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Someone told me on the streets yesterday that the
believe this phrase is catching on!!!!

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Ok..I seem to receive a few emails asking me - Who
are the Irvings? Why are they racists? Just like this
one from Toronto Ontario-
I am not from the maritimes and I was just wondering
if you could outline what these Irvings did that was
so racist cause i read your emails and i dont know
what has happened?
I’m going to try to explain the whole story in
this update.
In the year 1998, I bumped into J.K Irving. I
always enjoyed chatting with this Billionaire because
he’s straight forward and loves a good debate.
I don’t have the feeling that I’m talking to a
Billionaire when I chat with J.K. Irving. Anyway? I
asked J.K. if he could help me locate some work?
Weeks went by and nothing. I was certain that J.K.
totally forgot about me. Until he phoned me at my
place and asked me – Where would I like to work? What
could I do?
You have to realizes that it was at that period
that I have just found out that I had ADHD and I was
willing and ready to try a new trade. I worked for
many years at the Shipyard <> as a labour.
All I had to do was concentrate on the issue in
hand and everything would be perfect.
J.K suggested a company name- Gulf Operators!!!
I quickly pull the receiver off my ear and didn’t
think it was a good idea because I heard some very bad
stories about this Company and I would soon learn that
they were true and much worst from what I heard.
So he arranged a meeting with Kyle Jardine and I
went in his office. He told me that they weren’t
hiring at the moment which this was a lie because all
Management family and friends were lined up to work
every day.
But in my case? It was the Irvings who sent me
there so therefore this wasn’t good enough.
After months of waiting, J.K. ordered his son J.D.
to get me in that workplace!
Sure enough, I began to work the next Monday. But
I would soon find out that those racist Irving
Management didn’t want me around at all!
They made my life miserable. I asked to learn a
trade and Kyle Jardine said- But you have ADHD?
You see during the interview? I had to go for a
urine test! They tested you for drug!
I proudly told Irving Management that I didn’t
take drugs! Ohhh…I have ADHD <> and I’m
on Ritalin!
I expected the company to say- WHAT??? YOU’RE ONE
I should have remain quiet because I would soon
find out that ADHD is not a good thing!
I’ll paste my complaint that I sent to those
racist members of the New Brunswick Human Rights
Commission at the end of this update.
Anyway, my job was to paint all the building while
new family friends were hired and sent to different
work and be trained but not me!
After my painting was all done? I was laid off!
I was the only one! I wasn’t going to learn a
trade because I wasn’t capable!
I was furious and I phoned on Christmas eve and
the big boss of the Irving Empire.
The wife wasn’t to please that I phoned her
husband on Christmas eve but I didn’t care because I
was let go on Christmas eve also!
Weeks later, J.D. Irving sent me at that company
again! I sure wish that they would have sent me
somewhere else but this time around the racist
management at Gulf Operators had something plan that
would break Charles LeBlanc.
Kyle Jardine and Frank Ryan decided to sent this
Acadian to a very racist supervisor Name – Brian
Grant! <>
Well? I already told you what happened with this
He tried to hit me with a piece of steel and
always called me frogs or the blacks Niggers!
I should have assaulted on the spot but I didn’t!
I should have quit the company and filed a complaint
with those racist members of the New Brunswick Human
Rights but I didn’t know that these people were in
Irving pockets! <>
Anyway???? Enough was enough! I hated to go to
work and I knew that it was just a matter of time till
I flip and Kyle Jardine knew it so he let me go!!
Well? I wasn’t going to take this laying down so I
approached J.D. Irving of the way Gulf Operators
treats its minorities and he had a very racist
He looked at me and said- Oh well! That’s ok! A
Billionaire supporting Racism??? Ok…Hands off! I
decided to make a sign that said - Irving Management
supports racism!
Of course those racist Irving Management weren’t
too happy!
I had people supporting me and I didn’t know ONE
Mac Trueman came and chat with me and he promised
me that he would write the truth!
GUESS WHAT??? It never happened!!!
One photographer was hiding behind a tree and took
a sneaky picture and they wrote in the story- Mary
Keith <> She is a robot! I never
seen that woman smile. She told the Irving own paper
that I was fired twice by the Management but I was
still hired!
