely wanted more media businesses, well, there is a whole world out there full of places where they could compete in media.

That they are not behaving as any other business would is specious and untrue, we see many examples of corporations who are contributing members of their society. Nobody is 'forcing' them to clearcut forests to be turned into jack pine plantations, and nobody is stopping them from doing business elsewhere. The idea that somehow New Brunswick wouldn't be where it is today without the Irving's or McCain's is simply crazy. Both are notorious anti union enterprises with horrible reputations among those forced to work with them-go ask a farmer in Northwestern New Brunswick!

New Brunswick ranks consistently as the worst province in Canada for standard of living, and by international organizations ranks lower than 48 of 50 of the states. It would be hard for New Brunswick to have done worse.

Simply because of one personal 'happy story' is not enough to spare them. Many of Hitler's closest friends remarked on what a nice and generous man he was, and even Churchill talked about what an honest and trustworthy businessman Stalin was. RB Bennett is said to have spend most of the depression writing $20 cheques to impoverished letter writers who were crippled by the depression made worse by his policies, again, that doesn't spare him criticism.
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I don't have much to say on this one. I was approached in the Centennial Building by someone who told me the news about this Belinda crossing the floor.
At first, I believe it was an April Fool joke????
I said on three different occasions - You’re kidding right?
At the end, I knew the guy was serious so therefore my first question was- What is Peter MacKay saying about all this?
Only in Canada!!!!


Yes, the mennonites story attracted a few readers and this is what this blog is all about.

We debate different issues in here.

Last week, I bumped into a black girl. She came from Toronto but what I found amazing with her situation?

She had three children. I would say the age would be between 4 and 7 years old.

They were sitting on a sofa while the mother work on a computer. What I found truly amazing is that they were very quiet!

I had to asked - Excuse me? Those kids are very quiet! Are they on Ritalin?

She quickly told me that the system in New Brunswick wanted her kids to be on Ritalin but she refuse.

I showed her my website and being Charles?

I asked the mother if she smoke?

She put her head down and said - Yeeesss!!

I had the mouse in my hand looking at the monitor and asked - How’s your sex drive????

Her eyes grew wild open and I could tell that she was very uncomfortable. I’m surprise that I never receive a slap across the face…lol…

I quickly click in the section that I wrote. You can read it at -

She had a good laugh and I added her to my list of close to 1,000 names. I had more fun with that story!...lol

She was glad that she has a place to voice her frustrations against the system who wanted her nice children to be on Ritalin.

I came across a Grand Mother of eight from Lameque.

She told me in the North shore, Ritalin is way over prescribed!

I told these individuals that Bernard Lord will continue drugging and killing the children of this Province for another two years!

Shawn Graham will do a study on Ritalin and our kids will stand a chance of not committing suicide.

I saw a very dangerous situation a few days ago.

I went into the Irving Mainway on Kings Street.
Charles 04_07_05 080
Yes…I shop at Irving.

The staff in that location are tops!!!!!

They’re friendly with the public and they always give a dog biscuit to my dog Chico. Once Chico knows where he’s going? His tail moves very quickly left to right because he knows that he’s going to receive a cookie.
I remember last year, there was a coaching staff from Irving Oil to train these employees.

I told them in a stern way- Hey? Leave the staff alone! They don’t need any training! They’re very good at their job.

Anyway, I went at the store the other evening and I was very surprised to see only one worker present.

The store is run by one employee only from 11:00pm till the morning!

This is sad because that store is located in the bad side of the City and they had a few robberies in the past.

Mind you, we are not like the big Cities. We don’t have bullet proof windows separating the staff from the customers. < Not yet >

The money the big oil companies are making from the public. Couldn’t the Irvings afford to add another staff member at that store?

Why wait till someone gets kills or murdered during a foil robbery attempt? It just doesn’t make any sense.

On other point of interest?

Take a close look at this sticker which is located on the window outside of the same store.
Charles 04_11_05 013
It says that the certificate is expired!!!

Can someone please explain to me this one? No license from the Government to sell oil? I’m just going from what the sticker says!

Ok..Please excuse the style and grammare of this update because I just write the darn thing and send it along the information Highway!

Also don’t be afraid to leave a comment! Bye bye