Tuesday, June 20, 2006


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He told the media that he's totally against the orders from Dan Bussieres to ban me from the Legislature for life. Sure nice to hear an MLA speaking his mind freely.


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While CBC was filming me walking around the Legislature.

I bumped into Lisa and she told me that her protest was over.

A minister came out and told her that she'll be in Housing on August 1st. She told the media crew that my blog helped her to get her message out to the public.


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So it begins, Charlie I am sending you these pictures with the following questions attached,

1/ Who will the City of Saint John be billing for the removal of these leaflets that are now on the streets of Saint John?


Irving or Aliant ?

2/ Is this the beginning of worst things to come as the Irvings start putting flyers in the Here Magizine?

3/ Will Irving and Tim Hortons now become the two biggest companies responseable for the the most popular pieces of trash in the uptown area of Saint John?

4/ Was the big Irving Rag report on how the Irving Employees cleaned up around the refinery grounds nothing more than a weak piece of news that will be used later to justify the uptown mess that will be created by adding flyers to their usually outdated boxes full of here papers and flyers?

NOTE: See the boxes in these pictures? They are all still full but notice the date on the front cover of the here mag?
From June 15th to June 21st I hope they have a BIG TRUCK to go around and pick up the outdated copies tomorrow night at Midnight When the next issue ((((Should be out, But???)


As advertizing dollars go through the roof you would think someone from Aliant would have done their homework before buying inserts for an out of date and 95% return rate to the recyclers bin paper!!??


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For you newcomers? The reason I called Rogers television Old Germany is because they deny certain new Brunswickers to call in with their questions.

If I was allowed to call in? I would asks if he voted to have me ban from the Legislature?

Someone sent me this email.

The Leader of the Official Opposition, Shawn Graham, will be a guest on Voice of the Province on Rogers Cable on Thursday, June 22nd. Feel free to call in at 1-866-414-3628.

(Le texte français suit l’anglais)

Le chef de l’opposition officielle, Shawn Graham, sera l’invité à l’émission « Voice of the Province » (en anglais seulement) à Rogers le jeudi, 22 juin. Les lignes téléphoniques seront ouvertes au public, vous n’avez qu’à téléphoner au 1-866-414-3628.

Please note that the start time of this call-in show is 8:00 pm. We apologize for this omission. Thank you.

Veuillez noter que cette émission commence à 20h. Nous nous excusons pour l’omission. Merci.

You can see the television CBC interview at

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It could have been done a little better but it was ok I guess.....


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I came face to face with the media today and Kelly Lamrock walked by and I confronted him about him agreeing that I should be banned from the Legislature. Stay tune for more this evening on this issue. Lets see how CBC shows it tonight at 6:00pm! Stay tune...

Charles will be on CBC television at 6:00pm tonight.

I believe it's going to be a good one. There's all kinds of MLA'S involded about this issue...Stay tune!!!


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Over 500 visitors just for today?

I guess the headline of me being ban for life from the New Brunswick Legislature attracted a lot of curious readers.

This is going to be a long one and I’m doing it while watching the hockey game.

Ok...Now that it’s official? I can write about my little experience of being ban from the Legislature.

I first learn about this issue two days after I was arrested in Saint John.

Pictures 024

From what my sources told me?

Bernard Lord was chatting with a couple of people of my arrest and added that I was being banned from the Legislature.

Charles 04_07_05 071

I quickly made my contact with my sources and I was told that it was indeed true that I was banned.

A few MLA’S told me that it wasn’t right but the Lord Government has the majority in the Legislative Administration committee.

It’s not a huge surprise because months ago they told the Quebec security staff that I showed be closely monitored.

I always behaved in the Legislature.

I know the rules and I was following them.

I even had a Commissionaire telling me that he’ll break my camera in my face but I still remain calm.

I’ll get to that in future blogs.

I saw a lot of things in there that you will not see in the Irvings newspapers.

Many of these acts, I just kept it to myself.

So, I was in Saint George in Charlotte County but I never told anyone where I was because I know the Sargeant-At-Arms visits my blog 10 times a day!

Pictures 099

Good job eh???

These Quebecers must have look for me with their security cameras all week long.

I’m certain they were just like the army in a war...waiting waiting..and waiting but no enemy in sight...lol

I was thinking about my next move because it’s been a game of chest between me and Dan Bussieres since I landed in the Capital three years ago.

I was told that the Fredericton Police Force were at my door twice and I was certain that it was to serve me papers that I wasn’t allowed at the legislature.

I landed here on Sunday and Monday morning I decided to face the Quebec security staff at the legislature.

I made a quick stop and made contact with this girl.


I asked her if she would come with me at the Legislature to take some pictures?

She told me that she would love to.

I told her that we have to move fast once we’re on the ground of the Legislature because these Quebec security staff will noticed me in their camera.

I told her that once we got through the doors?

If I signed the book, this means that everything is ok.

We’ll just go at the Library and ignore the pictures.

If the Quebec security staff stops me?

Stay at the door and clicked away!!! Once we walked in the Legislature, there was no one in sight.

I went to sign the book but suddenly Bernard the Quebecer ran from his office and told me to stop right there!


I’m certain that he was waiting for that line for over one week?

Bernard was surprised that I had someone with me.

Charles 04_07_05 015

He noticed that the girl was taking pictures.

He quickly ran behind his desk and phone Dan Bussieres.

He said- Il est ici!!!

It means - He’s here!!!

There I was and I knew what was coming.

Dan Bussieres arrive on the scene like a professional!

He finally succeeded in convincing the Speaker of the House Tanker Malley to sign papers to have me banned!!!

I predicted this months ago and I’ll get to this issue in future blogs.

Dan was surprised a woman was there taking pictures.


In the past, he would hid from me when I took my camera out but not this time.

This was the final era and it was SHOWTIME!!!

I was going to have some good souvenirs.

For the Sargeant-At-Arms? It must have been a difficult task.

He directed me outside and began reading the banning letter en Francais.

I told him that I don’t understand his French so therefore I want it read in English.


He stopped and began to read the letter like a Cop would read me my rights!

Once he came to the part of harassing the people in the House?

I asked - Who did I harassed?


He never answered and just continued to read.

I reminded Dan that I got a human rights complaint pending against him and he had no right to evict me.

He just ignore me and continue to talk.

I even step away from him for a few seconds just to make certain the camera was working. I also hid behind the pillar so the camera cannot video tape me.

He continued and continued.

He reminded me of someone reading me my sentence in front of a fire squad?

We used to be good friends and what do you expect the kind of religion he belongs to? I’ll get to that in future blogs!

Once he was done? I expected the Quebecer to handle me the papers and walked inside?

That’s not what happen!

Thank God? There was nobody around because if the Legislature would have been open?

I would have been surrounded by the Fredericton police Force and many commissionaires and they would have escorted me in a group.

Dan wanted to degrade me in front of the camera so he directed me to the streets.


It was embarrassing.

I made him stop by the media gallery praying that the media would see what’s going on and they would run outside asking questions.


I stayed there for close to one minute and no people from the media.

I once again congratulated him in forcing Tanker to sign those papers.


Once on the street, he turned his back and walked in the Legislature.

I looked at the papers and they weren’t even signed.


He did signed some papers but I believe with the girl around clicking the camera?

He got confused and gave me the wrong papers.

That’s what happen and I’ll get to more about this issue on future blogs!