Tuesday, June 14, 2005


Remember the little presentation I gave to the Senate over one month ago? I just received the transcript from Ottawa!!!!

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Thank you all for coming. Much appreciated.

Senators, we have one walk-on today, Mr. Charles LeBlanc?

Mr. LeBlanc, we appreciate your coming and being with us. I know you have a statement and we will probably have time for one or two questions before we have to catch a plane. Go ahead with your statement. Thank you very much.

Mr. Charles LeBlanc, As an individual: I am glad to hear that I was supposed to appear at 4 o’clock.

Senator Trenholme, nice to see you again. This is twice in front of Senate and you are here. I shook my head I said, “Oh my gosh, she has to listen to me for another four minutes.” I just want to go on record, I was told that you will not be asking question with my presentation?

The Chairman: We will ask one or two because we have got time. Normally we do not. It is a function, frankly, of time.

Mr. LeBlanc: Well, I thought because it was mental illness that I was not intelligent enough to answer the question. That is why I was concerned.

The Chairman: No, when we did this with business guys on bank mergers it was the same thing. So, no, no.

Mr. LeBlanc: Okay. No problem. So you saw how I acted the last time. Four minutes, can I do it? Did I do well the last time? Now, I got to go fast. Four minutes.

The Chairman: Okay, away you go.

Mr. LeBlanc: I was born in Memramcook and brought up in Saint John.
I found out six years ago that I have ADHD. I wrote a column in the Reader and the Telegraph Journal in Saint John. After that column appeared I received about 40 phone calls from parents who were crying on the phone how their kids were treated in the school system. I have no kids of my own. Thank God for that. I contacted Bernard Lord and I said to Bernard, I said, “Listen Bernard, as leader I have got to talk to you about the issue of Ritalin.” He said, “Charlie, I know there is a major problem, I get so many phone calls at my office in my Moncton East. Once we get in power we are going to study the issue.” He got elected Premier and then after that he goes, “Ritalin, what are you talking about Charlie? There is not a problem.”

So what happened is when I found I had ADHD I worked for the Irvings. The Irvings hired me for a construction company. Then I had to go for a urine test. You know, they check for drugs and all that. I told them - I am talking very fast, I am very sorry, I have got to hurry up. So anyhow what happened they turned around and they checked for drugs. I told them I do not take drugs. I said, “I am on Ritalin; I have ADHD.”

I expected them to say, “What you are one of them? My God you are full of energy, come on join the team.” They said that I was not allowed to learn a trade or anything else.

I am going fast. I am very sorry. I only got four minutes. This is such a big, big problem.

I made a complaint to the Human Rights Commission of New Brunswick. They faxed a memo; I got the memo right here. I do not have time to read it, but they said that I am limited because I told them I had ADHD, and I was on Ritalin, I was limited. I was not allowed to learn a trade. I was paid the lowest wages than everybody else, and I was not allowed to drive a car.

Now what happened, the Human Right Commission in New Brunswick, which is a big farce here in this province, excuse my language, they said that people with ADHD are limited, close to mental retardation. That is a big lie.

People with ADHD are highly intelligent.

So in 2002, I went on a hunger strike in front of the legislature for 12 days. Then the government did not want to have a study to study the issue of Ritalin. The year 2003, I sent up a tent and I stayed in the tent in front of the legislature for six months.

You know that, Marilyn? Anyhow I turned around, I collected 10,000 names that said that I agree -- this is not funny. I got two girls inside behind there just laughing their head off.

The Chairman: They are interpreting. They are having trouble.

Mr. LeBlanc: I mean, I am distracted.

The Chairman: Please continue.

Mr. LeBlanc: Is it funny what I am saying? I mean, I only got four minutes.

The Chairman: You were talking quickly and they were trying to interpret it.

Mr. LeBlanc: I know, but what can I do?

The Chairman: Just continue with your statement, please.

Mr. LeBlanc: People with ADHD are easily distracted. That is what I am getting at. You have inclusion in the classroom. You have autism, ADHD and MS, all in the same classroom. Kids with ADHD are easily distracted with all the noise. That is why inclusion does not work in this province.

