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GOOD WORK DR. ED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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December 7, 2005

Doherty Takes on Slum Landlords

Fredericton - On the first regular sitting day of the Legislature, rookie MLA Dr. Ed Doherty (LIB - Saint John Harbour) wasted no time in getting to work.

Dr. Doherty introduced An Act Respecting the Protection of Low-Income Occupiers to get tough with slum landlords.

"I promised to be a strong voice for Saint John Harbour and it was clear that this was an issue people wanted action on," said Dr. Doherty. "It is a privilege to be able to serve the people of Saint John Harbour and to bring their concerns to the Legislature."

The proposed legislation would make changes in two existing acts.

The Residential Tenancies Act would extend protection to individuals living in boarding houses or lodging houses where three or more rooms are provided as
living accommodations.

Under the Municipalities Act, the following changes would be made:

1.Officers appointed by council would be able to enter premises 48 hours after notice is given to occupiers and owners.

2.A fine would be created for owners not respecting their obligations.

3.Current fines to owners would increase from a minimum of $240 to $500.

4.Current fines to occupiers would decrease from a minimum of $240 to $140.

5.Municipalities will be able to apply to Courts to get up to 50% of rent in order to pay for necessary repairs where owners have failed.

"People have the right to safe and affordable housing. This legislation is about protecting people and holding landlords accountable," said Dr.Doherty.

It is estimated that there are about 1000 problem cases in Saint John.


It's day two and the branch is still there!!!! Cut backs from Bernard Lord???

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Maybe the other parties wish to reply to Andy's comments???

1-In an interview with an Ottawa radio station Ken Dryden compared stay at home parents to parents who keep their sick children home instead of taking them to the doctor.

Given those comments and what ultimately transpired, why didn't the Liberals choose
to support stay at home parents as part of their day care plan?

Andy's answer is inside the blog!!!!

Hi Charles,

Here is the answer to your first question and I'll get something to you
soon re: the second question.

I hope this answers some of your reader's concerns.


1) Child Care.
The Conservatives say that the Liberal early learning and child care
plan lacks flexibility and does nothing to offer choices to
families, where one parent chooses to stay home.

The fact is the Liberal plan provides increased options for all
Canadian families. Specifically, it will help to ensure high-quality,
affordable programs exist for stay-at-home parents who wish to send
children to educational programs on a part-time basis.

The Liberal government also provides assistance through the tax
system for one-income families. For instance, the Canada Child Tax
(CCTB) provides a tax-free monthly payment to help low-and
families with the cost of raising children. About 80 per cent of
families benefit from the CCTB.
The Liberal government also brought in the CCTB Supplement, an
additional benefit for families caring for children under the age of
at home. The benefit currently provides $243 per year for each child,
last year it helped support 2.4 million children.

We also created the National Child Benefit, the most significant new
social program since medicare. The NCB aims to prevent and reduce the
of child poverty and ensure families will always be better off as a
of working.
Payments under the NCB are projected to reach $10 billion annually
by 2007-08, by which time the maximum benefit for a two-child family
will be
$6,259 per year. About 40 percent of Canadian families with children
from the NCB.

The Liberal government has a history of offering tangible benefits to
Canadian families. We have:
- doubled parental benefits under EI - from six months to a year - so
that new parents can stay home with their infants for longer;
- raised the Child Disability Credit by more than 15 percent to $2,000
from $1,700;
- made allowances for certain adoption expenses, up to $10,000; and
- reduced the tax burden for couples where one of them has little or
no income and for single parents with eligible dependents.

It should be noted the Liberal government has full funding Early
and Child Care agreements in place with three provinces, and agreements
principle with seven more. These commitments are already making a

The Conservative Approach to Child Care

Stephen Harper announced his party's child care platform, claiming
the Conservatives will address child care needs by offering parents a
grant and create child care spaces by offering tax incentives for
investments, which he says will create 125,000 spaces per year.

Here are some things you should know about the Conservative approach:

. Stephen Harper says he would only keep the agreements signed by the
Liberal government and provinces in place for one year. This means
child care funding for provinces and First Nations would be cut by

. Under Harper's plan, more than 450,000 fewer child care spaces would
be created over the next five years.

. Harper claims his plan would create 125,000 spaces a year, but the
average cost of a high-quality, regulated child care space is $8,000.
Unless Harper is triple-bunking the toddlers, he has exaggerated the
number of spaces to be created by 400 percent.