Excuse me? Fired twice???? I didn’t know this!
They told the public that I was an idiot and
should be ignored at any cost! < THEY BRAINWASH THE
I was furious! I phoned the editor and they
allowed me to write a response to the Editor but the
damage has already been done!
Afterwards the Irvings gave the racist supervisor
a promotion for breaking Charles LeBlanc!
Gulf Operators is a very racist company and
there’s nothing New Brunswickers can do?
If they get hurt? The Irvings changes the
Compensation rules <>
If they get discriminated against? Can’t go to
those racist members of the New Brunswick Human Rights
Commission because they haven’t been going against the
Irvings for years!
They have a convicted thief serving as the only
case worker in the Southern part of the Province and
the papers not to print my letters to the editor! I
got printed 500 letters to these papers and suddenly
it’s over!
The publisher- peter Huggart from the telegraph
Journal phoned me after I made a complaint to the
Atlantic Press Council that they won’t print critical
letters of the Irving Empire <>
Months later, he wrote a column telling the
readers that only one letter a month would be printed
in the paper by any writer! Weeks later, the shipyard
was shut down and the employees only had a one shot
deal to write about the shipyard!
Once again, the Irving Management have succeed in
stopping the public from writing letters! < FINAL
SOLUTION > Which reminds me, I haven’t seen my letter
to the editor in the Daily Gleaner. This is the only
Irving Paper left that will print my letters! Maybe
the Irving Gestapo showed up in his office and ordered
him not to print my views on different issues??? <
Now!!!! Do you understand my point of view????
I heard these stories from many other New
These racist Irving Management forced hundreds of
Families out of this Province but they will never
force this Scottish Acadian into leaving or commiting
suicide < like many former Irving employees did in the
past > because I will fight these racist C.U.P.E.
Members of the Human Rights Commission and those
Irving Management till the end of time!
These racists have ruined my life and made it very
very very clear to the Government of the way that
adult with ADHD should be treated and this is
discrimination at it’s worst kind!
Excuse the style and grammar of this update
because I wrote it very very very fast!
Here’s my complaint with against that very racist
company- GULF OPERATORS. Be warn- I wrote it in around
two hours and sent this to those racist members of the
New Brunswick Human Rights Commission-
Ok….This is the complaint that I sent to those
racist Members of the New Brunswick Human Rights
I made the complaint the day I was laid off and
wrote the story very quick! I expected the Commission
to sit down and talk to me? This never happen! The
Director of the Commission Janet Cullinan sent me a
letter telling me that my complaint was denied!!
While going this complaint? I soon found out that
my grammar is much better these days.
Many of you are asking me questions about my case
so I decided to paste it on the information highway!
Before you read this? You must understand at that
point, I got along with J.D. Irving but this all
change once I told the Billionaire that he had a
racist supervisor working for Gulf Operators. He told
me that it was ok with him! So therefore this tells me
that the Irvings support racism.
Here’s my complaint that was written On May 9th,
I email this to Carl White from those racist
members of the Commission.

To whom it may concern, May 99, 2000
This is a Human Rights complaint section three
from the Human Rights Act.
I wish to have a investigation against Kyle
Jardine from Gulf Operators.
I met J.K. Irving in the month of May of the
year 1998 and it took until July for the company to
hire me. If you check the records at that company
you’ll notice that they hired other employees during
that period.
On July 11, 1998, I met with the Irvings and
they were surprise that I wasn’t working. In 48 hours
I was sent at Gulf Operators.
I was paid $8.20 an hour to start while the
others were making $9.30 an hour. I believe this was
the action because I told Kyle Jardine that I had
27, 1998 while others were hired. <>
I was sent at the same company < Gulf Operators
> again by the Irvings on January 25th, 1999 and was
let go on March 10th, 2000. Kyle Jardine knew I had
ADHD and sent me to a job and I was told not to touch
anything. I confronted Mr.Jardine with this but
nothing was done.
It’s a very long story and I wish to meet with
someone of the Commission to discuss this emotional
For a period of three months during the summer of
1999, I was called a Frog and Nigger by a supervisor <
read attachment > It was very difficult to work <
which I didn’t work because Iwasn’t allowed > in these
conditions. A person with ADD/ADHD shouldn’t be afraid
in telling the Employer of their Disorder!