I collected 10,000 names with a sign that said “I agree that Ritalin is over-prescribed in this province.” Citizens of New Brunswick asked for a study on this issue.

I hear during the protest that kids were labelled no less idiots, stupid, when they are taking Ritalin. That is sad. Some kids do need it. Let’s face the facts here. But if you take it you are labelled.

Under the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission, a decision held behind closed doors, if you take Ritalin, you are close to mental retardation, and that is not right.

I hear these stories on the street. I was in a tent, you know that. And I turn around and I hear of kids who were forced to take Ritalin and after that they go onto stronger drugs like pain killers and all that. These kids are highly intelligent.

Bill Gates has ADD. Vince McMann from the WWF, you must have heard of him, I mean, he went on 60 Minutes. He said that he has ADHD. Only an ADHD brain will come out with a soap opera, they come out on the wrestling.

I mean, his mind is always going. Bill Clinton has ADD. Do not tell me he does not have it, he cannot shut up and they pay him millions, you know. I mean that is the bottom line.

These politicians in Ottawa and here in Fredericton, if you see them act on the floor, they refuse to take the Ritalin. They all have ADHD. Here in New Brunswick, it is cheaper to drug our kids than to treat them with dignity.

Two more points and I am done.

I hear that there are people on social assistance who are taking an upgrading class and there are 22 parents in that classroom. All their kids are on Ritalin. What is happening is the majority of the poor people in this province, it is called a double blind study, you go through the psychologue, I cannot say it in French? Thank you. I cannot say that word.

The pharmacist, the psychologue and the teacher.

One day the pharmacist gave a vitamin pill and the other day he gives a Ritalin, and they all mark it down, how was the attitude of the child? But unfortunately that cost $1,400 and there is a lot of poor people that cannot afford that. So what do they do?

Like Dr. Furlong used to be the Minister of Health and Education and he told me, “Ritalin is not over-prescribed, it is over- diagnosed. It is too easy to be diagnosed with ADHD.”

Ritalin is a problem across Canada. The drugging and the killing of our children must come to a stop. That is what I have to say.

The Chairman: Mr. LeBlanc, thank you very much for coming. In fact, we will not have time for questions because there is a second walk-on. Am I correct?

Chief Susan Levi-Peters, As an individual: Yes, but I will only take one minute.
The Chairman: That is fine.

Mr. LeBlanc: I do not think she has ADHD, so she only has one minute.

The Chairman: Thank you very much for coming. Much appreciated.




tim and charles


Yesterday, I received this email-

Dear Charles;
The Senate Committee Studying Human Rights will hold public hearings in Fredericton on June 14. at 9 a.m. at the Delta Fredericton, 225 Woodstock Road, Grand Ballroom "A". Public is invited.
9 a.m. Bernard Richard - Children's Ombudsman
11 a.m. Centre for Reseach on Youth at Risk
1 p.m. Roundtable of Children and Youth
2 p.m. Partners for Youth
3 p.m. NB Department of Family & Community Services


Once again, I began my investigation and there was indeed a Senate hearing at the Delta.

I learned that Bernard Richard. The ombudsman was going to make a presentation.


I showed up at the hearing at 8:45am.

I noticed a guy from CBC Television signing as a media personnel.

I quickly asked the person if I could sit on the media table as a blogger? Sorry...not going to happen! Bloggers should have a little more respect even if we're known as troublemakers!!!...lol

I must admit that I didn't make a good entrance.

You see, I don't have much respect for people who are appointed to a position but the last two times that I appeared in front of the Senate? I didn't find them that bad. Maybe a little high class but not bad.

To my surprise, I was told that no one is going to make a presentation! Therefore I wasn't allowed to speak!

Mind you? I was totally confuse because in the past hearings. I was allowed four minutes. I didn't take no as an answer and I wanted answers???

The guy who was talking to me was Rene Legere and his job was to take care of the media personal. Some woman came and introduce herself as Dr.Line Gravel.