. The Harper proposal could create about 31,250 regulated spaces per
year, whereas the Liberal plan will create about 625,000 spaces over

. In Canada, 84 percent of families with children have both parents in
the workforce and 70 percent of women with children work outside the
home. Harper's proposal would not create choice for these families.
would give them $100 per month, which would pay for about 3 days of
child care in most provinces.

. Harper's proposal also does not include any early learning or
development component. This is a key focus of our child care plan.


Rumour Only Is Today @ 1:28-Am, STRUCTURE FIRE ON DUKE STREET, FLAMES SUPPOSEDLY SEEN SHOOTING OUT OF WINDOW, RUMORED REPORT AS WELL OF PEOPLE POSSIBLY TRAPPED BETWEEN 2 AND 3 RD FLOOR OF BUILDING ???? Just Imagine If this Story Busted Loose When All The Local Radio Stations Are In Their Automated Modes In The Evening And Overnight Hours ?? This Story Was Confirmed By Country 94 CHSJ


I was in the evil bureaucrat building this afternoon and bumped into this individual! Can anyone out there figure out who this person is????

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As I wrote in yesterday’s blog, the atmosphere is getting was out of line at the Legislature.


It was the day for the throne speech and I knew it would be different but not like this?

Before arriving at the Legislature, I noticed my bigot buddy sitting in his truck.

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It was cold even for a guy in his 70s.

I told Matthew Glenn that I’m having major problems at the Legislature with the Quebec security staff so if I’m banned?

Get ready for a long protest with a blowhorn in front of the House.

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He always fight against Quebecers and Acadians so lets see what’s going to happen?

Once outside I noticed all the streets blocked off by the Fredericton Police Forces.

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The barricades were up and I found it strange that no vehicles were allowed to be park in front of the Legislature.

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Once I walked through the doors of the House.

I noticed an officer inside the door peeking through the small window.

I was quickly confronted by Andre Ouellette the Commissionaire from Quebec telling me that I was not allowed inside the Legislature without a pass.


I also noticed two Police officers saying hello to me.

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At the end, there were four officers who were watching me very closely.

I told Andre that it was ok because I’ll just go at the Library.

He told me that the Library was off limit. I always go in there to read the newspapers.

Charles 04_07_05 037

This is two days in the row that the Commissionaires stopped me right at the door.

I knew that they were just waiting for me to say something but rules are rules I guess.

I even asked where I could get an invitation? I stood firm and left the building.

Hey? It’s a game of chess. I have been fighting their little game since I first set foot in the Capital in 2003.


I won’t deluge all the info because I must save some for my complaint to the Human Rights Commission.

I bumped into Leo Doiron who ran against Victor Boudreau in the by-election in Shediac.

I met the guy in Saint John and I must admit that he has a bigger mouth than me.

I reminded the P.C. worker that his party did indeed get slaughtered in the bi-election.

With his loud mouth he shouted?

How come your Liberals friends didn’t invite you in the Lgislature?

I really didn’t wish to go in there because it’s all BS anyway!

I love the question period but it still BS!

I will remain calm cool and collective.

I will not cross that thin line.

I know someone higher up wants to do me some harm and I’ll play the game.

Speaking of games?

I heard that today will be history in the making.

I heard the security staff will search everyone going through the doors with a metal detector.


This is absurd!!!

But what really scares me is if the metal detector detects my camera?

Will the Police Force shot first and asks questions later?

Very scary stuff!…

This evening, I walked by the Legislature and all the barricades are gone.

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But the question is this?

What’s with all the sudden act of security at the New Brunswick Legislature?

A few citizens who has been living in this area for over 20 years told me they never seen the likes of it!

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It’s a terrible feeling.

A person used to walked by the Legislature without having the fear to be watch by the close circuit camera.


It’s terrible!

What really bothers me with this issue is that it sort of tempting New Brunswickers to try something?

It’s very scary stuff!

You don’t show New Brunswick citizens that they are not welcome in the People’s House without papers.

I don’t know why all of a sudden the security watching me like a hawk!

Something is going to happen at the House and I pray that as God as my witness? Nothing ever happens.


There's never a dull momment for this ADHD activist. Always something going on!



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Dear Charles,
When ever you have a problem place it in God's
capable hands by asking Him in prayer to handle it for
you! Then, whatever you do, try not to hold on to a little
corner of it and pull it back again. For when you put your
trust in God, He will lead your way!