I want an investigation to begin as soon as
possible. If you wish to contact me? You can do so at I enclose a attachment with my
complaint. Merci Beaucoup!
Here’s the story of my complaint
To whom it may concern, March 15, 2000
I wish to make myself very clear very very clear
on one issue. This complaint isn’t against the
This is a complaint against the Manager of Gulf
Operators- Kyle Jardine.
I met J.K. Irving a couple of years ago and
during our conversation, I asked Mr. Irving if he
could help me to find a job? A couple of months
afterwards, he contacted me and directed me to Gulf
This was the first instance that I came face to
face with Kyle Jardine <>.
He didn’t hired me immediately but he did tell me that
he would get back to me.
I told him that I had Attention Deficit
Hyperactive Disorder.
I went all throughout my life wondering the
reason that I had trouble keeping a job and other
matters that always seem to put me in trouble.
Around two years ago, I found out about ADHD
with the help of my sister who’s a family Doctor. I
was glad that I located this problem. I knew I was
capable of learning and a new start with Gulf
Operators would be a huge step in my life.
I noticed Gulf Operators was in no hurry to hire
me. Around six weeks later, J.K. Irving son James
asked me about my job and I told him that I wasn’t
working. He got mad and told me to go at Gulf
Operators and tell Mr. Jardine to hire me.
Mr.Jardine told me that he still has to hire a
few more people and I honestly believed him.
Two weeks later, I was approached by J.K. Irving
himself and he was surprised once I told him that I
wasn’t working. Both J.K. Irving and J.D. Irving got
together and I was working at Gulf Operators the
following Monday. I truly believe that J.K Irving
wanted me to better myself and I arrive at Gulf
Operators with an open mind.
I believe that this was the place that I could
learn a trade and do something useful with my life.
I told Mr. Jardine- What are we suppose to do?
You told me that there’s a list of workers to be hired
I wanted to get along with the guys. He told me
to paint all the Cabins in the yard and the paint
I asked Mr. Jardine?- How much does this job
pays? He look into his briefcase and said- $8.20 an
I answered- OK….No problem!
I just wanted to work! During the next few
months, I put a lot of pride in my work but I did
noticed that many new employees were being hired by
the Company. Many of them were directed at the
I asked Mr.Jardine on many many many occasions
if I could work on the Boom Truck, Cememnt Cutter or
other trades I saw around the yard.
The answer was always a big – No!!! I was always
wondering what the company had in mind once the
painting was all done?
Around a week or so before my job was done Mr.
Jardine told me in a polite matter that I was to smart
to be a labourer and I should look for a job somewhere
I told him that he should trained me on
something if I was too smart? He never said a word!
Once I told Mr.Jardine and Mr.Ryan < second in
command > that I was all done with the painting of the
cabins? They were very happy! I knew this wasn’t good
news because I was laid off four days later.
During the next few weeks, they hired many young
employees while I was still on the streets. I was sent
by James Irving once again at Gulf Operators. They
located me at the Refinery and I was doing different
jobs and I believe it was ok! One day, I smoked a
cigarette in the smoking area and without knowing I
left the area with a smoke in my hand.
I had heavy gloves on and never notice the
My God? Everything went out of control. They
told me <> that I was no longer
allowed at the Refinery. A few got caught lighting a
smoke on the job and they got a hearing but in my
case? I didn’t light up on the job site.
Arthur Irving told me that he had no problem
with me being at the Refinery because it was a human
error. Even after telling Mr.Jardine this? They still
wouldn’t allowed me at the Refinery!
I didn’t even had a chance to defend myself
during a hearing. For the next few months, they kept
me in the compound at Gulf Operators.
Every morning, I asked the dispatcher if he had
a job for me and the answer was always- NO!
I was going crazy! For a person with ADHD and
doing nothing? It’s very difficult mentally wise.
Trust me! On many instances, I would walked into Kyly
Jardine office and demanded to be sent to a job site
but the answer was always- NO!!!