I guess she's the common clerk and I must admit that I wasn't too impress by her attitude and I'm certain that she had the same feeling about me.

These high class people believe they had a problem because I didn't have a suit and tie and I wanted to know the reason we the public are not allowed to speak???

I even told them that this hearing was for kids human rights and I lived in a tent for six months in front of the Legislature therefore I've heard many sad tales that I can tell the Senate.

I was concern that I didn't know anything of these hearings. They reminded me that they sent a press release to the media.

I quickly told them- WHAT?? THE IRVING MEDIA???

At 8:55am. Bernard Richard walked in and these people quickly came to shake the hand of the Ombudsman to welcome him.


I quickly shouted to Bernard - This is a scam! It's like a communist system! The public are not allowed to speak!

Bernard have known me for years and he knew that something wasn't right! He knew that I was angry.

The main reason that I told this to the Ombudsman was to let these high class people around me that I wasn't a bum or idiot off the streets!

I might not dress the part but I do know a lot about kids Human Rights.

To make matter worse, I noticed Christian Whalen < Lawyer for the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission > present.

This is a picture of myself and Christian in Church!


I said- You mean those people < never said racist > are allowed to speak???


At the end, the was only an observer. I mean we know that those racist members of the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission told the Government that s with ADHD are close to mental retardation. Maybe they believe that I have no rights to make a presentation.

As a manner of fact? They shouldn't even been there. If these racists members would have been allowed to make a presentation? I would have interrupted their speech! The situation could have turn ugly!!!

Mind you, Christian Whalen was seated right in front of me.

These Senators must understand that in New Brunswick? We have no rights! It's the Irving way or the highway!

I walked into the room and I was told by a worker to sit down and don't move!!!

Can you imagine that one??? We're these people warn about me in advance? Who knows?

Before the meeting got started? I told Bernard Richard that I'm not allowed to speak so therefore it was all up to him to send some kind of message to these Senators of what is exactly going on in this Province with the issue of Ritalin.

Bernard began his speech at 9:10am and did a superb job in his presentation and he did mention the issue of Ritalin.

What I found funny that was right from the beginning he told the Senators that they have no influence with the Province of New Brunswick on certain issues.

One Senator took exception to this and let it known to the Ombudsman that they do have an influence.



Bernard told the Senate that there are no child advocate in this Province.

He was also concern of the issue of Autism! He told the Senate that Medicare covers a child with Autism but not after the age of five.

Education of Autism is a problem in New Brunswick!

Earlier detection is a must for these children but the Government don't seem to move quick enough on this issue.

These autistic parents are forming their own group to lobby the Government and this is good but the Government should do more.

Then he mentioned the issue of ADHD and Ritalin!

I was surprised that he mentioned my name telling the Senate that after my protest, the education department sent a memo telling the teachers that they couldn't act like doctors to suggest Ritalin to a child.

He continue by telling the Senate that the medical Society did admit that ADHD is over diagnose and the issue should be studied in New Brunswick!

He did forget to mention that other provinces have special school for ADHD kids but not here.

He told the Senate that Ritalin was too easily prescribed in this Province and the issue should be addressed.

I decided to go outside for a smoke because the issue of ADHD was address.

Once outside, I noticed a young guy walking towards me and with his head down.

I said - How is it going? He never said a word and kept on going.

I found the guy very rude so once inside I asked - Who's that guy anyway?

I was told that he was a young student reporter from the telegraph Journal or the Daily Gleaner!

I quickly said- Ohhhh that explains his attitude.

Hey??? Maybe he was trained at Saint Thomas University and was told about me before he dedicated his life and soul to the Irving Empire?


I left my papers on a chair and once I got back to the room that Irving reporter was sitting right beside me! I am certain that he would have choose a different chair if he only knew it was my seat!.,,lol

One Irving worker got mad at me and said- I am sick and tired of your Irving conspiracy of the media!!!

