Monday, May 30, 2005


The woman from Saint John, Mrs. Sherwood phoned the talk show CFBC this morning about her garbage not being picked up.

The host Rick Mantle agreed with her this is not right!

I emailed one Councillor from the Saint John Council about this issue and I don’t believe the City will pick the garbage because I mentioned it in my blog site!
Mrs. Sherwood did mention my blog site on the air and the people started to visit the site to look at the pictures.

A person must love the information Highway!!!

It wouldn’t surprise moi if the Irvings Management ordered the City not to pick up the garbage.
I was told last evening, an old homeless lady was going through the items and left it in a mess!

Why don’t the City of Saint John admit they made a mistake and quickly pick up the garbage?

Why wait till some kids gets hurts by playing in the pile of garbage! Is someone gets hurts? Who’s responsible? The City?

On another issue and I don’t know the whole details but I guess that Tom Cruise made a movie of a parent fighting against the use of Ritalin!
Hey? Anyway to spread the word!

This is one movie that I will truly watch!!!

I laughed about this one- I leave my message at

It’s an Acadian website and one guy wrote - Hey! C'est le Micheal Moore Acadien!!
keep up to good work!

The Acadian Micheal Moore???? That’s a good one!!…

mike morre

One big difference!!!! HE GOT THE $$$$$$$$$ AND I DON'T!!!

O well...c'est la vie!!!!

Ok….What else happen?

Not much happening except for a bunch of roses being left all around the Legislature. From what I’m told, they are from a pro life group who were around yesterday.

Hey? I did notice a nice site this morning while walking in front of the Evil Bureaucrat building in Fredericton.
Charles 04_07_05 116

All the flags from different provinces are all flying!

What’s the big deal you asked? Well? Last year, the flags weren’t there and I couldn’t understand the reason behind this move?

They used to have a pump who flew the water from the Saint John river and it look real nice but I guess from a insurance point of view? It cost too much money!

It’s little things that beautifies a City! Just like in front of the Centennial Building < evil bureaucrats >

There’s a water fountain in front and it’s not active.

Saint John will be remembered for it’s garbage and the Capital will be known for its beauty!

Many of you readers enjoy my pictures and some don’t!!!

Well I have some bad news for you readers.

I am going to Saint John next week and someone is going to lend me a digital camera.

So therefore you can only imagine the pictures we are going to take for this blog! It should be very interesting! A person with ADHD with a camera???

I don’t mind the pictures but I feel bad for the Government employees because you cannot see the pictures.

You have to write my blog site down on a piece of paper and read them once you get home.

I added another 50 people on my list so the numbers are over 1,000 people on my list.

Some visit on a daily basis and other < have a life > visit once a week and once a month!

This site is for people who have comments about issues and this is what we need in this province.

Please excuse the style and grammar of this blog because I just write the darn thing and send it along the information Highway!

By the way? Tim Smith got his computer back last night so watch out!
May 4-2005-T& C-6

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