They did send me at a job at Centracare. The
company had to put down the old building and I had to
clean 5,000 bricks. It’s not something that I expected
to do with Gulf Operators but I didn’t mind.
One day the media came to the site and the
company in front of my co-workers quickly escorted me
off the work site. They placed me into a lunchroom in
East Saint John <> and brought me back
once the media was gone!
Why did they do this?
I chatted with the media on many occasions in
the past and it wasn’t right for my company to react
this way!
I didn’t appreciate them to make a fool of me
in front of my co-workers!!!!
The next day, I had a chat with J.K. Irving on
the job site and afterwards, I was surrounded by
Management asking me what issue did me and Mr.Irving
talked about? It was terrible!!!
Once my job was done, I was sent again to the
compound at Gulf Operator’s. The days went by and it
was terrible doing nothing.
I was worried that the company would tell the
Irvings that I wasn’t trained compared to the new guys
they hired so therefore I should be let go!
A person with ADHD? His/her mind is always on
the move. Once again, I walked into Mr.Jardine office
and asked him to send me somewhere that I could do
some work?
He suggested the Rock pit but quickly backed
I asked- What was the rock pit?
He answered- Forget it! You’re too hyper!
A couple of days later, Brian Grant < a
supervisor > told me that I had to report at the Rock
After a few minutes of chatting, I agreed that
would go there. Once in the pit by the Irving Nature’s
Park, I asked Brian - What am I suppose to do here?
My job was to make certain that the area under
the screen plant was clear. My God? After a few days,
I was going nuts!
The driver in the loader Norm Dempster was busy
and Brian drove around in his truck but I wasn’t busy
at all!
The days were long and it was terrible. Mr.
Jardine used to visit the job site and I never seen
him around for 8 weeks!
We transferred the screen plant to Black River
road and it was there that the trouble really started.
Brian Grant told me – If I was the owner of
this Empire? There wouldn’t be no Niggers or Frogs
working here!
How come the States got the Niggers and Canada
got the Frogs? They had first choice!!!
Norm Dempster decided to followed in his boss
footsteps and it was 2 against 1! Every break or lunch
time all I would hear was Nigger’s or Frog’s jokes!
They both had a wonderful time calling me racial
slurs around 15 times a day but I decided to ignored
but the situation was awful!
One day, a boss arrived on the scene. Norm
Dempster quickly jumped from his loader and shut the
screen plant off! I guess that he was showing that he
was in control of the screen plant and the Loader.
The week afterwards, the maintenance crew
arrived and got off the loader and said- Go for a walk
Charlie! We have some work to do on the machine.
I said to myself - What the hell I’m doing here
anyways? Why am I here?
All hell broke lose the day that Brian Grant took
a piece of steel from my hand and missed my head by
inches and said- Give me that piece of steel you
stupid Frog!!!! ENOUGH WAS ENOUGH!!!
You could have heard me a mille away, I had
enough with the racial slurs!!! The situation turned
very ugly!!!
It was so bad that they worked overtime during
the weekend but I wasn’t allowed to make some extra
I couldn’t go on so I got transferred at
I was working with two young guys. They have
been working for the company for over two weeks!
I asked them- How much you guys make an hour?
They answered- $9.75!!!
I’ve been there for over a year and I was
making $9.30!!! I didn’t enjoy this one bit!!!
This is where I came in contact with Sheri
Merssereau. She’s the head person of Human Resources >
Trust me, she’s in charge of the Harassment Policy and
I called her on many instances of my situation!
I told Mr.Jardine that he cannot send a man with
ADHD to a job like the Rock pit!
He didn’t backed off so therefore he agreed that
I could read some papers on the job! It wasn’t the job
that I expected with Gulf Operators but it was work
but I wasn’t learning anything!
Every instances the machine broke down Brian
Grant didn’t wish me to help him. I even bumped into
J.K. Irving and told him the situation!
Finally we had a meeting. Sheri Messereau, Kyle
Jardine and myself were present! The meeting lasted
around four hours. All the jobs that I did for Gulf
Operators, Mr.Jardine had no problem with my work!!!
I told the company that I wanted retro active
pay from the first day that I started with Gulf
Operators. I started with $8.20 an hour and it was
suppose to be $9.30 an hour!