I told the Irving employee that I just had a run in with the senate and I wasn't in the mood for another confrontation! I told the Irving employee to calm down and everything will be ok and left!!!

Hey? Once you deny the public to write critical letters of the Irving Empire? It's old Germany all over again and lets see what the Senate will do about this issue of freedom of speech in New Brunswick!


I should have had a laptop with me so I could have blog Bernard Richard speech!

This blog will have to do I guess!

Bernard Richard has ADHD big times! He's full of energy and offered to take the role as Child Advocate!

Only a person with ADHD would demand new roles.

What a big different since the first time he got appointed to the Ombudsman office.

I remember once he got appointed? He couldn't do much in the month of December because his term began in January.

He was bored to ! It was so bad that he was happy to see me walk in his office!...lol...

He must have been bored!!!..lol..

Not these days, he goes and goes! We will never see the likes of him again!

Something was said by one of the Senators about Saint John being Irving town?
Everyone laugh and I didn't hear it all! I'll find out!

At the end of the hearing, I decided to wear a pair of headphone so I could hear more clearly and it work!

This is what is needed in today's classrooms! Headphones for the kids because there's a lot of noise in the classrooms! It sure help me to listen better.

Better than taking Ritalin if you asked moi????

After the meeting was done, Bernard walked by and I shook his head congratulating him for a job well done.

I noticed the chairperson talking to the Common Clerk who I found was rude to me. One worker noticed that I was walking towards them and reminded me not to cause trouble.

I wanted to chat with this Senator.

Her name was Raynell Andreychuk. What I found interesting is that she told Bernard that she was a Family Judge and wanted to know if Ritalin is prescribed because of the bullying going on in the schools?

You know just way to calm to the kids because the teachers cannot touch them?

Once I came face to face with the Senator.

I told the Common Clerk- I know you don't like me but I want to chat with the Senator and I did.

I told her that I was sorry that I didn't have a three piece suit and I was the guy who protested in a tent for the issue of Ritalin.

Charles and Brad 003

She finally told me the reason the public are not allowed to speak because it would be too long and many of them have issues in the court system.

I truly didn't understand her reasoning but it was ok I guess!

I told her that most children who are on Ritalin in this Province comes from poor families.

I'll explain this issue in my next blog!! My God!!!! closing on 1,800 words!!!

Way too much! I left the Delta while Bernard Richard was surrounded by the media and he was indeed talking about the issue of Ritalin!

What a big different with my attitude with the media. Years ago, I would have stick around and pray that the media would interview me! I left the scene immediately!!!

So therefore the issue will be once again in the public eye!

Lets see how the media are going to cover this issue!

Now??? If you're still with me?? < I doubt it >...The people in charge should have explain to me at the beginning the reasons they didn't allow the public to speak on this very emotional issue and it would have save a lot of heartaches for me and those people working for the Senate!



Local Citizens Enraged By Proposed Tax Breaks for Irving's LNG Plan
(Copyright © 2005 Energy Intelligence Group, Inc.)
Friday, June 10, 2005
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Residents of St. John, New Brunswick in Canada are crying foul after the provincial government introduced legislation on Wednesday to approve a special tax break worth as much as C$100 million (US$80 million) over 25 years for St. John-based Irving Oil to build a liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal near its Canaport oil refinery.

The legislation, which is due to be voted on in the coming days, would supercede existing laws designed to prevent municipalities from offering such tax breaks to industry for fear that taxpayers throughout the province would end up subsidizing business. Brenda Fowlie, the provincial minister responsible for local government, was quoted by the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. (CBC) on Tuesday as saying it "could be months" before the province made a decision.

Irving Oil, which is privately owned by the billionaire Irving family of New Brunswick, announced it had signed a "definitive deal" with Spain's Repsol YPF to build the C$750 million (US$597 million) terminal to import LNG (OD Jun.8,p6). Irving will handle gas sales to Atlantic Canada while Repsol will concentrate on sales to the US, where most of the gas will go.

