Thursday, March 08, 2007

Monica Verma from ATV News on the job!!!

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Last Saturday was the last major storm of the season???

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It's official!!! Charles is old!!!

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I used to be able to walk 5 blocks with a case on my shoulder but no more!

I had to take a break after a few blocks.

How come I have a feeling that I just left myself wild open for some nasty comments????



New French law says that only professional journalists can film or broadcast acts of violence.

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Coming to New Brunswick in the near future? The Irvings would love that one eh???

Can this ever become law in Canada????

France Bans Laypeople From Reporting Violence

New French law says that only professional journalists can film or broadcast acts of violence.

Peter Sayer, IDG News Service

Tuesday, March 06, 2007 08:00 AM PST

The French Constitutional Council has approved a law that criminalizes the filming or broadcasting of acts of violence by people other than professional journalists.

The law could lead to the imprisonment of eyewitnesses who film acts of police violence, or operators of Web sites publishing the images, one French civil liberties group warned on Tuesday.

The council chose an unfortunate anniversary to publish its decision approving the law, which came exactly 16 years after Los Angeles police officers beating Rodney King were filmed by amateur videographer George Holliday in the night of March 3, 1991.

The officers' acquittal at the end on April 29, 1992 sparked riots in Los Angeles.

If Holliday were to film a similar scene of violence in France today, he could end up in prison as a result of the new law, said Pascal Cohet, a spokesman for French online civil liberties group Odebi. And anyone publishing such images could face up to five years in prison and a fine of €75,000 (US$98,537), potentially a harsher sentence than that for committing the violent act.

Senators and members of the National Assembly had asked the council to rule on the constitutionality of six articles of the Law relating to the prevention of delinquency. The articles dealt with information sharing by social workers, and reduced sentences for minors. The council recommended one minor change, to reconcile conflicting amendments voted in parliament.

The law, proposed by Minister of the Interior Nicolas Sarkozy, is intended to clamp down on a wide range of public order offenses. During parliamentary debate of the law, government representatives said the offense of filming or distributing films of acts of violence targets the practice of "happy slapping," in which a violent attack is filmed by an accomplice, typically with a camera phone, for the amusement of the attacker's friends.

The broad drafting of the law so as to criminalize the activities of citizen journalists unrelated to the perpetrators of violent acts is no accident, but rather a deliberate decision by the authorities, said Cohet. He is concerned that the law, and others still being debated, will lead to the creation of a parallel judicial system controlling the publication of information on the Internet.

The government has also proposed a certification system for Web sites, blog hosters, mobile-phone operators and Internet service providers, identifying them as government-approved sources of information if they adhere to certain rules. The journalists' organization Reporters Without Borders, which campaigns for a free press, has warned that such a system could lead to excessive self censorship as organizations worried about losing their certification suppress certain stories.

Will there ever be a walking bridge across here???

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Going in the Fredericton Soup Kitchen for a meal.....

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Come on Brother? Isn't there a way to find the big prize????

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Maybe they did it in Ontario but not with these guys. They're too honest!!!!

Oh...Oh..Here they come...

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Who do you trust the most with the news????

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Samosas???? What is this all about anyway?

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I noticed many of these posters around the City. Can anyone out there please explain?


Fredericton - It's windy and brrrrrr cold!!!!

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Fredericton attracts a new Business but will the citizens be happy???

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Getting ready for Atlantica in Halifax!!!!

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Robert Jones will have a big investigative report on 6-49 tonight at 6:00pm on CBC television!!!

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The issue is the Loto announce the Jackpot will be lets say - 4 Million Dollars but it's really lower than that.

Should be good!!!!

Clement Bolduc Executive Director of the New Brunswick Police Commission meets with Charles!!!

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Ever since the decision of the inquiry came public?

I’ve been a pain in the butt with the workers of the New Brunswick Police Commission.

They should contact the New Brunswick Human Rights asking them how stubborn I am???

A person must love to live in the Capital because all the Generals are here! The rest of the Province are soldiers!

There are so many unanswered questions of the way I was arrested and I don’t appreciate the Chief of the Saint John Police Force Chief Allen Bodechon calling me a liar.


He apologized for the deletion of my picture or pictures!

Another word he believes John Parks that there was only one picture in my camera and he also believes me that there was over 200 photos.


There’s a lot of issues going on here and I want some answers!

Cops lying on the stand to convict someone?

Sorry! This is way too much for this guy!!!

I was told yesterday morning at 11:30pm that Clement Bolduc the Executive Director would meet with me and my lawyer.

On such a short noticed Harold couldn’t make it so I asked my little friend to come with me as a witness.


Away we went for the meeting.


During the meeting, I told Clement that it was an impossible task for me to have taken only one picture.

I showed the guy and took this pic -


I will not disclose the issues I have about my arrest but from what I’m told?

This issue will have to land right on T.J. Burke’s desk for a public inquiry!!!


This is a very serious issue.

Cops lying to convict someone?

Sorry! This must not happen here in Canada.

Once society loses faith with their local Police Force?

It’s the end of democracy as we know it!

You know what? If we had Radio Talk shows in this Province or the media would dig deep into this one? This would be a huge scandal!

Too bad we don't have the same freedom as in other Provinces but that's ok! The fight for Justice will continue....

We might have to organize a huge protest in Saint John this summer against the Saint John Police force of the way they lie in their disclosures to jailed people?

I’m meeting with my lawyer tomorrow so stay tuned!!!!