Remember that our Savior Jesus Christ said; "DO NOT

Also it is written; TRUST IN HIM AT ALL TIMES, O PEOPLE;
REFUGE. ( PSALM 62:8 ) So Charles, always put
all your; TRUST IN HIM AT ALL TIMES, (PSALM 62:8) for it is
TRUST. ( PSALM 40:4 )

( EPHESIANS 3:20-21 )

With My Love & Prayers,
your servant Allen
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This is a comment that was use in the blog - AN EMAIL FROM A POOR WORKING MOTHER IN FREDERICTON! I have their email address and this very long emotional letter is from the husband. I was surprised that it was posted in the commeny story. Maybe someone can help out there. Just let me know. I guess that I'm the moderator in this one.

You can send me an email at

Here's the letter! I might add that it's pretty sad-

There is indeed more to the story than what was mentioned. Just ecause you are married to a Canadian citizen, does not mean it makes it any easier to become a citizen. Most circumstances are sponsership through Immigration. But there are cases such as ours, where I am a non status citizen. I first came to Canada, on my way to Alaska, in 1997. Legally, may I add. I decided to check out Vancouver and Victoria while I was passing through. I met my wife right around that time. We debated on what to do about our both being from different countries, and felt it was best if I just stayed in Canada and not have introduce her to the enviornment of the U.S. We did not know what to do, so we travelled around B.C. for a few years. We were in Vancouver with 2 dogs and no place to stay. We discovered that she was pregnant and decided we need to fix our problem through immigration. They gave us an appointment for 2 months later. We did not want to stay on the streets of Vancouver as it is not a very kind place. We ended up looking around the B.C. coast for a place to get jobs and a place to have our child. We even had to give up our dogs, which was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. I had come to Canada with my dog. We settled on Vancouver Island.

Meanwhile, we missed our appointment in Vancouver. Our main priority was getting my wife into a home, and off the streets. About two months before our child was born, she was asked for ID along with one of her friends. They were doing nothing wrong. I was getting a sandwich for her. Well, it turns out, there was a Canada wide immigration warrant for me, on her name when they ran it. They arrested me and I was sent to Vancouver immediately. That, was the beginning of our experiences with an unjust immigration system. The officers that transfered me were just that .... transport officers. I was held in Vancouver jail and then brought forth in front of ONE MAN in an office. He simply stated that I was going home. I asked to see a judge, and was told I do not get to see one. I asked to see my wife, and he said no. I said I did not feel it was fair, as I had been in this country for 5 years, was married and have a child coming in two months. He said something I will never forget. He said " I am retiring in 4 weeks, I dislike people from south of the border, and you will be leaving in 20 minutes in handcuffs going back across the border you came over. I am using your felony for a reason, and that is all I need. End of discussion" I put up quite a fuss, but it did not matter, as I was on my way to the border not much after that. He could have just
as simply put me in the system. If the day comes it happens again, I am going to claim refugee under humanitarian and compassionate grounds.

About my felony. One day in California, I did not return a car on time and was charged with
"taking of a vehicle". One of the lowest felonies you can get. I admit that I did not take the car back when I was supposed to and maybe should have called. Something I would never do again. I was quite young, not that it is an excuse. I was given a piece of paper from my judge in California, giving me permission, as a felon, to leave and go be with my wife in Canada. She understood that it was important to be with a wife and a newborn child, especially from the beginning. When I got back to the border, I simply stated who I was, and showed them the papers I had. I was laughed at and the officer said my papers did not mean anything to him and that an american judge can't tell him to let me in. And he denied me. No offense, but no imaginary line would stop me from being with my wife and the child that was about to be born any day. I pure an simply just walked right across the park and the border and did not look back. No imaginary line will ever keep me from my family now. They would have to put me in a steel and concrete cage and keep me there forever.

I have now been in Canada for almost 9 years. We try and live a normal life, but there is no way for us to get ahead. We are not on welfare and have not been. I do not abuse the medical system and have not seen a doctor in a decade. I do not go to a dentist, and have even had to pull my own teeth. I do not drive. I would never try to get fake ID. I just live life as I know it, honestly and respectful of all. Stress is always upon me and my wife. I sit here every day and watch her work all the time and goto school full time. I am quite capable of working but someone has to raise our child. Kind of hard to get a job here in Fredericton with no ID. I value every moment I get with my child. My wife does not get that joy. She sees our child about 20 something hours a week. Her routine is to get up, spend an hour with our child, and goto school, come home for 30 minutes for dinner, then off to work till 3 AM and back to bed. We know that it will be worth it, at least she will get some school and hopefully a better job. But, nothing replaces the hurt in my child's voice when he cries to see his mommie! I SHOULD BE WORKING WHILE SHE IS IN SCHOOL! It doesn not make me feel to good about myself, knowing this.