But the C$500,000 (US$398,000) per year in taxes that the city will receive is only about one-tenth the amount that LNG proponents have offered to municipalities in similar deals elsewhere in Canada and the US. According to City Councilor Ivan Court, the mayor of St. John told the council late on Mar. 14 that it had until midnight to decide whether to grant Irving the tax break, after Irving and Repsol said they could not afford to build the LNG terminal without it. Given only one hour to decide, the council acceded to Irving's demands.

Until details of the tax break were made public a few weeks ago, Irving's proposal to build the LNG terminal had faced very little opposition in terms of environmental and safety concerns, and had been granted environmental approvals from both the federal and provincial governments. During a three-year review process, no lawsuits against the terminal were filed.

"We support the LNG terminal but we also support fair taxation," Court said.

When details of the tax deal broke, opponents to the financial arrangement began to make noise.

At a public meeting Wednesday night organized by a group calling itself the Coalition Concerned with LNG and Fair Taxes, the tax deal came under heavy fire, but attendees also expressed concerns about safety, the environment, fishing, local infrastructure, tourism, and other more familiar LNG terminal complaints.

Court said the council did not even have the authority to grant the tax concession to Irving in the first place, adding that this responsibility rests with the province. He also said that city employees withheld information pertaining to the true costs to the city, which is already the most heavily taxed municipality in the province.

Irving Oil, which expects the LNG terminal to be complete by 2008, did not respond when asked to comment on the taxation issue.

James Irwin, Washington


11 June 2005

Open Letter From Former Councillor Pat Landers!!!!
City of Saint John

There is a saying here in the Maritime Provinces which goes, “He who has … gets.” And, isn’t is coincidental that when we refer to the conglomerate called the Irving Empire we refer to them with the all-encompassing word “He”, even though the empire is run today by sons, grand children and soon, great grandchildren?

I would like to pose a few questions that have recently come to mind and which, in all probability, have long ago been forgotten by most people in Saint John.

The Irvings received a 30-year subsidized water rate to their pulp mill and today, long after those 30 years have expired, is it true that they still pays less than any other commercial user in this city?

The Irvings had a $2 million pipe line installed by the City from Spruce Lake to the Irving mill, which was never uitilized, and is it true that $2 million has yet to be repaid?

Now, how about the frigate program for the federal Defence Department, were there not start-up grants from us, the taxpayers? And, after the Irvings reaped personal gains of just shy of $1 billion, we the taxpayer gave them another close-down subsidy? And, were some of these subsidies used to break union shops within the shipyards?

We all realize the and pillage of our crown lands (notice I use the word “our”?). After we gave the Irvings permission to utilize that land to realize yet more wealth, is it not true that we ended up giving them another subsidy to reforest those same crown lands so that they can harvest them another time for yet more personal profit?

On the subject of the property owned by J.K. Irving in Rothesay, known as the Netherwood Land, is it true that no property tax is paid by this family because there is a tax-exempt Chapel on that property?

On another point, is it true that the city of Saint John closed its gas pumps on Rothesay Avenue and now city employees must use Irving credit cards?

Perhaps the citizens of Saint John should have the Irvings contracted as consultants to our mayor and council to show the ordinary people of the City how they could benefit from tax breaks.

I am of the opinion that the Irvings are laughing all the way to the Bermuda bank on the backs of the people of Saint John.

Would the Irvings accept such scandalous deals from other business people if the shoe were on the other foot?

Jim, Jack, Arthur and Kenneth Irving, you “look into the eyes” of the loyal taxpayers of Saint John and tell them when ‘enough is enough’.

Shame on you. Shame on us. Shame on the mayor and council. Shame on the “Lord” government.

There are but a few people who are aware of the full extent of subsidies that have been afforded this wealthy empire.

We are not just dealing with the richest people in Saint John. We are not just dealing with the richest people in New Brunswick. We are not just dealing with the richest people in Canada. We are dealing with one of the richest families in the world.

The Irvings are one of the last empires which requires a tax break from the people who can afford it the least.

With personal regards.

Patricia (Landers) Murphy
Former City Councillor