The decision took around three months to be
reach and during that time I was in a very stressful
During our final meeting concerning the
Harassment charge. Right from the beginning Kyle
Jardine raise his voice at me. This was the first time
that I seen him very upset!
I was told the company owned me $1,000!! Boy???
Mr Jardine was very upset with me and suddenly all the
good work that I did in the past? I was no good at
it!!! This isn’t the way that the Harassment policy is
suppose to work?
Mr.Jardine should have debated the issues before
the decision came out?
There was many false accusations coming from
Kyle’s mouth and I was too stress to fight back.
In closing, Mr.Jardine told me in a very angry
During the last few months, I did worked with
the drill crew but then again I was told not to touch
the machineries. I was allowed to do so on a few
occasions but not too often.
A couple of Saturdays ago, I was told by my
supervisor Rob Wilkens that I was going to drill with
the machine. I was surprise and I started to drilled a
few holes that I made a little mistake. I was told to
go home but I did stay for the whole day.
In the past, a new employee made all kinds of
mistakes but nothing was said. I usually give my
co-workers a helping hand move the air tracks but I
was told- Not too touch anything! I was surprised by
this new order because in the past, I always moved the
machineries around and I never cause any damage.
So therefore while they drilled the holes? I
sat near the machine reading a newspaper.
Everything was fine once we set up the
materials for blasting. I was busy and really enjoyed
On Thursday, Mr. Wlikens asked me if I was
going to read papers all day? I told him that there’s
nothing for me to do especially since he didn’t want
me to touch the machineries! I’m not going to sit here
and just watch around? This would drive me Insane!
He told me to go to the office and tell the
Dispatcher that I had no work for you!
Once there, Mr.Jardine still upset over the
decision of my back pay of paying me $1,000.00. I told
He told me that I had two options?
I replied- Let me guess?
The worksite or the streets?
He answered- You got 30 seconds to decide???
I left by saying - Someone will get back to you!
I phoned Sheri Merssereau and left a message on her
voice mail.
I was laid off two days later from Gulf
I confronted James Irving with my problems but
he said that it was up to Management to do what they
There’s so many stories that happened with that
company that I could wrote a book about my very bad
and sad experiences with that Irving Company!
I strongly believe that it was huge mistake for
the Irvings to send me at that racist company! I also
strongly believe that it was a huge mistake of telling
Mr.Jardine that I have ADHD!!
Even after over one year of fighting, the company
admitted they made a mistake. I never found out the
reason that I was paid $8.20 an hour?
The Irvings sent me to that workplace twice and
they wouldn’t hire me. I was laid off while new
employees were hired. I was sent to some jobs that I
was told not to do a thing.
For a person with ADHD THIS CAN BE VERY
As for the racial slurs? The company asked me
what kind of punishment should Brian Grant be
I told them that I wasn’t in a position to make
that decision!
But with my ADHD? Kids at school have a very
difficult time in that atmosphere. I know I went
through it! Mr.Jardine should have taken into
consideration my Disorder before sending me to a job.
He didn’t treated me equal from the start and I wish
to know the reason?
I have no kids of my own and since I wrote a
very touching story of my life with ADHD in the
Newspaper, I had many phone calls from mothers crying
on the phone of the matter their kids are treated in
the school system.
I am in the procedure of fighting for these kids.
We’re not stupid, crazy or lazy.
We’re very smart but at some instances we cannot
let our minds go in all sort of directions.
We have to concentrate on the job in line. I
guess adults with ADHD have to educate the Employer of
this dreadful Disorder.
Another issue that I find very interesting is I
partly won my Harrashment charge with the Company but
I was let go two weeks afterwards!
Is the company trying to use me as an example to
other employees who dared to use the harrashment
policy? I went through a lot of emotional and
stressful period at Gulf Operators and I wish the New
Brunswick Human Rights Commission would find out why I
was paid $8.20 and hour from the beginning and why
would a Manager send an employee with ADHD to a job
site that all he has to do is sit there?
For a normal human being? This would be known as a
wonderful job but for a person with ADHD it can be a
nightmare! I wrote this story at a very fast pace and
please let me know if you have any questions. Thank
You very much!
Charles Leblanc
Saint John