So, why do we not go to the immigration and see if things can work out. After how we were treated in BC, we have a lack of faith in that department. If you try to contact them here in Fredericton, you get machines. If you try and go in, they have no one there and a book to sign and leave a number in and what it is about. (we took that as a sign) We really do not feel like leaving our info in the book and having the Police knocking on our door trying to tear us apart, before we can even get a chance to plead our case. Then there are the fees. We can not afford a lawer. We can not afford the application fees which are quite high. Her job hardly pays her anything and what little we have, barely covers are bills. We juggle bills untill they are overdue and pay them when she gets taxes back. Then the vicious cycle starts over. I have been in Canada for a decade. This is my home. Her family is my family. If I have to leave, she will have to quit work and school to go on welfare as a single mom. She will lose the place we live in. We of course can not allow that to happen. It is not feasible for us and our child, which is starting to get to the age of asking questions and understanding what is going on.

We have wrote dozens of letters to the immigration minister. Not one single relpy in 3 years. We have been blown off Andy Scott's office and could not even get past talking with a rude secretary. We have written letters to the Premier's office and not one response. It is much more simple for them to ignore the problem. There are lots of non status people that have been here for much longer than me. We have met at least 3 dozen couples in the same exact situation as ours. There have been estimates of any where between 200,000 to 400,000 non status individuals in Canada, and those are very low estimates compared to all the research I do on a regular basis. Sure, the government is "fixing" the problems with immigration, but they are doing nothing about people like us. They have seem to lost the compassion that Canada used to be known for.

As far as I know, I might even get deported over speaking up, if it were figured out who I was. I do not hide who I am when I meet people in person. I believe in honesty and respect. It really bothers us that many Americans that have far worse records than I do, are regularly allowed into Canada. They buy thier way. I am sure that my borrowing a car and not getting it back on time, is far worse than all the crack that 50 Cent was convicted of. Or all the violence he promotes. Robert Downey Jr can come film up here, and he has a long record. Martha Stewart is another example. Meanwhile, people like me are a threat! I just want to live an honest life with my wife and raise our child.

When we decided to get a hamper which will be much welcomed and needed this christmas, we at first thought of the Sally Ann but knew they would require ID's. So, we decided our best option was to goto one of the churches. That way we could state our case and not have to show Id. We figured the church would of course help us. I do not know what little kid has not been told you can turn to a church in time of need. Well, that was not the case. You need to have a medicare number before they will help you. That is what this world has come to! My wife called and because of this, they would not help us. I was angry, I admit, and I called them back wanting to know how they could refuse us. The lady was combative and would not put me through to someone else. Finally, after I asked what the media would think of thier church refusing a Christmas hamper because of someone's immigration status, I was transfered and told they would make an exception. We have talked about it and do not feel safe going to that church and getting the hamper now. Yes... we do not trust the first lady at the church and have no clue if she would turn us in. No hamper is worth being deported over!

My wife went to the Sally Anne and filled out a thing for a hamper there. She just marked down herself, and our child, and did not even mention my existence. We figure getting the much needed food hamper was more important than another problem. Our problem will never go away. I guess that is a small price to pay than having to take my wife and son go and live in the US.... I thought immigration was there to help people come to Canada, not force thier own citizens to leave with thier loved ones who can not be here.

Immigration issues come and go. They seem to always stay in the back of the spotlight. Non Status people treated as if they are non existent. In Toronto, they have a "Don't ask Don't Tell" policy on non status immigrants. If they are asking for help, they will be helped and not turned in. Here in Fredericton, there is no such thing. There is no help available for folks in our type of situation. We are alone. Just a dot on a system that does not work.

As the years go by and my son grows up, I dread the many questions he will ask. I really would not know what to tell him. I feel I should tell him the truth, that I am worthless, but my wife will have no part of letting me do that. I now wonder what I will tell him about churches when he asks. I will just have to let someone else answer that. I do know that we will raise him to respect all life regardles of race, religion or immigration status!

I never thought I would be posting about our situation locally, so I can only hope that nothing ill happens because of doing so. This is my home. I waited my whole life to leave the US. I am glad I made that decision. I wish the Canadian government can honor my decision!

sorry for a book, but I felt I needed to explain our situation instead of fading off and not responding.

John Doe